Veterinary clinic "Noah's Ark", Kirov: description, features, services and reviews

The Noah's Ark clinic in Kirov provides 24-hour medical assistance to animals. It employs a team of professionals who are dedicated to their cause.

Where is and how the

works The Noah's Ark clinic in Kirov has two branches. One of them is located on the street. Vorovsky, 135. Entrance to the institution - from the butt. Address of another branch: Oktyabrsky prospect, 93( ground floor).


The Vet Clinic has a very convenient schedule. The branch on Oktyabrsky avenue accepts clients every day without days off. The branch operates around the clock, it houses a hospital for animals.

The Noah's Ark clinic for Voronovsky works from 8:00 to 21:00.On holidays, the department with the hospital accepts customers with animals in the usual way.


The company maximizes the list of services for the treatment and maintenance of animals. Equipment in the Noah's Ark clinic in Kirov is updated regularly. Employees constantly undergo refresher courses and follow all the novelties in veterinary medicine.

The clinic also provides services to address behavioral problems in domestic animals. For breeders who often go on business trips or on vacations, it is possible to leave their pets for the necessary time in the hotel at the clinic.

Veterinary clinic Noah

Here, animals will be provided with timely meals, walking and comfortable living conditions. Experienced specialists at this time constantly monitor the health of the animal, not only physically, but also emotionally.


On the basis of the Noah's Ark clinic in Kirov, modern laboratories are working and all the necessary equipment for setting the correct diagnosis is collected. Veterinarians start treatment only after a complete examination, if the situation is not critical and does not require urgent measures or surgical intervention.

Diagnosis is based on:

  • blood tests, urine, feces, sweating;
  • ultrasound of internal organs;
  • X-ray;
  • rapid diagnosis for infectious diseases;
  • biopsy;
  • skin test.

time of operation of the Veterinary Clinic Noah

Analyzes receive and process its own laboratory equipped with modern equipment. Results can be obtained in a few hours.

Treatment of animals

Veterinary center "Noah's Ark" employs only experienced specialists. It may be young doctors, but "fans" of their case. Doctors regularly go to conferences for veterinarians, conducted on the territory of the country and beyond.

All employees of the clinic are very careful about patients and their owners. Staying in an institution does not cause discomfort, visitors feel calm and confident in any situation regarding the health of pets.

wind farm Noah

The network of veterinary clinics "Noah's Ark" in Kirov on its base conducts treatment of cases of varying complexity:

  • surgical intervention;
  • plastic surgery;
  • sterilization and castration;
  • dental procedures;
  • Caesarean section and natural delivery;
  • inpatient treatment;
  • preventive examinations;
  • consultation.

If you are injured or poisoned by animals, immediate assistance is available at any time of the day. If necessary, additional doctors are called, even if they are not on duty at this time.

Prevention of diseases

The "Noah's Ark" Vetcenter is actively working on activities that prevent the occurrence of health problems in animals. Preventive measures should be performed by the owners on a regular basis:

  • vaccination of animals with domestic and imported drugs;
  • treatment for ticks, fleas;
  • deworming;
  • contraception.

These actions are aimed at improving the quality of life of animals and protecting against dangerous diseases.

The annual vaccination of pets against rabies is mandatory. Thus, both the animal and the host will be protected.

Narrow Specialist Services

The clinic employs doctors who diagnose and professionally treat individual animal organ systems. To help with various complaints can:

  • neurologist;
  • cardiologist;
  • oncologist;
  • orthopedist;
  • dermatologist;
  • reproductologist;
  • zoopsychologist.


With chronic diseases they will be able to cope with the help of modern equipment and existing knowledge. Often serious pathologies may not be accompanied by a marked symptomatology. The animal will gradually fade away for no apparent reason. In such situations, a thorough examination and proper appointment of treatment by narrow specialists is necessary.

Often these doctors timely stop the development of the disease in the animal, thereby prolonging their life.


There are times when a family favorite becomes seriously ill or injured. Then urgent help and intravenous drug administration is needed. Such manipulations should be conducted under the supervision of physicians.

Often prescribed treatment for a certain period, and the owners are uncomfortable to carry their animals to the procedures because of employment at work. Or the patient's condition does not allow him to move.


For such cases, a hospital has been established. The work time of the Noah's Ark clinic in Kirov allows to help patients at any time of the day. Also, the treatment of animals can occur daily on the basis of the institution.

The clinic has special places in the hospital for sick animals. They are monitored around the clock by specialists. Medicines are introduced through the most modern infusomats, which measure the amount of the drug to the drop.

Depending on the severity of the animal's condition, a separate package of services is provided in the hospital. So, here the owners can bring the pet only for the duration of the procedures during the day hours. Such a package of services includes monitoring of all life indicators of the patient, the implementation of prescribed procedures, the injection of injections or droppers. If the animal's condition allows, then it will be carried out.

In case a seriously injured patient is brought, he may be provided with a package of services, which will include:

  • continuous supervision of an assistant or a doctor;
  • constant monitoring of the patient's condition;
  • product of the necessary manipulation.

In this case, the clinic provides all consumables. The owner of the animal pays separately only the package of services provided and medicines.

In the building there is a vetapetka. In it you can buy the necessary medicine or an accessory for the animal. There is also a very large selection of feeds. Experts can always advise and tell useful information about the right product.

Vetclinic in Kirov "Noah's Ark": reviews of

The work of the institution on various Internet resources a lot of feedback. Most often, customers are satisfied with the service and professionalism of doctors. The clinic is always clean and there are no extraneous odors.

Owners of their pets on the positive side note the convenient schedule of the institution. Often an animal becomes ill at night. In this case, you do not have to wait in the morning, but you can help the pet immediately. The clinic is on duty around the clock specialists.

Very many are satisfied with the availability of a hospital. Thus, being at work, the owners can not worry for their sick pet. They know that animals are in safe hands and undergo the necessary medical procedures under the supervision of doctors.


In the clinic, the animal can be hygienic. Not everyone knows how to properly clean the dog or cat ears and teeth at home. Here, according to visitors' reviews, such procedures are carried out quickly and efficiently.

In the "Noah's Ark" they always greet customers kindly, they find an approach to the most delicate pet, which positively affects the assessment of the veterinary institution by visitors.

There are negative reviews about the high cost of service in comparison with similar institutions. The price is quite justified, since the Noah's Ark( Kirov) clinic provides high-quality services, the work is carried out on modern equipment by experienced specialists.