Neurologists of Ekaterinburg. Medical centers and polyclinics

Neurologists of Ekaterinburg will help to get rid of permanent headaches, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, neuralgia, neurosis and other diseases associated with changes taking place both in the central and peripheral nervous system. Who is it? Where to find such a doctor-savior? Who is a neurologist?

A neurologist or neurologist is a doctor or a medical professional with a college degree in "pediatrics" or "medical business".Many neurologists usually undergo additional courses or an internship in neurology. In other words, it is a specialist capable of diagnosing and curing a person of all kinds of diseases and changes related to the nervous system. Here is a list of the most common diseases that are treated by neurologists:

  • neuroses;

  • facial and headaches;

  • of neuralgia;

  • malignant and benign tumors of the spinal cord or brain;

  • strokes;

  • trauma of the spinal cord and brain;

  • epileptic seizures, etc.

neurologists of Yekaterinburg

It is worth noting that most of the diseases presented are in one way or another connected with the psychological characteristics and behavior of a person, therefore a neurologist is also a psychiatrist. He must certainly choose a treatment plan that will suit a certain person. In other words, neurologists work not according to a certain standard technique, they practice an individual approach to each patient.

Children's neurologist

Children's organism has its own characteristics, which differ sharply from the adult, therefore, a separate specialist - a children's neurologist - is engaged in diagnosing and treating diseases developing in the child's nervous system, and Ekaterinburg is the center of the best specialists in the entire Sverdlovsk region.


It is important to understand that it is in childhood that the basic indicators of human health are laid, which will remain with him for life. For this reason it is necessary to protect the child, because constant cries, ores can cause such damage to the growing body, which in the future can cause epilepsy or other serious diseases.

Manifestations that require immediate help from a neurologist

The choice of a doctor and the time of his visit to improve a person's condition is individual, but we all know that the sooner an ailment is revealed, the easier, safer and cheaper it is. Therefore, you should not postpone visiting a neurologist in cases where:

  • you are suffering from migraine and frequent headaches;

  • visibly deteriorated vision and memory;

  • for a long time "makes noise in the ears";

  • fainting is often observed;

  • overcomes insomnia;

  • sore back;

  • there are verbal disorders;

  • dumb limbs.

To accelerate the appointment of effective therapy it is desirable to make a full picture of the manifestation of anxiety symptoms and with it to appear with a specialist. Then neurologists in Yekaterinburg will be able to more carefully analyze the available materials to make an accurate diagnosis.

Important: if you doubt the need to consult a neurologist, then visit a therapist( he will help to make an accurate plan for further action).

Institute of Neurology

As a specialist at

, neurologists in Yekaterinburg collect an anamnesis at the primary reception( they interview the patient, look at the history of the disease, identify the causes that contributed to the development of changes in the state of the central and peripheral parts of the nervous system), perform palpation and visual examination of the patient.

After the doctor has managed to get a clear picture of what is happening, he puts an approximate diagnosis and sends to additional procedures( for example, MRI of the brain) to confirm his assumptions.

With a secondary admission, a neurologist in Yekaterinburg, known as a center with the best specialists in their field( so many people come here) confirms the diagnosis and begins treatment of the patient. Therefore, those who wish to get rid of the disease, you need to visit the doctor at least twice.

The best medical centers and clinics for adults

Having decided to visit a neurologist, you should carefully approach the choice of the clinic, as the patient should be comfortable at the reception first( this allows to get a full picture of the changes and excludes the risk of acute attacks).Specially for you, a rating of the best medical centers providing research services of the human nervous system was compiled:

  1. Institute of Neurology( Ekaterinburg, Moscow, 12).

  2. City Hospital No. 41( Nachdiva Vasilyeva, 25).

  3. MC "Neurology"( Amundsen, 53).

  4. Clinic of Dr. Panikov( Mendeleyev, 18).

  5. MC "Valenta"( Kuibysheva, 32).

  6. MC "The command of the spine"( Sheynkman, 134a).

  7. Clinic "Healthy family"( Fucik, 3).

  8. Clinic "VitaMedika"( Mamina-Sibiryaka, 193).

  9. MC "SMT clinic"( Serov, 45).

  10. MMC "Zemskaya hospital"( Voters, 110).

  11. Ural Research Institute for "Protection of Motherhood and Infancy"( Repina, 1).

neurologist Yekaterinburg reviews

Perhaps, this is one of the best centers. The rating is compiled on the basis of feedback from visitors to institutions located on the Internet.

Neurological clinics for children

Children should be examined in specially equipped centers, allowing the child to relax as much as possible, and the doctor to get reliable information. And such exist:

  1. Research Institute of "Protection of Motherhood and Infancy"( Repina, 1).

  2. MC "Healthy childhood"( Onega, 2a).

  3. MC "Healthy childhood"( Gagarin, 33).

  4. MC "Healthy childhood"( Kirovgradskaya, 62).

  5. MC "SMT clinic"( Serov, 45).

  6. Institute of Neurology( Ekaterinburg, Moscow, 12).

  7. Clinic "VitaMedika"( Mamina-Sibiryaka, 193).

  8. City Hospital No. 41( Nachdiva Vasilyeva, 25).

the best neurologists of Ekaterinburg

The health of a child is something to be cared for from birth. A children's neurologist in Yekaterinburg, like a magician, is able to give a second life to a baby. From parents, however, only a timely request to a specialist is required.

The best neurologists

The title of "The best neurologist of Ekaterinburg" was awarded to the following specialists:

  • Shirokov Vasily Afanasyevich - the head of the NGO "Clinic of Neurology", Doctor of Medical Sciences.

  • Kosareva Ekaterina Pavlovna is a doctor of the highest category with additional knowledge in the field of electropuncture diagnostics.

  • Fominykh Andrey Gennadievich is a doctor of the highest category, he owns reflexotherapy techniques, acupuncture.

  • Syunikova Albina Amirovna - a doctor of the highest category, has theoretical and practical knowledge, the basics of oriental reflexology.

  • Kaurkin Alexander Borisovich - a doctor of the first category, a children's neurologist.

  • Alla Nikolaevna Plantic is a children's neurologist.

  • Mazheiko Lyudmila Ivanovna is a doctor of the highest category, the author of educational literature for the Department of Pediatrics of the USMU.

doctor neurologist Yekaterinburg

When choosing a specialist, pay attention not only to his experience, merit, but also the attitude towards patients. Listen to the recommendations of your friends about the children's neurologist in Yekaterinburg. Reviews can also be found on the Internet, on thematic forums. Remember, you and your child should be comfortable in the doctor's office.

Cost of the initial admission of the neurologist

The cost of primary admission neurologist varies from 900 to 1700 rubles, depending on the experience of the specialist, his capabilities and knowledge. However, do not rush to strive for an expensive doctor, because sometimes less visible graduates of the medical academy are able to give a more detailed answer( do not forget that now is the time for "new technologies").

Tip: when choosing a clinic and a specialist, do not be lazy to read reviews, call the registry and visit the institution in advance. Only in this way you can choose the best clinic and specialist, which you can trust as yourself.