Pain in the lower back gives in the right foot: causes and methods of treatment

Back pain, giving away the right leg and other parts of the body, is a common complaint of modern people. Most often, older people and future mothers suffer from unpleasant sensations, although cases of the appearance of a problem at an earlier age have become much more frequent recently. Initially, such a symptom is eliminated quite easily, but as progression can lead to disruption of the internal organs, paralysis or even death.

Where is the problematic site

It so happened that most people do not know the cause of back pain, in the lumbar region and do not consider them quite serious, but in vain. Such symptoms can be quite dangerous.

This department represents the final part of the spine and connects the upper and lower half of the human body.

Pain in the lower back gives in the right leg

As medical practice shows, this part of the back bothers most often, because it has the maximum load. There are a lot of nerve endings that can be jammed and inflamed under the influence of various reasons.

Problems with the locomotor apparatus

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It is not possible to determine the presence of any disease due to the presence of pain syndrome.

The causes of back pain, in the lumbar region, can be:

  1. Problems with the sciatic nerve( lumboscialgia, ischialgia).Pathology of vertebrae( lumbarization).
  2. Diseases associated with disc defects( lumbulgia).
  3. Inflammation of the nerve roots and problems with the vertebral column all over( radicular radiculitis).
  4. Neoplasms( hernias, protrusions, benign and malignant tumors).
  5. Complex diseases( osteochondrosis).

Pathology of internal organs

In some cases, lower back pain is in the right foot and may be a symptom of diseases:

  • of the gastrointestinal tract( colitis, hemorrhoids, tumors, fistulas, necrosis, intestinal obstruction);
  • of the liver and bile ducts( hepatitis, cholecystitis, dyskinesia, gallstones);
  • of the urinary system( cystitis, cysts, pyelonephritis, stones in the kidneys, ureter);
  • genitals( prostatitis, inflammation of the ovaries, malignant neoplasms, cysts).

Back pain in the lumbar region of the cause

Often a symptom is caused by a combination of the above reasons.

Other factors

Often back pain, radiating in the leg, can be caused by:

  • deficiency of vitamins and minerals;
  • systemic lesion of bone tissue( osteoporosis);
  • pregnancy;
  • strong physical activity or lack of physical activity;
  • stress;
  • excess weight;
  • a long stay in an uncomfortable position;
  • viral diseases;
  • with vegetovascular dystonia;
  • is an inflammation of the nerve endings.

What to do with back pain

The list of factors, one way or another associated with the development of the pain syndrome, is quite extensive, so you should not make a diagnosis yourself. Their assumptions about the root cause of pain can be voiced by a doctor, whom they, perhaps, will help to understand the situation.

When it's worth keeping an eye on

If back pain gives in the right leg, it bothers many. But very few people turn to the doctor, especially if it is insignificant and is well eliminated with the help of anesthetics from a home medicine chest.

For this reason, most of the diagnosed diseases are already in neglected form and are difficult to treat. Therefore, all patients need to observe their condition and necessarily visit a doctor if present:

  • strong permeating or prolonged sluggish pain;
  • numbness of limbs;
  • loss of sensitivity;
  • sensation of crawling;
  • lumbago in the right or left leg, buttocks, scapula;
  • migraine, dizziness;
  • appearance of black dots in front of the eyes.

These conditions can be very dangerous, so do not take any medications. In most cases, they remove only symptomatic manifestations, the cause remains and is often aggravated.


What to do with low back pain, is of interest to many. To find out the reason and make an accurate diagnosis it is necessary to come to a consultation with a physician-therapist, who after a preliminary examination will give further direction to:

  • X-ray of the problem area;
  • general analysis of blood and urine.

Back pain and numbness of the right leg

If he has additional suspicions, the list can be supplemented:

  • MRI and CT;
  • ultrasound and others.

After receiving all the necessary data, the patient will be given a referral to the following specialists:

  • neurologist;
  • traumatologist;
  • nephrologist;
  • to the venereologist;
  • to the urologist;
  • to the gynecologist;
  • to the gastroenterologist;
  • surgeon;
  • to the oncologist.

Most often there is a need to visit several doctors at once, especially when the diagnosis is in doubt.

Treatment with medications

Treating pain in the lower back, requires a comprehensive approach and is selected depending on many factors:

  • of the underlying disease;
  • severity of the condition;
  • presence of severe pain and inflammation;
  • age and sex;
  • presence of pregnancy, lactation, etc.

The main objectives of treatment:

  • elimination of the cause of the disease;
  • relief of discomfort;
  • reduction of pain;
  • removal of inflammation;
  • restoration of joint mobility;
  • prevention of nerve strain.

If the cause lies in the pathologies of the spine, then most often prescribed:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs( orally and in the form of gels, ointments);
  • analgesics;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • preparations that promote the restoration of cartilaginous tissue.

In the presence of pathology of internal organs, treatment is selected individually and requires an integrated approach.

It is absolutely forbidden to apply traditional medicine methods, because many pathologies are rapidly progressing( for example, cancer), and a patient who does not contact a doctor in a timely manner loses precious time.

Medical gymnastics

If there were pains in the lower back, they can be perfectly eliminated with the help of a set of special exercises.

Their main action is aimed at the restoration of metabolic processes occurring in the problem area.

Correctly selected gymnastics allows:

  • to establish nutrition of the affected department;
  • provide a complete blood supply;
  • to increase the elasticity of muscles, the main task of which is to maintain the skeleton.

Drawing pain in the lower back and right leg

It should be borne in mind that the choice of the set of exercises should be the attending physician, because incorrect and abrupt movements can greatly aggravate the problem, up to the need to carry out the operation.

During the therapeutic charge it is necessary to know that:

  1. The first sessions are supervised by the trainer, then home treatment is allowed.
  2. In cases of exacerbation of the disease do not make charging - this is very harmful. To begin with, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory treatment is carried out, and then they return to the gym. Sometimes with the permission of the attending physician, you can do simple exercises that do not cause discomfort.
  3. You can not add or remove motion from the recommended list.
  4. If pain occurs during exercise, it is worth telling the doctor, and before doing so, postpone the performance.
  5. Sharp jerks, turns can be very harmful, so all the exercises do slowly and smoothly.
  6. Do not allow the occurrence of shortness of breath.
  7. The loads should alternate with rest. Between each approach, the break is about 30-60 seconds.
  8. Extremely useful for the spine on the horizontal bar. It allows to form a correct posture, and in some cases to eliminate the pain associated with the infringement of the lumbar nerve.


These procedures can be performed as an adjunctive therapy for osteochondrosis of the terminal back and other degenerative changes in this area.

Indications for the use of the method are:

  • chronic diseases of the terminal spine;
  • state of remission;
  • pinched nerves;
  • muscle pain localized on the pathological site.

Back pain is irradiated in the leg

Absolute contraindication to such treatment is aggravation. In this case, first prescribe symptomatic therapy, and then go to massage.

It is forbidden to carry it out with:

  • osteomyelitis;
  • oncologic and other tumors;
  • cardiovascular pathologies;
  • active tuberculosis;
  • of acute viral and bacterial infections accompanied by fever;
  • pathologies of the lymphatic system;
  • varicose veins.

The procedure is performed by one of the methods recommended by the doctor.

The following types of massage are used:

  • vacuum;
  • canned;
  • classic;
  • point;
  • Thai;
  • honey.

This kind of treatment can be an excellent preparation before the daily exercise complex.


"What to do with back pain, if the complex treatment has not yielded positive results?" - often asked by patients who have undergone a course of ineffective therapy. In this case, surgical intervention can be performed, but doctors resort to this method in extreme cases, when one can not do without it.

Indications for surgery on the terminal spine can be:

  1. Complications in the form of disruption of the internal organs.
  2. Paralyzes.
  3. Parezy feet.
  4. Intolerable pain, not eliminated by medication.

In cases when a herniated intervertebral disc is detected, the operation is not always carried out. If possible, first apply conservative methods, physiotherapy and so on.

Such an intervention is quite dangerous for the patient, because there is always the possibility of complications that can cause negative consequences.

Possible complications of

If there is no timely diagnosis, the trailing pain in the waist and right leg can result in the following consequences for the patient:

  • with various paralysis, paresis;
  • disruption of the internal organs of the small pelvis;
  • by the appearance of hernias;
  • serious bone marrow problems;
  • with spondylosis;
  • with spondylarthrosis;
  • with osteophytosis;
  • lameness.

These are very serious diseases, so it's worth seriously thinking about ignoring the next signal from your body.

Preventive measures

In most cases, if the pain in the lower back gives to the right leg, then it results from an unhealthy lifestyle, so to avoid an unpleasant symptom, several simple tips should be followed:

  1. Include in your diet more foods containing calcium such as whole milk, cottage cheese, kefir, etc. You can periodically drink the course of vitamins and minerals. It is this substance that is one of the most important building blocks of the human skeleton.
  2. Regularly eat meat with cartilage and tendons. Such products help restore your own backbone tissue. There are many pharmacy products of this kind.
  3. Maintain an active lifestyle. Walk more on foot, do daily simple exercises, swim in the pool, etc. This is necessary to strengthen the back muscles that support the spine.
  4. Say goodbye to bad habits. Alcohol and nicotine are extremely harmful to the human body, gradually destroying it from the inside. Drinking and smoking people think less about physical activity, since extra movements cause severe fatigue.
  5. Avoid heavy physical exertion. Lifting weights can provoke serious illness.

Low back pain giving back treatment

Based on all of the above, we can conclude: if the patient has low back pain and the right leg is numb, and also other parts of the body - this can be a rather dangerous symptom. Self-medication is contraindicated in this case. In order to prevent serious problems in the future, it is necessary to deal with the health of your back from an early youth, otherwise you will later have to pay for an unhealthy lifestyle with osteochondrosis, radiculitis and the like.