Supplements "Cascara Sagrada NSP": instructions, reviews

In modern life, people often stop taking care of their health, forgetting the simple truth: "In a healthy body - a healthy mind."In this frenzied rhythm, we stop eating normally, having a snack on the run, in the evening, before going to sleep, we are eating "for future use", all this leads to an unbalanced diet. Then, when there are health problems, we begin to lose weight, struggling with extra pounds, get rid of cellulite and sigh over the spoiled figure. In addition, there are more serious problems: shortness of breath, depression, heart failure, general deterioration of well-being, weakened immunity. In this article we will consider the preparation "Cascara Sagrada NSP".Instructions and feedback will be provided.

Such a delicate problem

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Everyone faced such an acute problem as constipation. Not all stomach and intestines work like a clock. However, to admit that they suffer from chronic or periodic constipation, most people refuse not only to doctors, but sometimes to themselves. Discuss such a delicate topic in society is not accepted, but one can not bypass such a serious issue.

It's one thing if constipation is caused by a one-time overeating or a power failure, then it's really enough to restrict your enema or buy a laxative in the nearest pharmacy. And quite another, if nausea, pain of varying degrees, dizziness worried day after day. This already indicates a serious failure in the digestive mechanism and requires serious adjustment."Cascara Sagrada NSP" can help in this. The instruction and feedback confirm the effectiveness of the facility.

What constitutes constipation?

Digestion is a complex process, a cycle of substances limited to one organism. The food received in the digestive tract is crushed, digested, useful substances are absorbed into the blood, and waste slag is removed from the body. With constipation, the spent ballast is not excreted in time, but accumulates in the intestine and begins to decompose, the decay products are absorbed into the blood and carried throughout the body. The process of filtration and removal of toxins from the body due to malfunction of the liver over time is disrupted. And the poisoning of the body begins with the products of its own vital activity."Cascara Sagrada NSP"( the instruction will confirm this) just prevents the manifestation of negative symptoms.

A person begins to experience a headache, weakness, fatigue, his complexion goes bad, hair falls out, an unpleasant smell, pain in the abdomen, irregularities in the work of the heart and nervous system appear from his mouth. Prolonged constipation can lead to unfortunate consequences, as a consequence, complications are added: colitis, reflux enteritis, hepatitis, bile duct disease, rectal inflammation, its cracks, rectal cancer, hemorrhoids. We will not raise the issue of preventing constipation, you, who read this line, apparently already have this problem, since you are interested, so you decided to fight with constipation.

Description of additive

cascara sagrada nsp instruction

Introducing the development of Nature's Sunshine Products - BAA "Cascara Sagrada NSP".

Instructions and reviews confirm that the drug is based on the bark of the zoster, a natural laxative, which has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times as an effective remedy for constipation.

Active substance contained in the bark of the zoster, avarin - glycoside, providing a laxative effect, after taking the drug, which comes after 8-10 hours. Side, unpleasant actions in the form of a liquid stool, irritated intestinal mucosa and its hyperemia is not observed.

Tannins, bacillus, vitamin C, pectin, essential oils, flavonoids present in the crust are used for the treatment of other diseases. In Germany, the State. The health care service of the zoster cortice is approved for anemia, treatment of diseases of the bile duct and liver, skin diseases, hemorrhoids that cause streptococci.

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The disinfecting and antibacterial action of the crust of the joster promotes not only the cleansing of the intestine, but also the cessation of putrefactive and fermenting processes in it. It also has an anthelmintic effect. Its use has proven itself in the treatment of varicose veins, especially small pelvic organs, accompanied by high blood pressure. This indicates an addition to the "Cascar Sagrada NSP" instruction for use.

The drug is actively used in various weight loss programs, mainly because of its mild laxative effect. The uniqueness of the herbal preparation "Cascara Sagrada" is that it softens the intestines by its mild stimulating effect and relieves the development of intoxication.

In its composition, BAA contains the only product - the dried bark of the zoster, which is the source of tannins and anthraquinones, affecting the correct intestinal motility.

In the production of additives, a special technology is used to treat the crust of the joster, which allows the drug to have the maximum positive effect without causing side effects.

This indicates the preparation "Cascara Sagrada NSP" instruction. There are comments in this regard.

Form and Composition

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The bottle contains 100 capsules of 490 mg.

The "Cascar Sagrada" does not contain fragrances and fragrances.

One capsule contains 390 mg of bark zoster( buckthorn laxative) and gelatin natural.

Store the supplement in a cool, dry place, not accessible to children.

Properties of Cascar Sagrada


- Has a mild laxative effect on the intestines.

- Eliminates helminthic invasions and parasites.

- Regulates intestinal motility, restores its correct functioning.

- Reduces blood pressure.

- As a detox product, it eliminates insomnia, abdominal pain, headaches, which are the consequences of constipation.

- Stops development of processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the intestine.

- Has an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect.

Does the "Cascara Sagrada NSP" product have side effects? They are completely absent.

Indications and contraindications

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As a food supplement, "Cascara Sagrada" allows regulating and restorative effects in bowel diseases such as diarrhea, hemorrhoids, atonia, helminth and parasitic invasions, constipation, colitis.

Including taking the drug is recommended for skin rashes, hypertension and cholelithiasis.

The product is contraindicated for individual intolerance, lactation and pregnancy.

How to apply?

The course of taking the drug "Cascara Sagrada NSP" 1 month. When eating 1 capsule twice a day.

The beginning of the second course of admission can be no earlier than two months after the end of the first.

Supplements "Cascara Sagrada NSP": feedback from

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About the addendum, reviews are mostly positive. The product works well with constipation, it effectively fights with fermentation in the intestine. Prevents negative consequences. Usually well tolerated, rarely causes side effects.

We reviewed the dietary supplements "Cascara Sagrada NSP".Instructions and references are also described.