Monastery ointment: application, properties, reviews

In the distant past, when there was no professional medicine, many people were treated with so-called folk remedies, and this helped them. Monastery ointment refers to those inventions of humanity, which treated not one generation of people. In this article we will tell you in detail about the tool and its advantages.

ointment monastic

Prescription for monastic ointment

To date, absolutely all people know about the effect of ointment of this nature. That is why many manufacturers have patented the manufacture of a product under their own brands. That is now people do not make the ointment themselves, but can buy already prepared in pharmacies. In addition, many manufacturers say that a large number of ointments are exclusively natural. Some firms have proven this. On the package, you can read the composition of the product and make sure of the naturalness of its composition or vice versa.

To date, the ointment monastery is not one of its kind, because the technology does not stand still, and develop new medicines. The recipe, which was invented long ago by our ancestors, has survived to this day, which allows us to buy this ointment in pharmacies or make it ourselves. Consider the recipe for monastic ointment.

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You need to take lard, certainly old and salty, suitable, including yellowed. Find a pine log or plate, as can resin,
and in addition, grind into a coffee grinder chaga( birch mushroom).Prepare a wire, a vessel to collect the melted fat, and more matches.

Now you can proceed. Preferably somewhere in the open air, since the process is smoky. It is necessary to strengthen the pine chuck or a thick chip under the slope and set fire to its lower part.

Lard the fat on the wire above the fire. The melted fat will flow into the fire and along the log, mixing with the bubbling gum, drain into the tank. In this fat, you need to add 2-3 teaspoons of chaga for a hundred grams, mix thoroughly, chill.

monastic ointment recipe

Application of ointment

Mono ointment has long proved itself with the best side. It is really curative and helps with certain ailments. Due to the fact that the ointment is made entirely of natural ingredients and does not carry absolutely no chemistry, it is useful. As for the possible harm, it is not. Ointment of this species for all its existence has received quite a lot of positive feedback. Therefore, you can use it without any problems and fear.

Ointment has a warming and anti-inflammatory effect. And it is used mainly as a supplement to the therapy of diseases of bones and joints of various etiologies.

ointment monastic reviews

Proper use of

In order for the mono ointment to give the desired effect, it is necessary to apply it exclusively according to the rules advised by specialists in the field of medicine. First of all, it should be noted that this ointment is exclusively external. It must be applied to the skin of a person at the place where this or that pain is felt. Rub the ointment in the skin should be no more than three times a day in circular motions.

In case you have problems with joints, after applying this ointment you need to do a warm-up as far as possible. In this case, all positive substances will begin their action much faster.

As for the duration of the drug, this issue must be solved with your doctor, because each person is individual, and the ointment for each is suitable for a particular feature.

Properties of ointment

An ointment of this nature can perfectly restore all tissues of the human body. Excellent removes this or that pain in the human body, as well as aching in the bones and joints. Blood flow in the body rises and becomes at the required level. Also, the ointment still has a warming effect on the place where it was applied. All kinds of inflammation or swelling are removed only after a week of using such a remedy. The tension in those or other muscles is removed, and there is relaxation in the body of a person, which allows a good rest. Mobility in the joints rises, and this is also a positive property of this drug. After fractures, it has a strengthening function for certain bones.

Many doctors recommend the use of this particular type of ointment, in order to relieve tension in the body and for the treatment of a particular type, which was mentioned above. Ointment monastic smooth skin will provide in any case.

ointment monastic smooth skin


Monastery ointment has a rather positive reviews. Let's consider them in detail, in order to know whether it is worth using this tool. Some patients say that they liked the ointment, but they are not in the pharmacies of their city, they have to order via the Internet and pay extra for the delivery.

Other users who often leave comments on the page anonymously, say that they like the composition of this ointment and its smell. As for the effect, it is undeniable.