Spasms of the neck muscles: symptoms, causes and methods of treatment

Muscular spasms in the neck - a common complaint in the doctor's office, this ailment is widespread due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the neck. High motor activity of this zone, an abundance of nerves, vessels and muscles - all this periodically provokes the occurrence of spasms and pain, a rare person can avoid them.

spasms of the muscles of the neck symptoms

What is the spasm of the neck muscles?

The concept of "spasm" involves the process of squeezing nerves, vessels and muscles. The first blow to yourself take the nerve bundles, then the tone of the vessels decreases, as a consequence - the stagnation of blood. Violation of the circulation leads to an even greater compression of the vessels, the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles of the neck is impaired. There is a strong pain, often irradiating in the shoulder.

Causes of muscle cramps in the neck

Provoking factors for the onset of spasms are:

  • Cerebral neck cooling. Most often, the symptoms of neck muscle spasms appear in the early spring, when at the first warming people tend to remove winter things. It is important to remember that this period is very deceptive. A couple of outlets on the street with a bare neck will ensure a high probability of spasms.
  • Long stay in one position, sharp movements. In people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, cervical vertebrae take an additional load. Stagnation of blood in this area inevitably leads to compression of blood vessels and spasms and pain in the neck. Sharp movements also lead to impaired blood circulation and muscle spasms. Sodium deficiency in the body. Sodium is needed for the muscle tissue to be in a relaxed state. With its lack of muscle begin to contract involuntarily.
  • Prolonged physical exertion, including static ones.
  • Available diseases: cervical radiculitis, cervical osteochondrosis, myositis, spinal injuries, neoplasms, hypertension, thyroid gland disorders, cardiovascular system, intervertebral hernia.

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If neck muscle spasms are regular, you should consult a doctor to avoid negative effects on the body.

Symptoms of muscle spasms of the neck

Symptoms of spasms of the neck muscles are strongly pronounced: severe pain and limitation or inability to make head turns.

It is important to determine the exact localization of the pain syndrome and its degree - this will help to identify the causes of spasms.

For example, the appearance of discomfort in the neck, turning into pain in the occipital part, shoulders and temples signals the presence of osteochondrosis. Spasm of the muscles of the neck and shoulders is gradually increasing and leads to a strong restriction of motor activity.

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Headache of a different nature with a feeling of pressure on the eyeballs, severe weakness and dizziness indicate problems with the vessels of the neck.

If the spasms of the neck muscles often occur, treatment should begin immediately. Stagnation of blood in the vessels leads to a disruption of the normal functioning of the brain.

Noise in the ears, impaired vision and memory, insomnia - only a small part of the consequences. Lack of attention to the problem can cause a stroke. At best, a person will remain disabled, at worst - a fatal outcome.

Diagnosis of the patient's condition

Treatment begins after an accurate detection of the causes that cause symptoms of neck muscle spasms.

Diagnostic measures include:

  1. Inspect the neurologist for the purpose of locating the exact localization of the pain syndrome and areas of muscle tension.
  2. X-ray examination to exclude the presence of spinal injuries, neoplasms, inflammations of the bone system, etc.
  3. If it is difficult to make a diagnosis, you may need magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography. They can detect neoplasms in soft tissues and the intervertebral hernia.

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If the detected disease is not infectious, then standard analysis( blood, urine) is usually not performed.

The first stage of treatment of muscle cramps in the neck

Primary are the actions aimed at eliminating or reducing pain syndrome and relieving muscle tension.

For relaxation of muscles, the drug "Baclofen" is most often prescribed. Instructions for use( the price is listed below) positions it as an effective drug for this disease. Taking "Baclofen" involves increasing the dosage every 3 days until the therapeutic effect is achieved, its price varies depending on the dosage - from 200 to 500 rubles.

In order to anesthetize the affected area, drugs belonging to the pharmacological group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. Basically it is "Ibuprofen" or drugs based on it. Ibuprofen instructions for use( price 50-150 rub.) Recommends taking as directed by a doctor. Tablets are taken 3 times a day for not more than 5 days. It also comes in the form of an ointment, with a spasm of the neck muscles, it shortens the pain in a short time.

pain in the neck when turning the head

"Baclofen" instructions for use( the price of the drug listed above) also does not recommend appointing yourself. Any medical product must be issued by a specialist. However well recommended itself, for example, "Ibuprofen", instructions for use( the price is low enough for a medicine) can not replace a full consultation and recommendations of a doctor. In the presence of contraindications, the above preparations are replaced with others with a similar effect. Self-treatment is unacceptable!

Additional measures in the treatment of spasms

If at this stage the neck pain remains when turning the head - the treatment is supplemented with physiotherapy, while the patient is recommended to wear a special orthopedic collar. It reduces the load from the cervical vertebrae, and due to the forced restriction in the movements, the pain recedes.

If more serious causes of neck muscle spasms are detected during diagnosis, for example, torticollis or visible degenerative changes of the cervical vertebrae, surgical intervention is performed.

For the treatment to give a quick and effective result, it is recommended to engage in exercise therapy along with the use of medications and undergo a course of manual therapy.

Treatment of spasms with folk remedies

Nowadays, the popularity of all layers of the population is treated with folk remedies, they quickly remove the symptoms of spasm of the neck muscles.

Despite the fact that the components used are of natural origin, they also have their contraindications. People's methods can be resorted to for first aid, without forgetting about the need to visit a doctor, only he must decide how to relieve neck spasm, it is important to discuss with him the use of folk methods, so that they do not cause even greater harm, but complement the action of medications.

Folk remedies that help in the fight against the disease

Effective recipes for eliminating spasms of the neck muscles:

  1. Regular use of broth from herbs mixed in a 1: 1 ratio: valerian, dogrose, motherwort and yarrow. The broth has a beneficial effect on the nervous system as a whole, relaxing it and improving the conductivity of impulses to muscle tissues.
  2. Infusion of plantain, St. John's wort and dandelion is used as a compress on the affected area - it helps to reduce the pain syndrome.
  3. Neck massage, including self-massage. Rubbing the affected area activates the blood circulation. The procedure is recommended before bedtime.
  4. Essential oils of lavender and jasmine have an antispasmodic effect. The process of aromatherapy takes about 30-40 minutes.
  5. Soak the cloth in vodka or another alcohol-containing liquid, leave the compress overnight, wrap it around the neck with a warm woolen scarf. This method, used for decades, has not lost its relevance in our time.
  6. Compress from the leaves of white cabbage, sprinkled with soda, will relieve the pain. A warm scarf must also be tied on top.

spasm of neck muscles treatment

Traditional methods of treatment in combination with traditional methods give a positive result in the fight against muscular spasms in the neck, if they are agreed with the attending physician.

Importance of Exercise

Exercises to relieve spasm of the neck muscles will provide powerful support for cervical vertebrae and muscle tissue. Charging for the muscles of the neck is shown to all in order to prevent the occurrence of spasms. It is mandatory for people leading a sedentary lifestyle - office workers, truckers, etc.

Contraindications to curative gymnastics

Before starting the exercises, it is important to make sure that:

  • There is no severe pain syndrome. Classes with a feeling of intolerable pain will not be of use, and harm - easily.
  • Charging is not carried out at the time of exacerbation of diseases( for example, cervical osteochondrosis or radiculitis), it will not have a positive effect, only the deterioration of the course of the disease is possible.
  • Before gymnastics, medications blocking pain were not used.

In the presence of severe pathologies of the cervical region, all actions should be coordinated with a specialist.

Effective complex of exercises

The complex of exercises is not difficult, it can be performed by people with any level of physical training:

  1. Head inclinations. It is necessary to tilt the head forward-back with the maximum stretching of the muscles. Perform 8-10 repetitions.
  2. Rotation of the head. Rotational movements are performed alternately from one shoulder to the other. During the rotation, the chin should be pressed to the chest, or stretch to it. Repeat 8-10 times. To make the same movements, having thrown back a head - in this case a nape extends to shovels. Perform 8-10 repetitions.
  3. Head inclinations left and right. To incline the head alternately to the left and right shoulder. Repeat 15-20 times.
  4. Circular mahi hands. Exercise is useful for the shoulder joint. The mahi must be performed with the greatest amplitude. Make 10 repetitions.
  5. Head inclinations with counterforce. The most effective exercise for strengthening the muscles of the neck. It is necessary to make the slopes of the head to the shoulders alternately, while opposing the hand( the right hand when tilting to the right shoulder, the left hand - to the left shoulder).When tilting forwards and backwards, you can use both hands. Repeat 8-10 times.
  6. Shoulder lift. The starting position is standing, hands are lowered along the trunk. Slowly raise and lower your shoulders at the same time, then take turns. Repeat 8-10 times.
  7. Lifting the head from a lying position. The starting position is lying on the floor or any firm, level surface. Slowly tearing off the head from the floor, fix the sight on the toes for 5-8 seconds, then just as slowly fall. Make 10 repetitions.

Warning! All exercises should be done only at a slow pace. Sharp, jerky movements should not be!

gymnastics for the muscles of the neck

With regular exercise, the muscular framework of the cervical region is strengthened and blood circulation improves, which promotes normal conduction of nerve impulses to the muscles.

Lifestyle as a prevention of spasms of the neck muscles

After it was possible to remove spasm of the neck muscles, it is important to rethink the lifestyle and take regular preventive measures:

  • perform a set of exercises to strengthen the cervical department, whenever possible to engage in any kind of sport for general health improvement;
  • to consult the masseur every 6 months for the prevention course;
  • annually undergo a medical examination with the purpose of timely detection of pathological processes;
  • to avoid stress, to arrange a full rest more often;
  • revise the diet: to abandon fatty, fried and smoked foods, carbonated drinks, limit the use of sweets;food should be balanced, including fish, meat, vegetables, cereals( cooked, baked or steamed), and consumption of at least 2 liters per day of clean water will cleanse the body, release it from harmful substances;
  • to abandon bad habits;
  • with inactive work every hour to warm up, as often as possible to change the position of the body.

Compliance with these recommendations will significantly reduce the incidence of symptoms of neck muscle spasms and contribute to improving the overall condition of the whole organism.

This article is not a guide to action, if you have spasms, you do not need to postpone your visit to the doctor and do self-medication, all actions must be coordinated, and medication is taken only with his permission!