How to start smoking and is it worth it to get this habit?

Despite the already proven harm of smoking, it still remains a free choice for every person who has reached adulthood. The question of how to start smoking can excite not only the young and the inexperienced, sometimes this is a fully conscious decision dictated by some personal considerations, and it is worth learning about some of the nuances of the culture of tobacco consumption.

how to start smoking

How to become smokers?

The biggest misconception of adolescents is the halo of "adulthood" that surrounds the very process of smoking. In the middle of the last century, a cigarette was considered a certain sign of a special "coolness", masculinity or mystery. Cinematography contributed a lot to the development of this error. The question of how to start smoking, interested in all the polls, regardless of gender and age.

For a teenager, a cigarette is a way to rise above peers. To smoke in the company - to become your own. To offer a cigarette is to show friendly feelings, and to ask for a light is one of the ways to make conversation, get acquainted. It turns out that smoking has a kind of communication function that removes barriers between people. The paradox is that it is difficult to find an inoffensive analog: a patty with potatoes or chips is a slightly different category of signals. Perhaps you can mention alcohol, but you can come to the absurd conclusion of the "usefulness" of all bad habits.

I want to start smoking

How to choose a brand of cigarettes

If you interview smokers, most will advise light cigarettes with a good filter. Girls prefer slim slim - perhaps they seem more feminine, and the smell of smoke is not as sharp as that of strong tobacco varieties. The question of how to start smoking is directly related to the brand. Cigarettes better choose quality and fragrant, although from a reflex cough that is unlikely to save.

A good example is Winston with aromatic capsules. Elegant thin cigarettes with a long filter, quality tobacco, and thanks to the capsule, you can get a peculiar pack of "two in one".If the capsule is crushed, the filter is impregnated with a special fragrant composition. It can be a classic menthol or a flavor and a bilberry flavor. The lightest and least harmful is Winston Super Slims White, these cigarettes contain a minimum amount of nicotine and resins.

Ways of using tobacco

There are two main principles of tobacco use - smoky and smokeless. Smokeless methods include inhaling dry powdered tobacco( snuff), laying a small portion of a wet snuff over the lip and chewing tobacco. It was snuff tobacco in richly decorated snuff-boxes. There is a certain advantage in smokeless methods - they completely exclude passive smoking, because there is no smoke that can be inhaled by people nearby.

started smoking after

How to start smoking, if the choice is still in favor of smoky ways? This can be cigarettes, cigarettes, pipes or hookah. The simplest version is factory cigarettes: I bought and lit a cigarette. Roll-up of rollers requires a certain skill, and the tube is already considered a symbol of respectability. Among all the smoky methods, the hookah differs drastically, in which smoke passes through water, cools, is partially freed from tar.

You say to yourself: "I want to start smoking, but not to hurt my health"?It should be noted that there is no way of harmless use of tobacco. For example, a hookah seems harmless than a normal cigarette. But in fact, because of the chilled smoke, the smoker does not realize how much he smoked, and as a result gets an increased dose of nicotine.

Why did you decide to smoke?

Some women say something like: "I started to smoke after I got very fat."One of the side effects of tobacco is a decrease in appetite and a deterioration in the digestibility of nutrients. Vitamin C is destroyed, the body begins to struggle desperately with the toxic effects of nicotine and tar. Can this be called a healthy method of losing weight?

Another common cause is nerves. It is believed that a cigarette smoked removes irritability, allows you to concentrate and calm down. In practice, this is the effect of an easy oxygen starvation of the brain, which occurs in the first quarter of an hour after the inhalation of smoke. What seems useful, actually brings harm.

is it worth to start smoking

Habit or delusion?

Tobacco use in any form is considered a bad habit. However, in many respects this is a peculiar feint of the psyche. Allen Carr in his book "An Easy Way to Quit Smoking" gives reason enough arguments. For example, craving for tobacco does not wake us up at night, as hunger or thirst can do. Consequently, a cigarette is not vital.

Reflecting on how to start smoking, the future smoker should see all possible negative consequences. If you realize that it will be difficult to quit, and the advantages are very doubtful, even periodic tobacco consumption will bring in times less harm than unconscious automatic smoking for the company and out of habit.

how to start smoking cigarettes

Strong arguments against

Indeed, is it worth to start smoking, if the only valid argument for there is immediately disproved by a similar argument against? It is about the communicative properties of cigarettes. In the smoking environment, it seems logical and normal to maintain the habits and rituals that support everything, but then we limit ourselves strictly to this environment and worsen communication with non-smokers. They do not have to inhale the smoke. And smoking with children is generally an antisocial behavior.

In terms of health, there is not at all a single argument in favor of smoking. Any way of using nicotine brings unequivocal harm. A non-smoker does not spend money on cigarettes, does not seek a place to smoke, does not want to take a minute to tighten the smoke. If you still want to start smoking, think about whether it really is so necessary.