How to improve brain function?

The brain is very important for the work of the entire human body, all its organs. It is the brain that is responsible for all the processes that take place in the body. Therefore, so much attention is paid to the question of how to improve brain function.

Scientists around the world have been working on this issue for a very long time, and there is as yet no unambiguous answer leading to a 100% result. Everyone knows that the human brain is not fully involved. It is still difficult to accurately name the percentage of brain work. And every person has an individual. After all, some people learn better and faster, learn something new more quickly than others, and some even make scientific discoveries. But at the same time, no one, not one of the scientists, does not use the potential of his brain for 100%.However, there are some ways to improve brain function.

The first and most basic rule is that you have to believe in your brain. Forget that you have amnesia, impaired concentration or anything else. Think positively, in the style: "I can do everything, and everything will work out for me."It has long been known that thought has the ability to materialize. Therefore, you will think about failures - get them, you will wait for success - and also attract them.

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The second step should be the arrangement of a workplace for mental activity. Too cluttered, untidy and untidy premises can "knock down" you with a thought, become a cause of irritation, and just hinder mental activity.

Considering how to improve the brain, it is worth taking note that any training must begin with the basics. For example, you need to learn the language, starting with spelling, writing sentences and grammar. This applies to people of all ages.

When learning something new, try to make it as fun as possible. After all, any person is much better at remembering things that are pleasant to him than those he perceives as a boring duty. You can even speak on some speakers. They, in order to memorize their speech by heart, singled out the key words in it and associated them with familiar objects( for example, with furniture in their room).At the same time, the orators chose the most artsy, funny, laughing.

During any mental work, you need to rest not less than with physical labor. Every hour, take breaks for 10-15 minutes. This will greatly increase your efficiency, becauseFrom sitting in one place fatigue accumulates and irritation grows. If there is no opportunity to relax, then just change the occupation, "switch" to something else for this time.

During the work, be sure to follow your posture, becauseit affects your entire thought process. If there is a choice - to write or print material, then better write by hand. While you write, different ideas may appear. It perfectly trains the analytical and creative abilities.

To some extent the brain can help the Internet. Often, being interested in one topic, you are fond of another, then the third. It contributes to your intellectual development and memory improvement.

One of the most simple, effective, and most importantly interesting ways how to improve the work of the brain is by training it through games. Fold puzzles, play checkers, solve crosswords and scanwords, solve puzzles.

Another effective method for improving brain function is the development of visual memory. For example, you can compile a list of necessary cases for each day. Then mentally draw a shape( preferably a square, a triangle), in every corner of it there will be one case. The same can be done with a list of products to be purchased.

It is very important to develop a brain, give enough time( 6-10 hours) to sleep, observe a healthy lifestyle, exercise and love. All this contributes to improving brain activity.