Strongly sore, the head splits: possible causes and characteristics of treatment

Headache can slightly spoil the mood or turn life into a real hell - it all depends on the circumstances, strength and localization of sensations, the ability to cope on their own. If only a little bit of the pressure of whiskey, you can not pay attention to it, but sometimes the head literally splits and this sensation lasts for hours. About the quality of life in this situation, you can not and do not stutter, this is a debilitating phenomenon, leaving no chance to distract and endure. Why is this happening and how to get rid of an unpleasant symptom?

the head is split

Different types of headache

To register for a doctor's appointment because of painful sensations is the most logical and correct act. But the doctor will ask questions about exactly how it hurts and where exactly. If you say that your head just splits, this is not enough even for a preliminary diagnosis.

Mentally divide your head into segments. Can the frontal part with the temples or separately. Sometimes there is a feeling of shooting pain in the temple, or unpleasant sensations cover the entire left or right side. If the neck hurts, it can be delivered to the neck or, conversely, along the spine to the back of the head. It is important to understand whether the symptoms affect the facial part of the head, whether there is a feeling that the forehead hangs or a steel hoop is compressed around the skull. Thoughtful study of the symptoms and the ability to retell to their doctor will help you to determine your treatment more quickly.

If the condition improves after a tablet of citramone or a cup of tea, then you can not worry - there are practically no people in the world who have never had a headache. Pharmacies are usually offered painkillers without prescription drugs, which can be used to relieve a painful condition. This is a wide range of analgesics, all kinds of paracetamol preparations, ibuprofen and so on.

the head splits what to do

Searches for the cause of

If you carefully monitor your health, you can deduce a pattern in the appearance of various kinds of pain, from mild ailment to a sensation when, it seems, the head breaks. Some people have symptoms before the weather changes, this is called meteosensitivity.

The most frightening causes are a brain tumor and stalking stroke. But even very severe pain does not necessarily indicate such terrible diagnoses. It can be a migraine attack, one of the symptoms of hypertension, the consequences of a traumatic brain injury. Diseases of the spine and neurotic states are often accompanied by headaches.

Pain after hitting the head

To get a traumatic blow, it is not necessary to get involved in a fight. It happens enough to fall on a slippery sidewalk in the winter, awkwardly bend over in your own kitchen and knock on the locker. In any case, the pain after the stroke is the most natural consequence. If the head breaks and vomits, hearing or visual impairment is noted, then all signs of a concussion are present. In this case, gently immediately consult a doctor.

In case of minor injuries, it is enough to apply a cold compress to the bruise and observe bed rest for some time. It is very useful to sleep, do not watch TV or read, eye strain can provoke an increased headache.

my head is cracking at the seams

Arterial and intraocular pressure

For people who are not very knowledgeable in medicine, the magic word "pressure" becomes an explanation for most ailments. At the same time, blood pressure( BP) can be elevated, lowered, just unstable with fluctuations both in that and in the other direction. Finally, increased intraocular pressure, too, can provoke extremely unpleasant sensations, as if the head is split.

If there are suspicions about the pressure, deviating from the norm, this indicator should be measured regularly, especially at the first signs of poor health. If the headache manifests simultaneously with an increase or decrease in blood pressure, then this is a symptom that will disappear when selecting the correct corrective drugs. Will normal blood pressure - disappeared and unpleasant sensations.

Signs of a stroke

One of the main frightening factors is a stroke of the brain. What it is? Sometimes it can be heard that stroke and cerebral hemorrhage are one and the same. Not quite right. If there is a rupture of the blood vessel hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemic stroke occurs when the blood vessel is blocked in the brain, and there may be several reasons for this blockage - cholesterol plaque, thrombus and so on.

why the head is split

Why does my head break? We have to admit that this is not the most indicative symptom of a stroke, because a headache can occur with many other diseases. But if this is accompanied by the main signs of a stroke( loss of consciousness, movement coordination disorder, incoherent speech, asymmetrical smile, and others), then you need to call an ambulance.


It is not possible to recognize and identify a brain tumor, only on the basis of certain symptoms. If the head splits, the cause may be far from oncology - neoplasms in the brain usually cause blunt, dull pain. But the ability to characterize the kind of pain is sharply subjective, each person interprets the sensations in his own way and can turn out to be inaccurate.

The starting symptoms are similar to a concussion of the brain: in addition to pain, nausea, weakness, dizziness are observed. If they are aggravated by epileptic conditions, mental disorders, hallucinations and neurological disorders, but the probability of finding a tumor is large enough. It is necessary to be surveyed in any case, especially if usual non-prescription analgesics do not help or assist.

head cracking badly

Osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine

If the pressure is fine, there were no injuries, the probability of a tumor or a stroke is not even considered, but the head still hurts, the reasons may be hiding completely elsewhere. Many people with all kinds of diseases of the spine note that acute pain in the back as a result of osteochondrosis or rheumatism can "give" in the head. And they say: "My head is split at the seams" - and this is almost not a metaphor, it creates the feeling that the skull is about to fall apart.

In this case, you need to eliminate the reason, namely - to treat the spine, do not overexert. Moderate physical activities under the supervision of a physician, physiotherapy exercises are helpful.

Migraine and neurotic pain

Migraine attacks often occur in the middle of the night, and from the pain a person can wake up. Many people say that the migraine is comparable to a sharp nail, which is stuck in the eye or in the temple. The head splits, what to do - is unknown, and painkillers, in most cases, only slightly dull the sensations.

Unfortunately, medicine is not yet able to explain the mechanisms of the appearance of migraine. Sometimes there is a hereditary predisposition to this ailment, in other cases no connection is observed. The doctor can diagnose neurological disorders that contribute to the development of a periodic pain syndrome.

You have to save yourself with improvised means - silence, darkness, bed rest. Many patients admit that they can only wait for an attack, limiting their communication to the extent possible. A compress on the forehead, aromatherapy and various lotions are applied strictly individually, if it helps to ease the state of health, then do not deny yourself.

the head is split after

Payment for excesses

If the head breaks after a party with a lot of alcoholic beverages, then you can not be surprised - hangover syndrome can cause a lot of discomfort. Alcohol intoxication, an uncontrollably large number of smoked cigarettes, is not the healthiest food as a snack, and here the morning state is categorically inconsistent with the concepts of the norm.

Especially disturbing signals can be considered nausea, foreign taste in the mouth, painful photosensitivity, confusion, incoherent speech, imbalance of the vestibular apparatus, lack of memories, and all this against the background of past intoxication. A severe headache can have such intensity that it is difficult to force yourself to move.

As home remedies for the victims of a hangover, an abundant drink is recommended, it will be useful to be hungry a little, so as not to load the stomach. Despite the age-old Russian traditions, one should not get drunk-the habit of drinking a bad morning's morning beer or a drink of vodka on duty can lead to drunken alcoholism.

Harmony against headache

All diseases are from nerves. This statement is regularly confirmed by the findings of physicians of different profiles. Of course, it is difficult to find positive emotions if the head is severely split, but an analysis of one's own bad health is necessary.

head splits cause

Very often, the headache occurs on the basis of stress, this is reflected even in the widespread phraseological phrase "you are my headache" - it literally means that someone makes you nervous so that this provokes the described symptom.

The steady regime of the day, sufficient quality sleep, outdoor walks, at least an hour a day of quiet pastime without disturbing thoughts and routine duties are simple but effective preventive measures against headaches. Despite the apparent simplicity of the recommendations, they are not so easy to implement.

The rapid rhythm of life, the demands of society, the habit of bringing their own interests to the family or work - all contribute to the gradual accumulation of negativity. We do not notice how we do not sleep enough, eat badly, get habits of unhealthy leisure. To a daily relaxing walk should be treated as a serious and responsible work, as early as the XIX century, doctors prescribed regular exercise for patients to improve their well-being. Even half an hour of leisurely walks in the park or along the alley can reduce the likelihood of developing a headache at times.