Medical Center "Medical On Group"( Kazan): customer reviews

In Russia, for today, a huge role is played by private medical centers. They are in great demand among the population. Next, we will talk about an organization called "Medical On Group".Kazan is the city that will be discussed. What kind of medical center works here? What services does he offer? How much pleases its customers? Testimonials of visitors will help to understand all these features. What should every potential customer know?


What is Medical On Group? This organization is a network of multidisciplinary medical centers. Here, if you believe the promises of the administration, you can get help in almost any medical field by international standards. he was a medical group

The clinic works mainly with adults. Children are not accepted here. But this is not a reason to refuse to apply to the institution.

"Medical On Group" was opened in Kazan in 2005.Since that moment the organization began to carry out its activities in accordance with international standards. The institution today is recognized as one of the best clinics in Russia. But is it really so? Are customers satisfied with the service here?


Before you answer these questions, you need to find out some important information about the institution. For example, where it is located. As already mentioned, the city in which the "Medical On Group" is located is Kazan. The address of the institution is as follows: Rustem Yakhin street, house 4.

This establishment has a good transport interchange. Therefore, to reach it is not difficult. This fact pleases all visitors. Prior to the "Medical On Group" even intercity buses go.

About services of

And what services can be obtained by contacting this network of medical centers in Kazan? medical on group

The spectrum of the institution's possibilities is also pleasing. As it has been underlined, it is possible to address here for various reasons.

Among the main services of "Medical On Group" in Kazan are the following areas:

  • cosmetology;
  • ultrasound diagnosis;
  • gynecology;
  • Urology;
  • proctology;
  • phlebology;
  • laboratory analyzes;
  • massage.

Neurology and vascular surgery are also involved here. To hand over analyzes in the given medical center too it is possible. Indeed a multidisciplinary clinic! But how well does it work? What does the patients say about it?

About rates

"Medical On Group"( Kazan) is a private clinic. Here, as it is not difficult to guess, all services will have to be paid. What do customers think about pricing?

The responses of visitors to the mentioned institution are generally ambiguous. On them it is difficult to speak about the conscientiousness of the medical center. We can say with certainty that Medical On Group is not the most budgetary place. Here you have to pay above the average for the services offered. he medicated his address

Despite this, most patients are satisfied with the service."Medical He Group" is called a cheap clinic, but the quality of services here fully justifies the price list. Only a few talk about too overpriced.


"Medical On Group"( Kazan) is a private medical center offering international service. Is it really?

The situation in the medical center pleases. Patients say that the clinic is always clean and comfortable. Comfortable, quiet and peaceful. The environment is friendly and favorable, it has visitors to it.

Externally, the network of clinics is also very pleased. In all the premises of "Medical On Group" there is a cosmetic repair. It is felt that the administration of the institution took care of the comfort of potential visitors. All offices are bright and cleaned, all have new furniture, equipment is constantly updated.

"Medical On Group"( Kazan) gives positive customer feedback for a favorable environment. This is one of the reasons why you want to return to the institution again and again. Increased comfort is what can really be said about the Medical On Group.

About doctors

A huge role for any medical center is played by doctors. What do the visitors of "Medical On Group" say about them? How much do clinic specialists please patients? he meditated a group of clients

The situation in this area is generally ambiguous. Some specialists of the clinic please, some unpleasantly upsets the patients. Basically in "Medical On Group"( Kazan) doctors are good. Everyone has a higher education and a wealth of experience. Every day such specialists help to cure various diseases for all who need it. Such doctors receive feedback as highly qualified specialists, trying to find an individual approach to each patient. They do not write out directions for extra tests, do not cheat with the results of diagnosis, prescribe an effective treatment.

Nevertheless, some specialists of "Medical On Group" do not please. For example, gynecologists are not responded in the best way. Especially when referring to the clinic for various promotions. Some patients claim that they have found a huge number of diseases, which in fact there. Of course, for accurate diagnosis, such people were sent for testing. Fortunately, such complaints are rare. Also, you can see reviews, according to which the specialists of the clinic offer biological supplements as treatment. All this is frustrating. Again, such a negative is an extremely rare case.

There are no gross or negligent specialists in "Medical On Group"( Kazan).This fact pleases almost everyone. Patients are pleasantly surprised by an attentive and friendly treatment. he smoked doctors


"Medical On Group" receives a lot of positive feedback on the service offered by the institution. What is it about?

First, as it was said earlier, the clinic does everything for the convenience of the patient. In the registry there are no queues, you can sign up to a specialist without much difficulty, the waiting room has an increased comfort. Secondly, informing visitors about services, promotions and preparing for analyzes / inspections does not leave indifferent. The registry will tell in detail how to properly prepare for more accurate results. Thirdly, if for some reason the doctor can not take a person, they will call back from the registry to transfer the record to any other time convenient for the visitor. Everything is done quickly and quickly.

Some say that the "Medical On Group" offers excellent service at the international level. With respect to the staff of the institution, it becomes clear that everything has been done here for the convenience and comfort of visitors. Just what every private medical center needs!

The effectiveness of

treatment "Medical On Group"( Kazan) reviews clients of an ambiguous nature for the effectiveness of treatment / supervision in the medical center. However, like any other medical institution. he grouped the phone

The bulk of patients said that the doctors of the organization help to detect diseases in time. Of course, there is no claim to treatment either. It is appointed as correctly as possible, taking into account the peculiarities of the organism of each visitor. He can be cured as soon as possible. Just what you need.

Despite the abundance of positive feedback, the negative in the field of treatment effectiveness in the "Medical On Group" is also shown. Some patients say that specialists not only can not make the right diagnosis, but they are not able to write out competent treatment. Do you believe these opinions? They do not inspire confidence, since there is no evidence of ineffectiveness of treatment in any complaint.


Now it is clear what the "Medical On Group" is( Kazan).Telephone for communication with the institution is recommended to be specified in the directory. With its help, you can not only clarify the features of care and treatment, but also enroll in a specialist without personal presence directly in the clinic.

In general, "Medical On Group" is an elite medical center. Turning here, you can hope for quality service and courteous treatment. All specialists of the clinic try to make a diagnosis as accurately as possible and quickly, after which they prescribe effective treatment with minimal health damage.

To come to the "Medical On Group"( Kazan)?Clients' feedback emphasizes that people who are accustomed to increased comfort need to be treated here. In this medical center, people really think that it would be nice for people to be in the walls of the institution. network of medical centers in Kazan

There are no significant complaints that repel the clinic. No negative feedback has documentary evidence. But positive opinions are confirmed. For example, photos of handwritten good reviews in the book of comments and suggestions. Therefore, "Medical He Group" can be trusted. There are excellent specialists working here who know their work well!