"Hawthorn Cardioactive"( "Evalar"): instruction on the use of the drug;reviews

Solving endless pressing problems, we forget about our "silent friends", which provide a clear work of our body. But they need rest, food, the right rhythm of life. Especially gets to the heart, we ruin it with stresses and overloads, we sit on a hungry ration. Unfortunately, the heart calls for help too late: death from extensive heart attacks is not uncommon.

What our heart dreams about

A modern person can not lose the burden of the problems that life puts before him. It is difficult for him to learn to calmly treat unpleasant events of life, so hard work and experiences are an inevitable phenomenon of the present day.

hawthorn cardioactive We can not give our heart to rest, but we can send to our aid friendly elements: magnesium and potassium. They will support him in the most stressful moments. It is for this purpose that the drug "Hawthorn Cardioactive"( "Evalar") is released: to help a healthy heart cope with the stresses.

Well-knit duet

The main constituent of the biologically active additive "Cardioactive Hawthorn"( "Evalar") are vitamins of the heart: magnesium and potassium. Magnesium performs a number of important functions in the body:

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  • does not allow coronary artery spasms;
  • promotes rhythmic contraction of the heart muscle;
  • slows the production of a substance that forms blood clots;
  • is effective at decreasing pressure;
  • inhibits the formation of free radicals and prevents the aging of the body.

Potassium, in turn, is responsible for proper water-salt balance of cardiac cells and transmission of nerve impulses. Together they form an inseparable duo: if potassium is washed out of the body, magnesium also leaves it. Lonely heart begins to pass.

To the heart not to starve

Magnesium and potassium are macro elements, that is, substances that the body needs in large quantities. The daily requirement for potassium is 2.5 - 5 g, and magnesium we need about 0.8 g per day. You can get these grams only in the process of feeding. With potassium, this problem is easier to solve, this element is abundant in the available food: tea, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, dried apricots, wheat bran.

cardiovascular hawthorn But magnesium in ordinary foods is rare: our soil is poor in this element. Spinach, shrimp, shellfish can not form the basis of our diet, and the usual consumption of beef, liver, nuts is not enough to make up for the daily need for magnesium. Here, biologically active additives come to the rescue, especially "Hawthorn Cardioactive"( "Evalar").He will nourish the heart with missing elements and keep it healthy until the oldest age.

Hawthorn - medicine for the old heart

The old heart does not determine the age of a person, it can be tired and young. The functional abilities of the heart muscle can be restored by the flowers and berries of hawthorn. They are important constituents of the drug "Hawthorn Cardioactive"( "Evalar").The therapeutic effect is provided by flavonoids and procyanidol oligomers contained in berries. They bind substances that weaken the muscle of the heart and remove stagnant phenomena in it.

cardioactive hawthorn ewalker reviews The heart is able to rhythmically pump blood through the vessels. Oligomers are antioxidants, they purify coronary arteries from plaques and rejuvenate the heart."Cardioactive with hawthorn", taken at the initial stages of heart failure, is able to cope with the disease and eliminate its consequences.


There is controversy around the products of Evalar, accusations are being made. Perhaps the opponents of dietary supplements and millionth earnings of the firm are in some way right. It's easier to deal with dietary supplements than with medications. Instructions in medicines describe the pharmacological action, list the indications and contraindications, determine the doses and the danger of exceeding them, list the side effects.

hawthorn eau-de-vault instructions If we take the package "Cardioactive Hawthorn"( "Evalar"), the instruction will be quite simple.

In the description of the therapeutic effect it is said how bad the person without potassium, magnesium and hawthorn, and in the testimony to the application the decision of all problems is promised. Dosage: within 20 days, use the whole pack, and after 10 days, if you like, repeat again. Contraindications? Well, of course, pregnant, nursing, children under 14 years.

And yet, if your heart suddenly kills, and there are no suitable herbs at hand, you can go to the pharmacy, buy "Hawthorn Cardioactive"( "Evalar") and drink it, as stated in the instructions. Because "Evalar" is a folk medicine, put on an industrial basis. These are those grandmother's recipes that help us not get sick seriously.

So, it's someone who needs

. Competition has penetrated all sides of our lives, and medicine is no exception. Doctors criticize biologically active supplements as useless and even harmful. But there is no research on this subject yet. Medicines, prescribed by doctors, bring almost more harm to the body than good. Despite the criticism of the licensed doctors and people allegedly affected by the products of "Evalar", the company is expanding its range of products. They continue to be in demand, especially cardiac funds.

cardioactive with hawthorn Last year, a new tool appeared - Cardioactive Taurine, it supplemented the line, which included Cardioactive Vitamins for Heart, Cardioactive Omega-3, Cardioactive Hawthorn( Evalar).Reviews of this series of dietary supplements are positive: people write that they have improved sleep;gradually and imperceptibly decreases the pressure;irritability disappears and the calm state becomes habitual. Heartache subsides, and with it fear goes away. And if dietary supplements continue to buy, it means people are sure that they can help.