Mercury yellow ointment: features, properties, application

Mercury ointment is not one drug, but a whole series of medicines intended for the therapy of certain eye diseases. Such substances were combined into one group because of the main component of the formulations. Preparations are made from mercury or from its compounds. Mercury yellow ointment, like other varieties of the drug, is intended for external use only. Its main purpose is to fight skin parasitic diseases, such as pediculosis, scabies and so on. Drugs in this series are great for treating diseases in animals. yellow mercuric ointment

The main varieties of

Mercury ointment can be of several varieties. Not so long ago, such preparations as:

  • mercury yellow ointment were very popular;
  • mercurial white ointment;
  • is a mercury-gray ointment.

Each of these drugs has its own characteristics. The main difference is the effectiveness of mercury ointments. This factor is strongly influenced by the composition of the drug.

Features of yellow ointment

Mercury yellow ointment has gained special popularity among the preparations of this series. It was considered the most effective. Initially, such a drug was made on the basis of precipitated mercury. Currently, the drug is produced according to the classic prescription.

Additional components of the formulation were petrolatum and lanolin. It is worth noting that the yellow mercury ointment, the price of which on average is about 100 rubles, is still used, but only in some cases, for the therapy of a variety of eye diseases. Such a drug can be prescribed for conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, and so on.

In addition to eye ailments, the drug is able to overcome skin diseases of varying complexity and specificity. In this case, the concentration of the ointment in the basic preparation can be from 1 to 2%.This is in the eye version of the drug. In drugs intended for the treatment of skin ailments, this indicator can be from 5 to 10%.yellow mercury ointment for eyes

Description of the preparation

Yellow mercury ointment for the eyes is a medicine that has an antiseptic effect. You can use the drug only externally and only to treat those areas of skin where the inflammatory process has begun. In this ointment has virtually no contraindications. An exception is hypersensitivity.

At the moment such a drug is made of yellow mercury. As for the remaining components of the composition, they also meet all standards. In the manufacture of such ointments for the eyes, the proportions of all components are strictly observed. A mercury yellow ointment is produced in the container, which reliably protects the contents from exposure to light. yellow mercury eye ointment

Features of application

Yellow-mercury eye ointment allows you to get rid of certain diseases, but only if it is used correctly. Such a drug can not be combined with medications that contain iodine and bromine salts. It is also not recommended to use this ointment with ethylmorphine. Otherwise, the patient may have irritation of the tissues of the organs of vision. A mercury ointment is sold along with the instructions. It must be carefully read before using the drug.

How to appoint?

To purchase a mercury yellow ointment in a pharmacy, it is necessary to provide a prescription signed by the attending physician. This is a kind of confirmation that one can cure a disease of the organs of vision only with such a preparation. As for the dosage, it is prescribed only by the attending physician. At the same time, for each disease, a certain amount of the drug is required. There are no general recommendations on the use of such a drug. Therefore, self-medication is not allowed. After all, a mercury ointment can cause an undesirable result. yellow mercury ointment manual

Does side effects of

Dangerous yellow mercury ointment? The instruction says that if used improperly, such a preparation may be toxic. Therefore, you should strictly follow the dosage. If the ointment is applied excessively to problem areas, side effects can occur, among which:

  • disruption of the digestive tract;
  • kidney damage;
  • irritation on the skin;
  • malfunction of the nervous system.

Effective treatment with a similar medication can only be guaranteed if the instructions are strictly followed.

Is it freely available?

On March 23, 1998, a decree was issued that excluded mercury-based drugs from the state register. However, such drugs can be used for treatment, making them on order.

It is worth noting that not only drugs that were produced on the basis of mercury were included in the ban, but also those containing compounds of this substance or its insignificant part. It is for this reason that not all pharmacies can make eye ointments to order. There are still no analogs of mercury ointment. yellow mercuric ointment price

In conclusion

Mercurial yellow ointment is not available on the market. It can be made to order and only by prescription. Store the finished medicinal product in a tightly closed container and away from sunlight. Shelf life of the ointment is not more than 5 years. After this time, the drug is strictly prohibited. All the doctor's recommendations relating to the method of taking and dosage should be observed with particular severity. Calculated mercury ointment only for external use. Otherwise, side effects may occur.