The best for mom and baby. RSPC "Mother and Child"( Minsk)

When the arrival of a child is coming, future parents are asked by countless questions:

  • "How to secure the house?"
  • "To feed by the clock or on demand?"
  • "To choose a joint sleep or to teach a newborn to a crib?"

mother and child Minsk

And, of course, every mom and any dad wants the best for her baby from the first second of his life. For this reason, the question of where the long-awaited child is born is very important. Future parents try to study in detail the feedback about the maternity homes of their city in order to choose the right clinic where the mother and child will first meet.

Minsk has 7 city and one regional institution, where children are helped to appear. One of the best is the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Mother and Child".

The Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Mother and Child"( Minsk, 66 Orlovskaya Street)

The RNRC was established in 2004.The institution reports directly to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus."Mother and Child" is recognized as the leading center in the country on:

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology;
  • neonatology;
  • pediatrics;
  • genetic research.

The institution is assisted not only by pregnant women and very small patients; here, if necessary, all children of the republic are sent for counseling and treatment until they reach adulthood.

mother and child clinic reviews

In the arsenal of the center:

  • latest and accurate equipment;
  • highly qualified specialists;
  • latest scientific achievements and developments;
  • progressive methods of diagnosis and therapy.

The combination of these factors ensures a constant influx of patients into the "Mother and Child".Tourists from Minsk are invited to the RNTSP for medical tourists.

Treatment of infertility in the center "Mother and Child"

Advances in the treatment of infertility and the study of the causes of reproductive dysfunction - an occasion for pride RNTSP "Mother and Child".From all over the country, they desperate for their "miracle" desperate from unsuccessful attempts to conceive a baby.

In 2006, conditions for the treatment of infertility with the use of assisted reproductive technologies were organized. For 9 years, the efforts of this department brought to the light almost 2 thousand children.

In 2015, the RNCR took another step into the future, introducing the newest methods of research and combating infertility in both women and men. An expanded study of the problem allows an increasing number of people to feel the joy of motherhood and paternity.

center mother and child Minsk

In one year, with the help of IVF, 456 women were finally able to become pregnant( a total of 1128 cycles), and 436 artificial inseminations( 17.7% of which were successful ones).

Staff of the Russian and Russian Mother and Child

The Mother and Child Center in Minsk employs 1.2 thousand people. This number includes both scientific and medical personnel.

The professionalism of the center's employees is difficult to challenge. Oksana Svirskaya, anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the RNTSP, won the nomination "The Best Pediatrician", the title of "The best obstetrician-gynecologist" for the head of the gynecological department Ivan Bobrik.

center mother and child Minsk

Childbirth at RNTSP "Mother and Child"( Minsk)

On the idea in "Mother and Child" is assisted:

  • in pregnancy with complications;
  • in case of high risk of premature delivery;
  • with Rh-conflict in mother and baby;
  • with episodes of miscarriage in anamnesis;
  • for various pathological conditions;
  • for other problems occurring during the waiting period of the child.

The professionalism of the staff of the RNCR was demonstrated more than once in really difficult situations. For this reason, many women with a normally passing pregnancy want to get into "Mother and Child"( Minsk).The prices for signing a contract for paid obstetrics are not sky-high( 238.31 Belarusian rubles for individual management for citizens of the republic, 738.21 Belarusian rubles for foreigners), but places for everyone may not be enough.

Plusses of the conclusion of the contract on paid deliveries in RSCE «Mother and the child»

The bonus to confidence in the skills and reliability of doctors becomes:

  • accommodation with convenience in 1-3-seat wards;
  • subsequent cohabitation with the baby;
  • high availability of equipment and medicines;
  • is one of the best neonatological departments in the city.

"Mother and Child" is a clinic, which is promised to give birth in a calm environment with attentive and patient staff, as well as quality follow-up care and follow-up.

Neonatology department at RDTSP

In the "Mother and Child", highly skilled neonatologists daily rescue infants with extremely low body weight( 500-1000 g).For this purpose, a whole department for preterm babies for 60 places with all the necessary conditions( incubators, devices for medication and ventilation) is working. If a newborn has been born in another maternity hospital before the term or with complex pathologies, it is sent to the RSPM "Mother and Child"( Minsk).

mother and child prices in Minsk

Also in the center one of the best resuscitation departments for the smallest( 30 seats) is functioning. Annually about 4000 babies appear in the RSCE, in many cases only thanks to the efforts of the professional scientific and medical staff of the Mother and Child Center.