Sanatorium "Zaklyazmen": affordable rest and quality treatment

Vladimir region is famous for its picturesque places and a variety of natural beauties. It is here, just 165 km from Moscow, is the sanatorium "Zaklyazmensky".This is a modern health resort with an extensive medical base and developed infrastructure.

"Zaklyazmen": general description

Sanctuary of Zakryazmen The health resort is located in the Vladimir region, on the banks of the Klyazma River. The sanatorium is comfortably located in the shadow of a pine forest. In this area there are no industrial enterprises and large roads. And this means that vacationers can always enjoy fresh air and silence. Not all sanatoriums in the Vladimir region are able to boast of unique natural curative factors. In this region there are own mineral springs, the water from which can be consumed inside, and also used for medical baths and other procedures. Rest in a modern sanatorium will not only improve your health, but also get a lot of positive emotions and new impressions. Guests are offered a variety of leisure activities. What is especially pleasant, the sanatorium "Zaklyazmensky" works all year round and hosts guests with children.

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Treatment profiles in the sanatorium

Sanatoriums of the Vladimir region The main medical profiles of the health resort are treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. In addition, patients with diseases of the nervous system, respiratory organs and ENT organs, skin can improve their health in the sanatorium. Sanatorium "Zaklyazmen" offers general health programs, as well as rest without treatment. In the health resort, patients can consult with specialists, as well as undergo a diagnostic examination. In the sanatorium staff there are such doctors as cardiologist, allergist, ENT, nutritionist, neurologist, surgeon, psychotherapist, dentist, endocrinologist, traumatologist. The sanatorium has the most modern equipment and has its own laboratory. Patients are offered a variety of therapy options: manual and hardware massage, water procedures, electrophoresis, mud therapy, magnetotherapy, sports lessons with an instructor. The health center pleases its guests with programs of body cleansing and spa-procedures.

Accommodation and infrastructure

The guests of the sanatorium are housed in a residential five-story building. The number of rooms in the resort includes luxury and junior suites( two-room and one-room respectively).All apartments are decorated with modern art nouveau furnishings. Each room has the necessary furniture and appliances for comfortable living. For guests with children, special rooms with children's sleeping places are allocated. The cost of the tour already includes four meals a day. It is possible to organize a therapeutic dietary diet according to the custom menu principle. Sanatorium "Zaklyazmen" is an ideal place for rest and taking care of your own health! In the health resort there is a gym, a sauna, outdoor sports grounds, a cosmetology room.

Organization of leisure and entertainment for guests

Sanatorium zaglyazmenskyy vladimir Rest with treatment will not be boring. In the health resort there is a banquet hall, as well as a concert hall and a dance hall. Here you can celebrate a personal celebration, organize an exit registration of marriage or a corporate banquet. In the evenings discotheques, concerts and other events are held in the sanatorium. Guests who come to a health resort from other regions are offered one-day excursions to the most interesting sights of the city of Vladimir and the Vladimir region. The sanatorium is in a picturesque place, many travelers like to stroll through its territory and around. A year round rental of tourist and sports equipment. During the rest in the health resort you can visit the library with a reading room. A lot of entertainment is offered for families, having a rest with children. Sanatorium "Zaklyazmensky"( Vladimir) takes children from 3 years of age to rest. On the territory of the health resort there are playgrounds, as well as a games room. On holidays, themed entertainment events are held.

Prices for rest and treatment

Sanatoriums with treatment of the price How much does a useful vacation in the Vladimir region? Often, resorts with treatment prices are unreasonably inflated. But only not "Zaklyazmen", one day of living for an adult guest here are from 2400 rubles. Accommodation in apartments of the highest category of comfort will cost 4500 rubles per day. The cost of the tour includes treatment and four meals a day. What is especially pleasant, during the holidays and national holidays the prices of the sanatorium do not change. Book your favorite rooms in advance.

Where is the sanatorium "Zaklyazmensky" located?

Rest with treatment The health resort is 5 kilometers from the city of Vladimir and 165 kilometers from Moscow. The exact address of the sanatorium: Vladimir Region, the city of Vladimir, Sudogodskoye Highway, 69. It is not difficult to get to the health resort. From the city center it is necessary to go along the Sudogodskoye highway towards Murom and Gus-Khrustalnogo. The movement should continue until the turn to the tourist base "Ladoga", and then after 200 meters you should turn to the right. Very soon you will see the entrance gate to the territory of the sanatorium. Many sanatoriums of the Vladimir region have a good reputation and positive reviews. But if you want to have a good rest and improve your health at an affordable price, be sure to visit Zaklyazmensky.