Modern "Diagnostics-2000": medical center, Ekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg, a network of health facilities is developed. State and municipal hospitals, polyclinics, outpatient clinics, medical research institutions and private centers of this city are known not only in the Urals, they are known beyond its borders.

"Diagnostics-2000": medical center, Yekaterinburg

Seventeen years of successful work is an excellent indicator for any institution, especially in the field of health care. In 2000, the Yekaterinburg Medical Center "Diagnostika-2000" began to receive its visitors. Belinsky, 61 - his address, which is familiar to many citizens and residents of the Sverdlovsk region. diagnostics 2000 medical center екатеринбург

It is convenient to get to the medical center by bus or trolley, a fixed-route taxi, the stops of which are located within walking distance of it, and, of course, by car. The institution has its own website. It is possible to make an appointment with a doctor in advance. You can do this by phone or by filling out a form on the website of the medical center.

Medical Center "Diagnostics-2000"( Yekaterinburg), in spite of the great competition in the field of providing medical services in the city, is chosen daily by many patients who come here in order to obtain qualified medical diagnostics and help from medical specialists.

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Consultations of specialists-specialists of the Diagnostics-2000 center

Presence of a scientific degree and a high qualification category, a large experience of medical practice are those distinctive features that physicians of narrow specialties working in the center possess."Diagnostics-2000" is a medical center( Ekaterinburg), which offers clients consultations on the treatment of a number of diseases.

If you suspect a disease or to confirm a diagnosis made in another health care institution, and also to undergo a planned examination at the center, you can consult or be examined by a therapist, cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, allergist-immunologist. Accept patients for consultation ophthalmologists. Doctors-gynecologists lead women, accompany their pregnancy and lead throughout the postpartum period.

Diagnostic-2000 laboratory services

Traditionally high-quality services are offered by the center in a clinical diagnostic laboratory. Diagnostics-2000, the medical center( Ekaterinburg), thanks to the use of modern equipment and reagents, is able to conduct daily medical laboratory tests, to obtain their reliable results necessary for the appointment of further treatment with the doctors of the center or other health facilities.

The achievement of good results in the work of this structural unit of the center is facilitated by the provision of personnel - doctors with a "Laboratory Diagnostics" certificate work here, which confirms their high qualification. The existing system of work of the laboratory, constant monitoring of the quality of the analyzes, the use of modern equipment, automatic analyzers, new technologies and computer programs distinguish the work of the laboratory. The safety of patients here is guaranteed and the technologies used for blood sampling are disposable vacuum systems that allow the analysis to be carried out quickly and practically painlessly. diagnostics 2000 екатеринбург

The possibilities of ultrasound and functional diagnostics in the "Diagnostics-2000" center

A lot of information about your health patients can be obtained with the help of ultrasound diagnostics."Diagnostics-2000" is a medical center( Ekaterinburg), which has reliable ultrasound devices for it. Experienced doctors use ultrasound to examine internal organs, the genitourinary system of women and men, determine the state of blood vessels, soft tissues, changes in lymph nodes. diagnostics 2000 екатеринбург reviews

In the center there is a department dealing with functional diagnostics. Specialists of the department conduct electrocardiography( ECG).The method of daily ECG registration, called "Holter ECG monitoring", is used. Demand from visitors to the medical center and other methods of diagnosis, such as diurnal changes in blood pressure. diagnosis of 2000 Belinsky 61

Medical Center "Diagnostics-2000", Ekaterinburg: patients' reviews

Reviews of people who visited this medical institution in Yekaterinburg, show that the services here are of high quality. Many people choose it because of the high qualification of doctors who put reliable diagnoses and prescribe effective treatment of diseases. Patients, becoming regular clients of the center, recommend it to their friends. A negative moment in the work of the center is the difficulty with parking the car near the building of the medical center.