City children's polyclinic № 57 of the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg: description, schedule, specialists and reviews

Many residents of St. Petersburg are interested in children's polyclinic № 57 in the Kirovsky district. What kind of organization is this? What services does it offer? What kind of doctors are there? Are patients satisfied with this clinic visit? To understand all this will help many reviews. Do not be surprised that in some areas, parents' opinions differ. Everyone has his own view of what is happening. And therefore, you should not rush to conclusions about the integrity of the organization only on several negative or positive opinions. What should be paid attention to the population? children


Children's polyclinic № 57 of the Kirov district of St. Petersburg is a state medical institution. It is designed to serve children in the medical field. The organization offers all standard services of a polyclinic. Here you can go to the doctor's office and take tests or have an ultrasound.

In general, it is not much different from most state polyclinics. It has many branches, in which there are consultative centers, and procedural offices. But some features of the clinic are still underlined. Which ones? What should parents pay attention to?


First you need to find out exactly where the polyclinic is located. After all, state medical institutions examine patients by district. People from other parts of the city, if they do not stand on the record in the clinic, must take care of the recording in advance. On some receptions give out special coupons.

City children's polyclinic № 57 of the Kirov district is located in St. Petersburg. It is not hard to guess, in the Kirov region. Nearby is the park of Alexandrino. The exact address of the organization: Veterans Avenue, house 89, building 4.

It is from these data that you can find a polyclinic. Nearby is also the metro station Prospekt Veteranov. In principle, it's easy to get to the institution.

Operating mode

And how does the organization work? When does the patient receive a children's polyclinic № 57 in the Kirovsky district? This question is also of interest to many parents. And to answer it definitely will not work. children

Why? The thing is that each specialist works on an individual schedule. It needs to be specified directly in the clinic. Each doctor has his own schedule.

But if we talk directly about the clinic, then we can say with confidence when the registry starts working. Children's polyclinic № 57 of the Kirovsky district is open for visitors 7 days a week.

From Monday to Friday you can contact it from 8 am to 8 pm. The organization itself is not closed for lunch, but there are breaks in the registry and doctors. This should be remembered.

But on weekends the work time is much less. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can contact the institution from 9:00 to 17:00.It is this schedule that the clinic adheres to. 57 polyclinic of the Kirov district children

As it was already said, the children's polyclinic № 57 of the Kirovsky district appoints the schedule of doctors individually. More precise information can be found in the organization's registry. Also in official all-Russian holidays it is necessary to specify the schedule of work of the polyclinic.


And by what numbers can I get through to the institution? Many parents point out that the telephone connection of the children's polyclinic № 57 in the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg leaves much to be desired. To get through to the registry is very problematic, and at any time.

It is proposed to use telephones:

  • 8( 812) 755-27-79;
  • 8( 812) 759-99-00;
  • 8( 812) 750-82-51.

It is these 57 polyclinics of the Kirov district( children's) phones have. And the first combination is a reference. You can say the registry. The second phone is used to call the doctor at home. Very comfortably. The last issue is the children's emergency room in the Kirovsky district. The polyclinic in question has its own ambulance. And to communicate with her there is a separate number. 57 polyclinic of the Kirov district children

Specialists What kind of doctors work in the clinic? There are a lot of specialists. But they are all the same to the same doctors who work in any state polyclinic. Accordingly, among medical professionals you can find expert experts in the following fields of medicine:

  • pediatrics;
  • Neurology;
  • surgery;
  • allergology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • otorhinolaryngology;
  • physiotherapy;
  • gastroenterology;
  • endocrinology;
  • exercise therapy;
  • dermatology;
  • gynecology;
  • Urology;
  • infectious diseases.

In the clinic there are treatment rooms, as well as X-rays. Also, children's polyclinic № 57 of the Kirov district offers vaccination services for children. It turns out that any problem can be addressed here. And then the pediatrician or other narrow specialist will refer to this or that treatment.


Now a little about what impressions the polyclinic produces on the population. In fact, the institution expresses a lot of negativity. He should not be surprised. The situation is similar with almost any state hospital. But what are the nuances recommended to pay attention to? children

The atmosphere, as the visitors say, is tolerable. To the level of a private clinic the city children's polyclinic № 57 of the Kirovsky district does not hold out. But it does not cause direct disgust. The usual situation of a city budgetary institution. Cosmetic repair is, it looks more or less neat and clean. There is no special coziness, but this is again not a private clinic, where everything is done for the convenience of visitors.

Recording to the doctor

A lot of negativity is expressed as to how the recording takes place to the doctors. Parents note that to pediatricians there are constant queues. It takes turn to borrow in advance. And wait for a few hours. And not the fact that it will be possible to pass on reception to the expert. Then it will be necessary to repeat the process the next day again.

Specialists are receiving a coupon for coupons. They are issued only in the morning. To get a coupon for an appointment is also very difficult. Many complain about long queues and the impossibility of a normal visit to doctors. It's not necessary to be surprised by all this - in a similar way things are in most state hospitals. Nothing surprising. It is enough to be prepared for the fact that in the clinic you will have to persevere to write to a specialist.

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About doctors and staff

Quite often the children's polyclinic № 57 in the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg receives feedback on the work of specialists and junior staff. The thing is that many remain dissatisfied with the services provided. Underline:

  • unfriendly attitude towards patients;
  • fast and poor-quality inspection;
  • neglected by doctors and nurses.

Some also note that cards in the registry are constantly lost. And to find them is very problematic. However, the stated negative does not apply to all doctors. For example, many specialists are pleased with the fact that he works in an institution called 57 polyclinic in the Kirov District( nursery), a dermatologist. And some district pediatricians receive only positive feedback. Specialists who are often characterized in a positive way - Osadchaya EA, Petrova TA, Klevtsova G., Mikhailova AI

Complaining of specialists, many forget that the flow of visitors is constant. We need to examine everyone. And doctors work in such conditions that it is difficult to satisfy all patients and their parents. Long surveyed - badly, quickly inspected - also bad. It is difficult to please modern people.

Results of

Children's polyclinic № 57 of the Kirov district is a regular state children's hospital that serves children free of charge. She, as already mentioned, is not much different from the rest of the polyclinics in the city. All the same complaints, shortage of doctors and queue. children

Nevertheless, you can meet here with very good specialists. And if you make a recording in advance, there will be no problems with visiting the doctor. To be frightened of a numerous negative, shown to the organization, it is not necessary. It is better to come and assess the situation on your own.