"Ozery", a sanatorium in the Moscow region: reviews about treatment

To enjoy the beauty of nature, breathe the fresh air, listen to the noise of trees and the sound of river waves, it is not necessary to fly an air ticket and fly to the far southern resorts. After all, places that are very close to the capital and where you can perfectly relax, also have their own charm. One of them is the sanatorium "Ozyory".The Moscow region is famous for many boarding houses and health resorts, the existence of which is not suspected by local residents, but in vain. Most of them offer no less comfortable rest than many famous and expensive resorts. Ozery sanatorium

"Ozery"( sanatorium): description of

This medical and preventive institution is remote from the center of the capital for one hundred and sixty kilometers. The beauty of the Ozersky district, where it is located, the stunning river Oka with the banks overgrown with deciduous and coniferous forests - all this creates that incredible idyll that is described in Russian fairy tales. People come here to spend the weekend, rested from the Moscow bustle. The picturesque Oka is tempting both for fishermen and for those who like to swim and sunbathe.

That's why in recent years the popularity of the Ozery's treatment and prophylactic institution has increased so much among the residents of the capital. Sanatorium has a very extensive territory, completely consisting of mixed forest masiv. On the nine and a half hectares in the greenery of the trees the buildings of the health resort are hidden.

"Ozyory" is a sanatorium that perfectly fits into the surrounding natural landscape of this part of the Oka coast. People come here to relax with their families and children, to improve their health or to get better. Amazing curative air created by coniferous trees, silence - all this contributes to the restoration of vitality. Sanatorium Ozyory Moscow region

Getting there

To come to the sanatorium "Ozyory" in Ozerah, which is the name of the town in which it is located, it is possible both by public transport and by private car. In the first case, you should take the train to Paveletsky station, get off at Stupino station, and then change to bus number 58 or taxi. The final destination is "Ozyory".Sanatorium from Moscow is a hundred and sixty kilometers distant. By car you can reach Kashirskoye highway up to Stupino, leaving the city for twenty kilometers to the city of Ozery, following the signs you need to get to the village of Tarbushevo.


"Ozery" is a sanatorium that accepts for treatment and rest not only adults, but also parents with children over three years old. Here, visitors come through diagnostics, take many procedures, drink water from the cleanest mineral pump-room, and do exercise therapy. But most importantly, here people simply enjoy pure healing air and just relax in the bosom of almost virgin nature. The main medical profiles of the sanatorium are diseases of the nervous, musculoskeletal and circulatory system. Specific contraindications are not here: they are common for any spa treatment. Sanatorium Ozyory in Ozerah

List of medical services

The list of directions for which "Ozery"( sanatorium) operates, is quite extensive. Here, patients can undergo a course of apparatus physiotherapy, including galvanization, interference, sinusoidal modulated, diadynamic currents, muscle electrical stimulation, ultrasound, electrophoresis using drugs, darsonvalization local, decimeter wave, microwave, UHF, EHF, magneto, laser therapy.

Balneological procedures - mineral iodide-bromine baths, circular and Charcot's douche, underwater massage, judging by the opinions of the patients, have become one more reason to come to the sanatorium "Ozyory".Treatment with healing mud is also included in the list of health-improving services provided in this preventive institution. By appointment, patients can also receive a course of heat therapy, in particular paraffin applications.

In addition to the main list of health-improving services, there are inhalation sessions using various medicinal herbs, naturo- and phytotherapy, as well as a system of psychological recovery through music therapy.

Additional treatments for

In addition to the main areas of the "Ozyory"( sanatorium), it also offers dietotherapy, massage procedures, including vibromassage, and dry stretching, climatotherapy and exercise therapy. Sanatorium Ozyory reviews

Housing Fund

This therapeutic preventive institution is open all year round. Holidaymakers can be located in three or five-story buildings, which are interconnected by warm transitions.

In one-room double and triple rooms of the category standard there is all the necessary furniture, bathrooms, combined with a shower, TV set on each floor. Additional places in them are not provided. All rooms have balconies in front of them.

In wooden two-storey cottages, designed for fourteen people, there are two bathrooms.


In the evenings discotheques are organized in the sanatorium. For those who lead an active lifestyle, a sauna with a font is provided on its territory. There is also a cinema hall, a ski and sled rental service for the winter season, a gym, a volleyball court. Those who like can play table tennis, borrow books from the library, practice simulators, rent a table for billiards. On the territory of the sanatorium there is also a parking lot, a bar and a grocery store. In the summer months, you can sunbathe and swim on the equipped beach on the banks of the Oka. Sanatorium Ozyory Moscow region reviews


The cost of staying at the sanatorium "Ozyory" in the Moscow region includes accommodation, treatment and meals. The price for the winter season in the first building is three thousand rubles a day in a single room and 2500 in a double room. A little more expensive is the cost of living in high season - from April to the end of October. For one person for living in a single room will have to pay 3600 rubles per day and 3000 - in a 2-room double.

Meals are provided three times a day. If you want, you can order dishes from the menu.

Additional information

Every citizen of the Russian Federation, insured by the CHI system, has the right to free rehabilitative treatment at the "Ozory" dispensary for neurological and therapeutic profiles. For this it is required to obtain a referral( according to the model) from the corresponding medical institution - from a polyclinic, a hospital, etc. It is issued by the attending physician at the place of registration. Those patients who were hospitalized need to receive not only a referral, but also an epicrisis for presentation to the sanatorium "Ozery" after hospital treatment. The feedback of those who have already undergone a recovery course here testify to the fact that the registration and processing of documents are carried out quickly and without delay. In addition to the above documents, the arriving person must carry with him / her analyzes. They should be on separate forms from medical institutions and with distinct seals. The compulsory health insurance policy and passport must also be submitted when registering at the health facility. Sanatorium Ozyory treatment

Sanatorium "Ozery"( Moscow region): reviews

The vast majority of patients were satisfied with the work of medical staff. The buildings are always clean. Meals also did not cause any criticism. As for the location of the sanatorium, here the opinions are the same: the fresh air and the river Oka make you forget about the bustle and city noise. Some reviews express the desire to see the new furniture on the next visit.