Apparatus "Oberon": diagnostics, reviews

Oberon is a computer diagnostic device, with which you can get the most reliable result. This device has many automated functions, among which preparation of epicrisis and selection of treatment, as well as comparison of the results of several surveys conducted at different times. It is noteworthy that the diagnostics carried out on the Oberon apparatus take very little time.

Innovative methodology of

The employees of the Omsk Institute of Applied Psychophysics have created a truly revolutionary computer system. This diagnostic equipment, which has no analogues. It allows you to track all stages of the transition from the health of the body to his illness. In this analysis, wave characteristics of tissues, as well as individual cells and even chromosomes, are subject to analysis.

Oberon Diagnostics The system of nonlinear diagnostics is referred to the most advanced medical technologies. This is an amazing and promising equipment that produces a spectral analysis of the vortex magnetic fields available in living organisms.

NLS, or non-linear analysis systems

What is the basis for the innovative technique used by the device for functional diagnostics "Oberon"?With the help of NLS, you can get the most complete information about human health, starting with the rudimentary stages of any pathology, including cancer. All this can not be done using other methods of research, for example, X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography, etc. All the methods known to us reveal an already formed disease.

To such systems of non-linear analysis is the device "Oberon".Diagnosis, conducted with the help of this device, belongs to the sphere of the most progressive and popular innovations of modern science.

With the use of nonlinear analysis systems, it becomes possible to collect the most detailed information on the state of the human body, as well as on rudimentary symptoms of various pathologies.

The device by which bioresonance diagnostics is carried out, "Oberon", is the only one of its kind hardware-portable complex. His work is based on the research of magnetic fields of a living organism, which makes it possible to record any state of health based on the difference in the biofield parameters.

Principle of operation of

When computer diagnostics of an organism is carried out, "Oberon" intensifies the radiation of the organ that is to be analyzed. At the same time, fixation of the obtained indicators is made using non-contact methods. For this purpose, the device has special sensors.

apparatus oboron diagnosis What is the principle of the Oberon device? Diagnosis with the help of this device is possible due to the fact that any cell of our body and any organ have their own, inherent only to them special fluctuations. They are then fixed in the computer, and then displayed on the monitor screen as a graph or chart. And if in a living body there are those or other changes? They are also depicted by means of a graph, which is characteristic only for this process.

In memory of the device, developers have introduced a large number of pathological phenomena that take into account gender, age and other characteristics. How does the Oberon apparatus diagnose the body? The device fixes frequency data of magnetic radiation and compares them with samples of characteristics of healthy, damaged tissues, harmful microorganisms, etc. After this, a pathological phenomenon similar to the standard is calculated. Then it is deciphered and displayed on the monitor in the form of a digital image of the organ.

The capabilities of the

device With the help of the device "Oberon", the principle of which is based on biolocation with a high probability, the following is achieved:

- the pathologies at the origin stage are calculated;
- individual therapy programs are provided.

The diagnostics carried out on the Oberon apparatus is carried out in three stages. On the first of them the initial data are obtained. The second stage is necessary for processing the information received and determining the ailment. At the last stage of the diagnosis the device develops a course of treatment, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Carrying out the procedure

What is computer diagnostics( "Oberon")?The patients' testimonies indicate that this procedure is not complicated. It takes only a quarter of an hour. All necessary indications are removed using headphones.

The patient is offered to view colorful pictures, and for listening - special sounds. These signals excite the necessary brain centers. But this is not the end of the process carried out by the Oberon apparatus( diagnostics).The feedback from specialists suggests that the processing of the information obtained and pathologies are followed. At this stage of the study, the standard of energy impulses inherent in a healthy person is compared with the resulting picture. As a result, a conclusion is issued. It is a graphic drawing on which you can "view" one or another part of the body, as well as see the relationship between systems united by one pathology.

The doctors' reviews of the Oberon apparatus deserve positive feedback. The device allows the specialist to observe a disease that has not yet manifested itself. In this phase of the disease, you can get rid of much easier and prevent its progression.

apparatus for functional diagnostics of anarch The third stage of the procedure is the selection of treatment. It is also carried out using a computer system. The program analyzes the data obtained at the second stage of the diagnosis, and combines this information with information about various drugs. As a result, after the procedure the patient gets not only a description of all the failures in the body, but also a description of the complete therapeutic course, as well as the methods of taking medications. And all this makes it possible to make the diagnostics conducted on the Oberon apparatus. The opinions of specialists confirm that such a study is not available to other methods available to the physician.

Drug testing

The diagnostics carried out with the help of the Oberon apparatus are truly unique. In addition to the existing pathologies in the body, it makes it possible to carry out drug testing. The non-linear analysis system is equipped with a unique capability that facilitates the recording of frequency fluctuations of any of the existing drugs. This compares the spectral characteristics of the already existing drugs in the computer memory and those characteristics that the pathological process has. This allows us to determine the most effective medication.

Scope of application

What is the purpose of Oberon? Diagnosis on this device allows you to determine the operability of each of the systems of the human body. In addition, the use of the drug becomes necessary for the implementation of therapeutic influence and constant monitoring of the course of the prescribed treatment.

The main purpose of the device "Oberon" is concluded in the implementation of nonlinear digital analysis, as well as in predicting the further behavior of the systems to be investigated. With the help of this device, the conditions necessary for the stable existence of a material object, which can have not only a biological, but also a chemical, as well as a mechanical nature, are calculated.

The performed diagnostics of the organism on the device "Oberon" is able to calculate:

- the degree of brain damage that occurs after trauma in those patients who have lost consciousness;
- initial inversion in an organism infected with HIV.

Computer diagnostics "Oberon" fixes an early tumor and multiple sclerosis, if pathology data can not be determined by any other method.

Solution of one of the most common problems of

What can be done for diagnostics on the Oberon device? The doctors' comments indicate that very often the patients turn to them for migraines. In this case, not only patients, but also specialists themselves often do not focus attention on the treatment of such a condition. Especially it happens when the attacks of migraine pain last for a short time, and pass after taking the drug. That is why people complain to such polyclinics only when they are not helped even by powerful drugs, and seizures are observed for a long period.

Oberon Diagnostics Testimonials Migraines cause considerable discomfort. These pains sometimes localize in this or that part of the head, and sometimes capture its significant areas. These unpleasant sensations can have different character and strength. The causes of migraine can be many. This is a sudden jump in blood pressure, and significant nerve congestion. This list is quite large, which makes it difficult to find out the true causes of the ailment. In addition, not always known methods( pressure measurement, ultrasound, brain tomography, etc.) give a clear picture of pathology. To find out the origins of migraine, you should consult a specialist who carries out diagnostics on the Oberon apparatus. In this case, the patient will be explained the specific cause of his headache and gives recommendations for taking medications.

Examination of pregnant women and children

Women in the waiting period of the baby should carefully monitor their health. It is important to identify the root cause of the pathology at the earliest stage of its appearance. All this will make the device "Oberon".It is completely safe for expectant mothers and is not capable of harming the fetus.

The use of an innovative device for diagnosing children is especially valuable in the field of parasite detection. The device does this with such precision that it is simply not available to traditional methods. Almost all children suffer from certain parasites. Of course, this is very unpleasant for parents and undermines the health of the baby. However, an analysis of feces to identify eggs of the worm is not enough. It is impossible to get a reliable result in carrying out this research, any parent knows today. And these uninvited guests in the still not strengthened body of the baby raise the allergen, causing endless colds, reducing immunity and forcing the child to become capricious. According to recent studies, it is the parasites that cause many diseases, not to mention the fact that they do not give the body all the nutrients it needs.

With the help of the device "Oberon" you can get a blood test of a child without any stress. After all, all information will be collected from the cortex for a short time. This will allow to easily identify the presence of parasites and take effective measures to eliminate them.

Counterfeits of

It should be borne in mind that among the diagnostic instruments there is a certain degree of falsification. After all, the method of conducting research using nonlinear analysis systems is gaining increasing popularity. As a result of increased demand, counterfeit analogues appear. One of the victims of this process was, unfortunately, the device "Oberon".That is why patients' reviews about him are very contradictory.

The fact is that the equipment market provides only 20% of really original devices. And manufacturers of analogues often do not even try to make their device in full accordance with the real "Oberon".Such activities bring tremendous profits. After all, pseudo-devices are manufactured with lower costs, and the price for them corresponds to the cost of the original. Sometimes the purchased device instead of complex microcircuits is filled with primitive spare parts, which stood in Chinese toys. The installation of such parts allows you to get an external effect, in which the lights burn and sounds are produced. Based on this, the buyer concludes that the device is really working.

computer-assisted diagnostics reviews The pre-programmed image shows a similar device when performing diagnostics. However, it does not at all correspond to those processes that occur in the human body.

That's why you should know how to distinguish a fake from the original. In order to make sure that the device really takes data from your body, it's enough to just take off the headphones. This will stop the submission of information. This device "Oberon" will stop showing the picture.

Advantages of bioresonance diagnostics

A patient who comes to see a doctor in a clinic will be offered to take tests, have ultrasound, an X-ray and other examinations. But even in this case the diagnosis can be wrong.

apparatus oboron diagnosis reviews Carrying out the diagnostics with the help of the device "Oberon" allows you to learn about the health of a person much more than all the appointments in the polyclinic surveys. In addition, doctors often treat symptoms without knowing the true causes of a disease. All these issues are solved with the help of diagnostics conducted on the Oberon apparatus. Only with such a study can you solve the problem even before it makes itself felt.

The advantages of the device of Omsk scientists are concluded in its safety. It does not harm either the patient or the attendants. Man is comfortable from the fact that it does not shine through and does not irradiate. In addition, such a study does not require any preliminary preparation in the form of compliance with the diet.

The positive side of the device is the lack of the need for swallowing anything, for example, a probe, which, incidentally, is unsafe and very harmful. The patient during the examination does not smear and does not place anywhere. This is also a positive side of this diagnosis. The only restriction that a patient must comply with is the prohibition of drinking coffee, antibiotics and alcohol two hours before coming to the doctor. The fact is that the substances entered into the body are capable of drowning out the existing problem.

International recognition

To date, the device "Oberon" has perfectly proven itself for the diagnosis. It is not for nothing that Russian producers supply it to buyers of foreign countries. The device is purchased by countries such as Korea and Japan, Britain and Germany. And this is despite the fact that in these countries the sphere of electronics and medicine is well developed.

The Oberon device is recognized in such countries as Greece and France, Italy and Israel, Hungary and the Czech Republic. And this is not accidental, because the diagnostics performed with this device are leading in comfort for patients, as well as the absence of not only side effects, but also unpleasant sensations and dangerous radiations. This technique can be used for patients of different sexes, ages, and having a different state of the body.

oboron diagnosis reviews of doctors It is interesting that the device "Oberon" until 1996 was classified. It was used only for surveys of politicians and cosmonauts. And only with the advent of reorganization the device has got on the consumer market.

Currently there are eleven modifications of the device. And with each new model, manufacturers are more and more improving their device. In the market there are a number of devices created in the likeness of "Oberon".However, the innovative product of Omsk scientists is the best of them.