Why a man groans in a dream: possible reasons

Why does a person groan in a dream? With according to medical terminology, this phenomenon is called cataphrenia. This word has an ancient Greek origin, and it consists of two meanings. Kata( cata), according to the translation from Greek, means "below", and friction( phrenia) is "wailing".That is, according to the ancient definition, people who make groans during sleep, for a long time called "lower wailing."Why does a man moan, when he sleeps, and what to do? With this we will try to figure it out.

Undesirable symptoms associated with moaning in sleep

Physicians admit this problem, they tend to consider the person's moaning in a dream an undesirable phenomenon. A similar condition is classified as parasomnia. Therefore, it is desirable to get rid of it if possible, but it in itself does not pose a risk to human life.

Frequent groans in a dream have a very negative impact on both the psychological and physical health of this or that person, as well as those around her. For example, close people can be annoyed by the frequent groans of a sleeping person. At the same time they can suffer from insomnia, have a constant feeling of irritation and fatigue.

What exactly makes a groan and what are its features

Why does a man groan in a dream? During sleep, a person, letting the air into himself very deeply, is inclined to hold his breath for a certain time. Then exhaled, which is often accompanied by a very unpleasant groan.

The periodicity of the publication of such a groan from a sleeping person can be as short as an instant. According to the general trend, more prolonged is the cataphrenia during the second part of the night period. This fact is due to the fact that the paradoxical phase of the dreams closer to the morning becomes longer.

If one who is inclined to cataphoresis changes his own body during rest, moans for a certain period may stop, but not for long.

Groaning in a dream affects more men: they have this phenomenon is found in 3 times more often than in women. In general, it begins to develop at the age of 18-20 years.

why at night a man groans in a dream

What are groans, their symptoms and characteristics

Groans can be published completely different, and the person who involuntarily reproduces them, can not even guess about such a problem. Among the symptoms indicating its presence, distinguish such as:

  1. dryness in the throat;
  2. pain in the nasogoron system;
  3. complaints from surrounding people.

If these factors converge, you should take this problem into account and take action to eliminate it

Among the main types of sounds from the cataphores, there are unpleasant and rather loud moans that look like howling, screeching or mooing.

The main features that distinguish catapults from other phenomena

The cataphoresis is different from many phenomena that can occur with a person during his sleep. For example, from snoring it is different in that sounds are issued directly with the exhalation of air. During the same snoring, everything happens exactly the opposite.

Sleep apnea differs from cataphernalia in that breathing in this process stops after exhalation.

why does a man groan during sleep

The causes of sleep moaning

In order to combat such a disease, it is worth trying to identify the true causes that provoke its formation. Why does a man sleep in the night ? In order to know this, you can contact your doctor who can easily put the right diagnosis and give advice on treatment from catapening.

There are a number of assumptions, , why a person groans during sleep .Physicians set such basic reasons:

  1. Problem with upper respiratory tract, blockage or constriction.
  2. Damaged structure in the brain that controls breathing.
  3. Closing of the vocal cords during the paradoxical stage of sleep, which can provoke overcoming resistance.
  4. Hereditary origin. Most of those who suffer from cataphoresis have relatives in their family who are also concerned about sleep disorders. It can be sleepwalking, bruxism, nightmares.
  5. Extraction of teeth with their crowding, various orthodontic problems.
  6. Undeveloped in medical norm jaw.
  7. High susceptibility to nervous tension, stress and stress.
  8. Mental and physical exhaustion.

Fans of alcohol should also refrain from excessive use, especially at bedtime. If a person drank a strong alcoholic beverage just before a night's rest, he would also be prone to catapult.

Therefore, the norm in this situation is the drinking of spirits not later than 4 hours before the onset of deep sleep.

Smokers should also be careful about their own health. After all, with constant inhalation of tobacco smoke in a person puts himself at risk of congestion of mucus in his respiratory tract. As a result, the body has to make some effort to push the air inside. And this all leads to noise moaning.

Sometimes even a nap on the back contributes to the fact that the back of a person's tongue sinks, which entails blockage of a large part of the hole through which air passes. Therefore, it is during sleep that you get unpleasant sounds in the form of groans.

causes of moaning in a dream

Diagnosis of a doctor

If there is a problem with sleep, a person groans, whines in a dream, you need to urgently turn to a specialist. Doctors, in order to establish the cause of the described disease at a professional level, carefully conduct research and interview their patients. Among the main questions that medical professionals often ask all those who decided to use their service, there may be such:

  • what frequency of moans and their duration;
  • how often nightmares are tormented;
  • is there a pathology in the family environment;
  • how often alcohol or drugs are used before bed.

It is also very important to show the specialist a diary in which records were kept regarding the peculiarities of the night moaning. It can be conducted thanks to relatives. After all, they are able to clearly describe the behavior of a person suffering from this illness during the rest.

why a man moans when he sleeps and what to do

Which specialists are best to contact

What if you moan in a dream? To what doctor will apply? You need to visit a somnologist. He can study the details of sleep in detail, as a result of which it is possible to determine whether the connections have nocturnal groaning with other disturbances in this area.

The otorhinolaryngologist conducts a detailed examination of the ENT organs in order to identify the organic cause that led to the formation of catapneumy.

The psychotherapist can, if necessary, eliminate any problems related to the psyche.

what to do if you moan in a dream

What kind of research is carried out with the catapening of

? In the presence of this problem, in order to establish the true causes of its occurrence, there is often no need for instrumental research. However, if the cataphoresis of a neglected form, the doctor can perform polysomnography. Thanks to it, the work of the heart, brain waves, respiratory rate during sleep is investigated. In addition, the movements of the arms and legs during the rest are analyzed and recorded. All this makes it possible to determine whether the cataphoresis is related to other diseases.

sleep problems man groans whine in a dream

Treatment for moaning during sleep

Why does a man groan in a dream? Possible reasons for you are already known. And how to treat? The exact method for the therapy of cataposition has not been developed, but certain recommendations can be given to eliminate or minimize it:

  • before going to bed, you should take a shower or a bath, wash your nose with warm water;
  • to carry out respiratory gymnastics proceeding from the generally accepted rules;
  • drink hot tea;
  • take a pose in the process of rest with an elevated headboard.

For all those who are near, you should also give advice to use earplugs during sleep, to sleep in other rooms, to change neatly the position of the person's body, which makes loud noises during the rest.

Of course, the problem itself, due to the presence of cataphores, is not dangerous and does not pose a great threat to human life and health. But still you need to find out why a person groans in a dream, because that ailment can be closely related to serious diseases. To panic in this situation it is not necessary, for today there are many ways, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate such ailments once and for all.