Freshly squeezed potato juice. Benefit and harm

Potato juice is a valuable natural remedy. It has a positive effect on the digestive system, relieves acute attacks with peptic ulcer. With a therapeutic purpose, it is preferable to use young red tubers. At the same time, freshly squeezed potato juice is consumed. Benefits and harms depend on the maturity of the vegetable. Do not use green mature potatoes for treatment because it can contain toxic substances.

Useful properties

Itself is not very tasty potato juice. Unfortunately, the benefits and tastes are not combined here. Therefore, it is better to mix Potato juice is good and bad with other vegetables. What good is this drink? Firstly, this vegetable itself is very nutritious and digested quite easily, so it is suitable for any age. It has a calming, spasmolytic, diuretic effect. Secondly, it helps with anemia. Potato juice is a "supplier" to the body of folic acid, iron, which are necessary for the full production of red blood cells. Thirdly, rheumatism, arthritis, inflammatory joint diseases will pass much faster, because the organic mineral salts that contain the vegetable are very useful. At the same time it is necessary to cook potato juice very carefully. The benefits and harms of his actions depend on how long the tubers were stored, because a dangerous substance - solanine - accumulates under the skin. Therefore it is necessary to clean the tubers well and use only the middle.

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How to cook potato juice?

Probably, each of us noticed how quickly the raw potatoes under the Potato juice of contraindication blackened by the air. Usually, ten minutes are enough for all useful elements to turn into useless ones. Therefore, it is best to use a juicer to get potato juice. Benefits and harm in this case depend, as we see, on the speed of its preparation. In addition, you can drink the drink only from July to February, in the remaining months it becomes unsuitable for ingestion all because of the same solanine.

Potato juice use Rules that help to more efficiently use potato juice

The benefits and harms of a drink depend on how accurately certain rules are observed. For example, before starting to consume it, it is worth keeping a vegetable diet for several days. And if possible, go to the raw food diet. Approximately three days in the evening is to do a cleansing enema. For this period, you will have to give up spicy, spicy, salty foods.

Potato juice: contraindications

If a person has a low acidity, a pronounced alkaline reaction, then it is better to abandon this method of treatment. Severe forms of diabetes are also contraindications. In addition, it is not recommended to abuse this juice, since its constant intake in large quantities can harm the pancreas.

In any case, before starting a course of treatment with potato juice, do not forget to consult your doctor.