Manifestation of thrush, ways of treatment, causes and prevention

Fungus, which causes the manifestation of thrush, belongs to the genus Candida, and all the diseases that it provokes in humans, it is customary to call candidiasis. But because of the characteristic cheesy white touch, the people quickly called them a milkmaid.

Causes of the disease

manifestation of thrush

The manifestation of thrush, as already mentioned above, is associated with the activity of fungi of the genus Candida. They refer to conditionally pathogenic microorganisms inhabiting the human body as a rule. If you make skin washings, mucous membranes and intestines, and then sow them on nutrient media, then you will be surprised how much mycelium will grow.

But all is well as long as immunity keeps all microorganisms in check and does not allow them to multiply. There are certain risk factors that trigger the manifestation of thrush. These include:

  • decreased immunity of any etiology;
  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes and decreased thyroid function;
  • infection with sexually transmitted diseases;
  • reception of antibiotics, cytostatics, steroids or oral contraceptives;
  • presence of a hotbed of chronic infection;
  • excessive hygiene of the genitals;
  • eating disorder in favor of carbohydrates.

Symptoms of thrush

thrush symptoms in women first signs

The described pathology can have a very different location. So, the following types of lesions are distinguished:

  • candidiasis of the oral mucosa;
  • cutaneous candidiasis;
  • urogenital manifestations;
  • visceral candidiasis;
  • generalized candidiasis with immunodeficiencies.

But on the external genitals the thrush most often develops. Symptoms in women( the first signs of this disease) are known to many, since the media in the desire to advertise medicines regularly remind them of the media.

Duration of the disease is as follows:

  1. Acute candidiasis, lasting up to two months.
  2. Recurrent candidiasis, if the physician registers more than four separate cases throughout the year.
  3. Chronic candidiasis, if the disease can not be cured within eight weeks.

Stages of the development of the disease

Candidiasis of the genitalia occurs in three stages:

  1. Colpitis. Manifestations are located exclusively in the vagina and on the external genitalia. It is characterized by cheesy discharge, itching, burning, unpleasant sensation during sexual intercourse and a nasty smell of fish.
  2. Vaginitis. Fungal infection is localized only in the vaginal mucosa. Morphologically, reddening of the tissues, a thick white coating is determined. Patients complain of burning and pain even from a simple touch while performing an examination or hygienic procedures.
  3. Priolocistitis. The thrush extends further up the urethra, to the bladder and kidneys. There are pains with urination, urine becomes turbid due to discharge. In the vagina appear deep ulcers, covered with a yellow dense coating. When you try to scrape it off, blood goes from the wound.

Thrush: symptoms in women, the first signs of

Unfortunately, many girls, girls and women face candidiasis of the genitals. And this does not indicate either their moral upbringing or the level of responsibility. Only about the state of immunity.

If you have ever seen the manifestation of thrush, then in the future you will not confuse it with any other disease. Candidiasis of the vagina manifests a few characteristic symptoms:

  1. First of all, this is the presence of white or gray discharge curdled consistency. As a rule, they have an unpleasant sour smell. Some associate it with the scent of foul fish.
  2. In second place in frequency is itching. With thrush, the vaginal mucosa is irritated, and unpleasant sensations increase after taking a bath, sleep or sexual intercourse.
  3. If the infection from the genital area has spread to the urethra, during urination the itching and burning sensation will intensify.

Secondary lesions include candidiasis of the labia. It is manifested by combs, cracks, the appearance of ulcers or vesicles. In addition, a woman will seek to limit her sex life. Not only because of unsightly symptoms( secretions and odor), but also because of discomfort during coition with a partner.

As a rule, the exacerbation of thrush occurs before menstruation, when the hormonal background is somewhat reduced. And in the first days of the new cycle, the symptoms go down.

Manifestations of thrush in men

Manifestations of thrush in women and men have a similar pattern. According to statistics, representatives of the strong half also suffer from candidiasis, as well as the beautiful part of mankind. Mushrooms Candida beautifully develop on the mucous membrane of the male genital organs and with a decrease in immune defense manifest themselves in all its glory.

Symptoms in men almost coincide with those of women:

  • The glans penis and foreskin become swollen, red and painful.
  • Itching appears. With thrush in men, it is common throughout the groin area, and not specifically in some hearth.
  • There are cheesy white or grayish raids on the glans penis.
  • Dyspareunia, that is, pain during sexual intercourse and spontaneous erection.

If the infection spreads to the urethra, urine will be contaminated with excreta, toilet visits will increase, and in the mornings the stronger sexes can see long strings on their genitals.

Thrush during pregnancy: what is dangerous for the fetus.

chamomile with thrush

Can a newborn child get a candidiasis? Yes, definitely, if his mother went into labor with clinical manifestations of acute thrush.

How does thrush appear in women who have a baby? In the same way as in non-pregnant women. Perhaps the symptoms are even stronger, as the immunity decreases for a long period. The organism perceives the child as something alien, therefore for the normal course of pregnancy, the protection of a woman is temporarily "disconnected".But it is fraught with manifestations of hidden infections.

Manifestations of thrush in women become noticeable in the second trimester of pregnancy. Thus, when the time comes to give birth, candidiasis is already in a chronic stage. The child becomes infected, passing through the birth canal, as well as in the process of feeding. Many disparate microorganisms will fall into his organism and not all of them are ready to be satisfied with the small.

The first manifestations of thrush of the mouth are noticeable within a week after birth. On its mucosa there are white deposits, which are easily removed, but under them there may be reddening or even a bleeding surface. If you do not take any action, the disease spreads further down the back wall of the pharynx.

In the beginning, the manifestations of thrush do not cause the child any discomfort, but over time the newborn is anxious, refuses to eat, and is capricious. In the event that the genitals are also affected, then girls develop vulvovaginitis, and in boys - balanoposthitis.

Can still occur candidiasis of the skin. It manifests itself in the form of red dots on the child's body. These patches are edematic, they have vesicles and pustules, which, when opened, form ulcers. Elements of the rash are prone to fusion.


thrush in women causes treatment

How does thrush in women, no doctor need not tell. He at first sight will understand with what kind of disease is dealing. And if the patient tells him that she has recently recovered from a cold or has found out she is pregnant, then all other questions will disappear.

However, for a medical history and other reporting documentation, a specialist must necessarily perform all diagnostic manipulations. Therefore, the doctor takes a smear from the focus of the infection and gives it to a bacteriological analysis. Laboratory assistants, microscopically isolate and detect hyphae of fungus and filaments of mycelium.

It becomes clear that the disease is caused by mushrooms. To determine the nature of the pathogen, the material is sown on a nutrient medium and waited until a sufficient number of microorganisms grow. If the fungi of the genus Candida will prevail in the Petri dish, then it is safe to say that they cause the disease.

But this epic does not end there. Microbiologists act on the grown fungi with various drugs, wishing to find out which of them are most effective for treatment. And only after all the manipulations the doctor sent a conclusion indicating the nature of the fungus and a list of recommended medications.

General principles of treatment

manifestations of thrush in women

How do women usually solve problems that are not accepted or unpleasant to talk with a doctor? They go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to give them a cheap medicine from thrush, but such that they help quickly and for life. The pharmacist scratches the nape, spreads his hands and offers either the most common antifungicidal drug, or tells about the baths and syringing with solutions of herbs with antiseptic effect.

Chamomile with thrush, of course, has some weight, but it does not heal, but only removes unpleasant symptoms and all. Just like other similar herbs. If you really want to cure the disease, you need to overcome yourself, go to the hospital and take tests. Then the specialist will be able to advise you on a medicine that will act on fungi, tell you about the features of the reception and will monitor the progress of your illness.

Drug treatment

from thrush cheap drug

Pharmacists sometimes do not understand buyers who ask them to recommend a cheap method for thrush because there is none. All antifungal drugs are quite expensive, and the number of tablets or candles in the package is small. Therefore, women are drawn with the beginning of therapy, postpone this moment and, in the end, only harm themselves with this. Because the disease progresses and spreads to neighboring organs and tissues.

How is the treatment of thrush in women treated? The causes, treatment and symptoms are very closely related. The doctor will prescribe the prescription only if there is a laboratory confirmation of candidiasis. There are two groups of drugs from this ailment: local and general action.

Drugs for topical application are available in the form of ointments, suppositories and tablets. The most common of these are such active ingredients( trade names are indicated in parentheses):

  • ketoconazole( "Livarol" or "Mycosorr");
  • clotrimazole( "Kandibene");
  • natamycin( "Pimafucin");
  • feticonazole( Lomexin);
  • sertaconazole( "Zalain");
  • econazole( "Ifenec");
  • imidazole( "Gynofort").

As you can see from the list, there are a lot of options and it's quite difficult to understand them yourself, because the wrong choice will not cure the disease, but will only develop resistance in fungi. The use of local drugs does not have a systemic effect, which reduces the number of side effects. This method is effective if the flow of thrush is easy, uncomplicated with other infections. What to do in the case when a common thrush is detected in women? Causes, treatment and symptoms remain the same, but in the course is "heavy artillery".

If the examination reveals a significant area of ​​the lesion, or the patient has complications, then the doctor can offer systemic drugs in the form of tablets or injections. These include:

  • polyene series products( "Levorin", "Nystatin");
  • imidazole series( "Clotrimazole", "ketoconazole");
  • traisol series( "Itraconazole", "Fluconazole").

In addition, iodine preparations are used. In parallel with the main drug, a woman is prescribed eubiotics to maintain normal microflora in the intestines, vitamins and stimulants of immunity.

Treatment of thrush folk remedies

what does thrush in women look like

It should be remembered that treating thrush at home with folk remedies will not help to eliminate fungal disease, it can only clean or mask symptoms. If you do not have the opportunity to soon see a doctor, and the symptoms do not allow you to live peacefully, then you can apply disinfecting herbs from herbs or homemade ointments.

It can be assumed that now you have figured out what causes thrush in women. Treatment of folk remedies is not aimed at eliminating fungal spores, but at reducing unpleasant sensations. There are many antiseptic herbs, but the inhabitants of the former CIS prefer daisies from all troubles. It is brewed like tea, and added to the baths, and applied in the form of compresses. In general, almost a panacea.

Chamomile with thrush, and true, can reduce inflammation, soothe itching and heal bruises from scratching. Decoction to cook is very simple:

  1. Three large spoons of dried chamomile flowers and two spoons of cuff grass are covered in a pot or jar.
  2. This mixture is poured with boiling water and covered with a lid.
  3. After half an hour, when the water is slightly cool, and the infusion acquires a beautiful brownish-golden color, you can strain it.
  4. Then, fill the tub with ten liters of water, pour the broth into them and start hygienic procedures. The duration of such a bath is not more than fifteen minutes.

Similar to the effect and has a white female. The ratio of water and dry inflorescences of this plant is the same as for chamomile. The resulting broth can be used to wash or rub the affected areas.

Preventive measures

Long and painfully passes the thrush in women. Comments on the latest achievements of pharmacology in the treatment of this disease, though hopeful, but in practice remains only a dream dream, as the drugs are either not available in the retail network or have fabulous prices. Therefore, it is extremely important to prevent the disease and prevent relapses.

First of all, take care of your immunity. Go to the dentist, the otorhinolaryngologist and the surgeon to identify chronic foci of infection and their timely treatment. Do not neglect regular examinations at the gynecologist and urologist - this will identify the problem at an early stage. In the cold season, take immunomodulators and observe a diet of sufficient calorie, because the lack of vitamins or trace elements adversely affects the protective properties of the body.

In personal hygiene, do not be zealous, but do not mess around. Instead of soap, use special gels for intimate hygiene, and when choosing linen, focus on natural fabrics and comfortable style. Health is more expensive than refined but discomforting things.