The best producers of hookahs: customer feedback. Which shisha is better?

Hookah is a kind of symbolism of Eastern culture. With her arrival in Western civilization, many admirers of this exquisite attribute appeared. The popularity of hookah is high not only in the East - since the beginning of the XIX century it has become firmly established in the inhabitants of European countries, who value measured conversations in a narrow circle. Recently, many people want to buy such an accessory, so they ask themselves: what manufacturers of hookahs can offer the best products?

manufacturers of hookahs

Criteria for choosing

Before choosing a hookah, it is necessary to get acquainted with its device and the principle of work, reviews about it, as well as the influence of each element on the impression of smoking. So, the hookah consists of a bowl, which is located just below the plate, the shaft, the bulb, the hose and the valve.

Bowl - this is the very top of the hookah itself. It can be made of any material, but the best hookah producers offer a clay version, as it contributes to better and even distribution of heat and quick cooling of the smoke. Many lovers advise, choosing a bowl for hookah, pay attention to its appearance - the design should be seamless, without cracks and chips, with even edges( you can put it upside down and check the tightness of all edges).

A plate, which is worn on a hookah mine, performs, most likely, a decorative function. However, this element prevents the falling of small particles( coal, ash and tobacco) down. Since this element does not affect the impression of smoking, it does not make any sense to dwell on it in detail.

The main element of the

design This is a mine. Producers of hookahs strongly recommend paying attention to this attribute. The fact is that it is from the mine that the impression of smoking depends. Users note that the main criterion of choice is the height of the mine - too small will not allow the smoke to cool sufficiently, which means that the smoke will irritate the larynx and trachea. Preference is given to mine, the height of which varies from 50 to 100 cm. Hookah manufacturers often offer smoking devices with a height of 70-80 cm. This is the best compromise between the ability to cool inhaled smoke, the compactness of the whole structure and the resistance to air movement.

Egyptian hookahs

An important role is played by the material from which the mine is made. Egyptian hookahs are most often made of copper. But users are advised in choosing to make sure that the mine is not corroded. Cheaper models can be made of steel or brass. The most common material for the manufacture of modern hookahs is stainless steel. Such a mine does not require careful care, will long serve with faith and truth, and will not be affected by rust.


This is another important part of the hookah. The base, filled with liquid( it can be water, fruit wine and even milk), performs the function of filtering, moistening and cooling the smoke passing through it. The material for this part of the hookah can be very diverse. There are glass, plastic, quartz and metal flasks. But the most common material is still glass. Therefore, choosing this or that model, it is worth giving preference to designs with a thick massive bottom - it will not allow the hookah to fall even with strong shocks. Many fans of hookah art talk about this. But if it's a mini-hookah, the thickness of the bulb does not matter.

It is desirable to have a metal ring, which is intended to connect the mine to the bulb. This small part will extend the life of the entire structure.

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Mouthpieces and Hoses

These elements can be manufactured from a variety of materials. However, true connoisseurs of noble smoking know what good these Egyptian hookahs are - their hoses are made of genuine leather. The most common material from which hose for hookahs is made is rubber. Numerous reviews state that it is easy to clean, easy to clean from internal plaque and provides a long service life. When buying, pay attention to the resistance to fractures and wall thickness. Of course, the cost of a hookah with a leather hose will be an order of magnitude higher than a similar design with a rubber tube, but if you buy a really high-quality and durable hookah, then preference is best given to an expensive model - this is often emphasized by fans of these products.

Good and quality mouthpieces made of wood. For this purpose, wood of oak, beech or Karelian birch can be used. There are also very unusual variations, made of stone or amber.

hookah khalil mamoon

Manufacturers of

Many companies around the world are engaged in the manufacture of hookahs. The products differ in quality, material, from which it is made and intended. For example, most hookahs made in China perform a decorative function. But the countries of the Middle East are unquestionable leaders in the production of high-quality smoking appliances. Of course, the cost of hookah will be much higher than that of Chinese products, but users advise to prefer a better option.

The manufacturing mechanism is also of great importance. So, leading manufacturers offer true connoisseurs original hookahs, made of natural materials, with a bizarre pattern and embossing. As a rule, such models are made by hand, and each of them differs by the specific features characteristic for this or that manufacturer.

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Hookah Khalil Mamoon

This is the largest Egyptian company, which is one of the most famous manufacturers. The ideal quality of materials used for production and careful control at each stage of production allow Khalil Mamoon to remain the leader among similar companies.

Distinctive features of the product - the availability of a wide range of accessories for hookahs, which are offered in the kit( tongs for coal, for example).Another feature that distinguishes Khalil Mamoon is a variety of options for the height of the mine. There can be classic Egyptian models( with strung decorative elements on the central tube) and a version with a cast mine. Khalil Mamoon hookahs also differ in that some models use different silver alloys for decoration. This hookah admires the true connoisseurs of similar products.


This is a real work of oriental art. Hookahs from this manufacturer are characterized by incredible sophistication. A characteristic feature for most models is the presence of a central copper tube in the shaft, on which nickel-plated elements are strung. The diameter of the tube is slightly larger than that of other models, which provides a lighter thrust.

Farida hookahs are characterized by patterns in the national style and light asymmetry, which arises in the process of manual manufacturing. This hookah pleases the eye, like a precious stone - this is the opinion of most fans.

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Syrian Hookahs

This is a real pearl of the East. The products are distinguished by their elegance and refinement, the fanciful oriental painting and original ornaments that distinguish the hookahs from the background of other analogues. A slender shaft is made of a thin but incredibly durable material with the application of exquisite oriental patterns, flowers and leaves. The main material used to make the mine is nickel-plated or black brass. Most often, the Syrian hookahs are dismantled, which greatly facilitates the process of cleaning it. Users attribute this moment to the significant advantages of the product.

Among all the variety of models of Syrian hookahs there are truly unique specimens that deserve an honorable place in the list of the best devices for noble smoking. This mini-hookah Syrian production - a real work of art, which is intended for true connoisseurs of eastern tobacco.

Fabula Temple

First of all, this is an original design solution. Hookahs Temple is a good attempt of the domestic producer to touch the culture of the East. This is one of the first hookahs, which are completely made of glass. The design is mesmerizing with its transparency. The product has already appeared a lot of fans.

Directly the mixture for the hookah is made on the basis of juice with the addition of fresh fruit, which completely immerses in an exotic atmosphere. Hookahs Temple are equipped with decorative lighting - the control panel it comes complete with the entire structure. It is worth noting that transparent hookahs are found not only in Russian clubs - nightclubs in the United States also managed to acquire such a stylish and unusual accessory.

shisha temple

Which shisha is better?

But there is no clear answer to this question. Everyone decides what he needs a hookah for. Someone sees in this simply the opportunity to relax and pamper yourself with something exotic. And someone sees in the process of smoking a whole rite and the distinctive culture of the East. This determines the criteria for choosing a particular design.

It is clear that a true connoisseur will long and painstakingly search for his hookah, and then cherish it as the apple of his eye. Many gourmets recommend "Khalil" hookah, as this design is characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality.

After understanding the design features of the hookah and its distinctive features, you can go to the oriental bazaar for shopping. By the way, the best and most successful purchases are made in travels - this is confirmed by many connoisseurs. Therefore, before traveling to Egypt, it is worthwhile to postpone several thousand rubles for the purchase of hookah.

It remains only to stock up on flavored tobacco and coals to try out the long-awaited purchase. By the way, this category of products for hookahs also has its own specifics and subtleties, which few know.


One of the best devices for smoking makes manufacturers from Eastern countries. Egyptian, Syrian and Turkish hookahs are rightly considered the best - this is the opinion of the users surveyed. They allow to penetrate the culture of the country. Experienced smokers, serious about intimate conversations and fascinating smoke with fruit aroma, believe that it is the eastern hookahs made from natural materials that are the best devices that allow you to truly enjoy aromatic tobacco.

For decorative interior decoration or pampering, you can try and Chinese models - this is the opinion of those who did not find something unusual in the oriental culture. According to user feedback, Egyptian hookahs can boast an optimal price-quality ratio, which are distinguished by the quality of assembly and affordable price.