A good speech therapist in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Center for Speech Therapy and Defectology

Disappointing statistics show that almost all children, and some adults have some problems with the proper development of speech. Each child is individual, so everyone should be approached separately. The kid of three years refuses to build offers, he is capricious, when they can not understand him, speaks with gestures. The first-grader never learned to express his thoughts clearly, to conduct a dialogue. In all these problems will help to understand a good speech therapist, which sometimes is not so easy to find. We will try to understand this problem deeper, to understand the issue. Where can I find a good speech therapist in Moscow and St. Petersburg? Here are the most popular centers.

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Speech therapies in Moscow

Below are some of the centers of speech therapy and defectology in Moscow. All specialists have received qualified training in speech therapist, have the appropriate certificates, diplomas, licenses. You can sign up for them at the reception through the Internet without leaving your home. An individual approach will be found for each patient.

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Logopaedic Center "Swallow". The largest center has several offices. Develops speech and puts sounds to children. Provides professional assistance in correcting diction in adults. Speech therapist in the presence of parents completely conducts a survey of the speech of the child. Identifies violation of speech defects and appoints further treatment. Offices "Swallows" are located in the center of Moscow, in SWAO, in the Central Administrative District and in Cheryomushki.

Children's center "Logos". Located on the 5th street of the Yamskoy field, 27. Conducts individual and group sessions with children who have deviations in the development of speech.

Children's polyclinic Litfond. Located at: ul. Red Army, 23a. A medical center working in many areas. The department of speech therapy is very popular among Muscovites.

Children's Speech Academy .Ul. Novocheremushkinskaya, 49. Individual or group lessons. Defectologists, speech therapists, psychologists and neuropsychologists work at the academy.

An inquisitive giraffe. Ex. Berezovoy Grove, 6. Logopedic services, teenage and children's clubs, methods of preschool development.

The centers of speech therapy in St. Petersburg

The best speech therapists of St. Petersburg are taking reception in the city's clinics. We list the most popular.

"Baby" on Antonova-Ovseenko , 5. Not far from the metro station "Elizarovskaya".In the clinic, the speech therapist Kiseleva G. G. Engages in all the problems of speech development, logomassage, speech therapy sessions, medical examinations.

Clinic Fidem .Not far from the metro station "Novocherkasskaya".Malookhtinsky Ave, 61a. Speech therapist Usanova II has 11 years of experience, conducts diagnostics in children from 2.5 years old, works with non-speaking children from 3 years. Engaged in a full statement of speech with a proven diction.

Thunder Clinic .Ul. Kirochnaya, 7. Speech therapist Gromova Lidia Vasilievna has 39 years of experience. Engaged in all problems of delayed speech development.

"Dynasty" on the street. Repischeva, 13. The multidisciplinary clinic has a modern branch of speech therapy. The reception is conducted by the experienced speech therapist Kovalenko TA with 18 years of experience. Engaged in speech disorders in both children and adults.

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Speech development in a child

Speech is the highest human function that is formed in a general physiological development process. Absence or excessive stimulation can lead to stress. Speech develops in several stages: pre-speech( gukanie, babbling, individual sounds) and speech( words, sentences).These stages must fit within the time frame, which all parents should be aware of. Knowing the age norms, attentive parents should deal with the baby, if there are any problems, contact the specialists. A personal speech therapist, whose sessions should be visited regularly, will help to put the speech of the child. Parents who do not see problems, if the child lags behind in speech development, think that with age he will catch up with his peers himself. In this they are deeply mistaken. The delay in the development of speech exacerbates the psychoemotional state of the child, does not allow him to fully communicate, to know the world around him, as a result, a lot of children's complexes appear.

What are the logopedic problems?

From a very young age, the child can develop a variety of speech therapy problems, speech disorders. The most common are the following:

  • delayed psycho-speech development,
  • general speech deficiency,
  • disruption of articulatory structure,
  • dyslalia,
  • alalia,
  • tempo speech delay,
  • dysarthria,
  • speech development delay,
  • dyslexia,
  • aphasia,
  • voicing /stunning,
  • dysgraphy,
  • mitigation,
  • lack of attention,
  • pedagogical neglect,
  • hearing problem.

Corrective speech therapist, to which parents should bring their child, will correct all these problems. Lack of attention, however, like its overabundance, can lead to negative consequences, the child will not learn to speak correctly. When there is a lack of communication, the little one practically does not hear the speech addressed to him, they do not talk to him, they do not communicate, as a consequence, there is no full development. Later, when the child joins the collective, it turns out that he does not know how to communicate at all - build proposals, answer questions. If any defects in speech are detected, it is necessary to contact the center of speech therapy and defectology. In Moscow, St. Petersburg, any other city, knowledgeable experts will help to solve the problem.

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Where can I find a good speech therapist?

There are not enough speech therapists in kindergartens, and those who do not have time to conduct classes often with all children. The only way out for parents is to look for a private practitioner. How can I find it? Let's answer a number of the basic questions arising at search of the logopedist.

What are the experience and skills of a speech therapist? From this question it is necessary to begin acquaintance with the teacher. Well, if he himself will ask you to see the documents confirming his qualifications. The diploma should include a "teacher-defectologist, speech therapist".If there is a professional portfolio, then it is worthwhile to see how long the qualification of the speech therapist has been confirmed, whether the teacher often attends courses of increasing it, whether he wants to develop his knowledge.

Does the chosen speech therapist have experience with exactly the problem you are facing? For example, not every specialist will take a child with dysgraphia or stammering. The more experience a speech therapist has, the better he will be able to help you with a specific deviation.

Price issue? Naturally, all parents are interested in the cost of classes, because financial opportunities are different for everyone. It is worth considering that with the preschoolers, the speech therapist does not take more than half an hour. With first-graders same - from 40 to 60 minutes. A well-known speech therapist in Moscow will cost more than a specialist in the province, it's natural.

Do you feel comfortable with the speech therapist? It's normal when at first contact the child does not always be able to open up before a stranger. But this is professionalism in order to find the approach to the child as soon as possible. If after several lessons this does not happen, think about whether there is any benefit from visiting this specialist.

How long does it take to practice? What is the guarantee of the results? A competent speech therapist can immediately determine how much time it takes to solve the problem. Even with the first positive results, he will let know about it. Speech therapist looks at the dynamics of classes and advises to conduct at least ten lessons more often. Some parents do not like it, but what can you do? Everyone should understand that it is absolutely necessary to engage in speech of the child.

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How to fix the correct pronunciation of sound

Parents should definitely attend lessons with a speech therapist and fix the result in a home environment. Continuous training is advised by a good speech therapist. As in any case, the result does not come from one time, it should be understood by all parents who wish their child the correct and beautiful speech. Everyone should act together: both a speech therapist, a child, and parents. Timely development of speech - a pledge of the full development of the child, his further success in school. The participation of mom and dad in the classes should not be one-off, a system that preserves the integrity of the whole process of speech production is necessary. Sometimes parents are disappointed when the kid finally utters the problem sound separately, but in words and does not use it. Speech therapist on the right path, he gave the installation to the sound, the parents should connect and bring the process to automatic. For example, the production of the sound "w" will gradually appear in all words.

Instruction Before Doing

When planning homework, always remember that they must be systematic. The kid is able to remember only on the basis of constant repetition. Do not ignore classes, otherwise the automation process will drag out.

  • Choose the right time for classes. Do not take your child away from games, watching a cartoon, otherwise he will develop a negative attitude.
  • You need to complete the lessons before the child asks for it. Do not spend more than 20-25 minutes per day.
  • Children always need praise. Do not evaluate their actions negatively with the words "wrong", "carelessly", etc. Try to find a softer evaluation.
  • Your main assistants in the classes are benevolence, praise, patience, endurance. If something does not work out, beware of sharp tone, swearing. The kid in the process of training should feel comfortable.
  • Do not start classes with complicated. First, give simple tasks, if the child finds it difficult to answer, ask leading questions.
  • To form speech self-control in a child, a good speech therapist advises to introduce the delivered sounds according to increasing: first - in syllables, then - in words and only then - in sentences and speeches.

Speech therapist training

Automation of sounds in syllables, words, sentences.

In syllables. Pronunciation of individual syllables and word combinations is the most important setting point in automation. With the successive change of syllables, the articulation apparatus switches over. Speaking syllables and showing them on the fingers, the child develops small motor skills. Open syllables such as "consonant sound + vowel" - ry-ru-ra. Closed syllables such as "vowel + consonant" - ur-or-ar.

In words. The main thing at this stage of automation is to teach the child to distinguish sound in words, where he is: in the middle, the beginning or the end. A phonemic hearing is formed. To the sound of "p" - "Say kindly": brother. .., rowan. .. - sister. .., toy. .., chicken. .., hand. ..

In the proposals of .A good speech therapist always advises you to conduct classes in the form of a game. Ask the child two words with the same sound and suggest thinking how these words are related. For example: river and cancer , moon and sun , pencil and handle and so on. The child will make sentences with these sounds, and in his speech they will go unnoticed, they will settle into their seats.

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Logopedic games with children

It is necessary to prepare subject pictures from colored cardboard. A few pictures with an automated sound and a few - with others. A specialist in speech therapist assures that such games well fix the effectiveness of the work.

"Build a house". Build a house from the picture-bricks to a given sound. House for Larissa. Bricks are chosen only with those pictures, in words of which there is a sound "l".Develops a phonemic perception, fixes the correct sound.

"Collect the flower". Automated sounds in pictures-petals and the middle of a flower. Picking up petals with sound and uttering words, the child collects a flower. After he has collected it, the teacher asks to close the kid's eyes and turns several petals. The child should remember what words were on these pictures.

"The sun". The teacher asks the child to collect the sun from the rays, and only those with an automated sound are to be chosen. After the work is finished, the kid must position the sound in the word.

"Collect the apples". Speech therapist tells a fairy tale about how the wind blew, the beasts lost their baskets. In the basket of the hare, you need to collect apples with a picture on the letter "h", dogs - on the letter "c", chanterelles - on the letter "l".

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Setting the sound "w", the sound "with"

Work with the sounds "с" and "ш" is put in the beginning or in the middle of the correctional work. Their setting does not cause much complexity, as well as further automation. But the differentiation of these sounds is not given to children quite easily. Any qualified speech therapist in Moscow will confirm this. But these sounds are found in words most often. If they are entered into speech, successfully delivered, and the differentiation is not sufficiently worked out, then the child's speech hears a hiss and hiss. Subsequently, this problem can lead to incorrect spelling of words with these sounds. That is why differentiation should be given special attention.

"Playing the ball." Remember how the sounds are friendly to each other in words. Speech therapist pronounces syllables and throws the ball to the child, he repeats these syllables, throws the ball back. Sa-sha, su-shu, sa-sa-sha, shu-shu-su, shi-shi-sa, su-su-sha, shu-su, shou-so, co-sho, se-sha, sha-su.

"Guess the Word" .The child should choose the right sound. We. .. ь,. .. uba, su. .. ah,. .. harp,. .. cuff,. .. anki,. .. apogee,. .. oroc,. .. ova, ko. .. ka.

"The division of words into syllables". From the cards make up words and ask the child to divide them into syllables, then compose sound schemes. Кош-ка, са-ни, a mouse, со-ба-ка, су-ша, шу-ба, шиш-ка, со-на.

Such simple games will help the child to easily differentiate sounds, his speech will become clear, correct, beautiful.