Drink "Bio Balance" kefir: useful properties, composition and reviews

A healthy diet for the body is extremely important. Therefore, many food manufacturers are beginning to offer consumers a variety of useful products. Particular attention is paid to beverages. Now on the shelves in the stores you can find "Bio Balance" kefir. What it is? Does this drink really benefit the body? Are they satisfied with their customers? Understand the majority of emerging issues will help many reviews of those who tried the drink. It is for them you can determine how good the goods are. Just do not be surprised if opinions contradict each other - everyone has his own view of "Bio Balance".How many people, so many opinions. Usually reviews help to just highlight the pros and cons of a product, but the conclusions about compliance with your expectations will have to be done by yourself. bio balance kefir

Product description

What is "Bio Balance" kefir? This drink, which in its composition has many biologically active elements. You can say yogurt based on yogurt. It is a thick white liquid for oral administration.

"Bio Balance" is produced in bottles. The manufacturer indicates that this product is perfectly suitable as a food for those who are going to lose weight. Also, this product should act on the intestines, normalizing its work. But is it really so? Is this drink dangerous?

Composition of

The first thing you should pay attention to is the composition of "Bio Balance".Already on its basis, we can draw some conclusions about the benefits and dangers of this product. The manufacturer points out that the "Bio Balance" kefir composition has only natural, it contains probiotics. And indeed it is. bio balance kefir reviews

In the composition of this kefir drink you can find micro- and macro elements - zinc, selenium, phosphorus, iron, chlorine, copper, cobalt, calcium and molybdenum. Also there are a variety of vitamins. For example, A, C and B. Choline in kefir "Bio Balance" is also available. Nothing suspicious.

Only some studies indicate a low content of lactic acid bacteria. They are less than normal. This raises doubts about the benefits of drinking. Is a nutritional and useful tool some indicators may be below the norm? Because of this feature, a small group of buyers are usually skeptical about "Bio Balance".

Indications for use

It's hard to believe, but this product has indications for use. In general, "Bio Balance" kefir with probiotics is just a healthy diet. And you can drink it when you want yogurt or kefir. But certain medical recommendations also take place. bio balance kefir use

It's all about the fact that this product, as already mentioned, normalizes the flora of the intestine. So, with problems with digestion, "Bio Balance" is recommended for use. The lack of fat makes kefir dietary. It follows that the remedy is recommended for weight loss.

Of course, "Bio Balance", among other things, simply enriches the human body with vitamins. If you lack nutrients, you can also try this kefir. He will definitely fill the deficiency of vitamins.


For its availability "Bio Balance" kefir reviews get positive. Buyers point out that you can easily buy this product in any supermarket. Yes, in pharmacies this kefir is not sold, because he has no healing properties. It's just a healthy diet for every person.

And yet, without negativity it was not. However, it is difficult to call negative reviews such, for everything reduces basically to the following. Often, buyers just do not have time to buy a drink - it is quickly disassembled. After all, the manufacturer claims that this is a tasty and useful remedy that enriches the body with vitamins and minerals. Therefore, buyers are trying to take this particular product, and it has the property to end. This phenomenon is not too happy "latecomers."bio balance kefir benefit and harm


The taste of "Bio Balance" pleases many. It can not be said that this is a very tasty drink. Rather, he is an amateur. After all, not everyone likes the taste of yogurt! Therefore, do not be surprised at the ambiguous views on this score.

The taste of the drink "Bio Balance". .. kefir, that is, it has ease, a bit sour. But this does not make it unpleasant. If you like sour-milk products, you will not get any complaints. To understand how much the drink suits your preferences, you need to try it once. Only then can you judge the taste qualities, everyone will not be able to please. bio balance kefir composition

A bit of negative

But not everything is as good as it seems. The thing is that there are some negative aspects that do not have a positive impact on the rating of the drink. They make us doubt the usefulness of the goods. What is worrying customers?

This is a long shelf life. Suspiciously long. If the manufacturer claims that "Bio Balance" kefir is good for all health, and even without the addition of "chemistry", then the drink should not be stored for a long time in the refrigerator. The product we are considering is stored for about a month in a cool room.

Some particularly vigilant buyers have paid attention to the fact that the products have several manufacturing plants. And different composition is indicated. In one version, you drink kefir with the addition of whole milk, and in the other - with milk powder. At the same time the price of production is the same. In the rest the composition is completely convergent. A suspicious phenomenon that repels some. Only not so many buyers pay attention to these differences in composition. The taste and properties of the drink is no different - and with whole milk, and with a dry flavor remains the same.

Benefit or Harm

So, is good or bad "Bio Balance" kefir? The benefits and harms of this product for the body are rather ambiguous. To be honest, this is a difficult question. Especially in view of minor product shortcomings. Generally, the manufacturer and many buyers indicate that this kefir drink has a positive impact on health. Only here the composition sometimes contradicts this. And some studies have shown that this kefir is not so useful. No, it is not harmful, but it does not have a positive effect on the body. bio balance kefir with probiotics

The whole point is that the lactic acid bacteria in the "Bio Balance" is not enough. This does not allow to call the drink useful. Rather, it just does not hurt, like, say, chips. But bifidobacteria is a normal amount here. And it pleases."Bio Balance" is really a kefir drink.

Should I take it? It all depends on your desire. If you want a delicious yogurt, which will help to adjust the intestines, try this product."Bio Balance" is first and foremost diet food. It is often recommended when losing weight. As for the reviews, the buyer's evaluation of "Bio Balance" kefir, as you see, earns different. Not the most useful, but not harmful drink that can be bought at an affordable price in supermarkets. For lovers of fermented milk products, this product should come to taste.