When does the breast begin to grow in girls?

When puberty occurs, not only internal but also external changes occur in the body. And during this period, when growing up, girls begin to have questions about how many years the breast begins to grow and how long it will last. This topic will be discussed in detail in this article. The question is quite interesting, and he worries all the girls. Especially this topic is relevant during puberty.

Female breast

Female breast is not just iron, but also adipose tissue, the volumes of which periodically change throughout life. This happens for many reasons. Mainly because of hormonal changes and during puberty. But also heavily on the volume of the female breast affects the body weight. If the girl at the time of maturation is also starting to grow fat, then not only is the active growth of the mammary gland more active, it will become even more due to an increase in the total body volume. when the breast begins to grow

The concepts of "formation" and "growth"

When does the breast begin to grow? Often people confuse the notion of "formation" and "growth."The development of the mammary glands does not mean an increase in breast size. It is formed during the period of embryonic development. This is a process that not only increases the size of the mammary glands. During this period, their functions are developing.

Breasts are formed not only in girls, but also in boys. Only in the male dairy line is gradually lost. And in girls under hormonal influence it turns into a mammary gland. But if the breasts begin to grow in boys, it is already a disease called gynecomastia. It arises because of a hormonal failure in the body and requires immediate treatment.

Growth of the female breast

The growth of the mammary gland begins in infancy, continues in adolescence and even in adulthood, that is, all life. In childhood, the development of mammary glands is almost imperceptible. Then many are interested in the question: how much does the breast start growing in girls? The active increase in this body begins in adolescence, during puberty. Then the growth of the breast greatly decreases - before pregnancy. the girls began to grow breasts

It should be remembered that its increase is largely determined at the genetic level. There is a high probability that the baby's mammary gland will form at the same age as the mother or grandmother. And this probability is estimated at forty-six percent.

Age, when breast growth begins, largely depends on the national and racial identity of the girl. Representatives of the equatorial race ripen much earlier than other girls. Therefore, their breasts begin to grow much earlier than, for example, in Asian women. Girls from Northern Europe also begin to grow late.

It is usually considered that active growth stops after 2-3 years after the establishment of a stable menstrual cycle. But these terms can not be called exact, since any human organism is strictly individual. There are also cases when the monthly can be unstable even for twenty years and more. In this case, the mammary gland continues to grow slowly. what time does the breast begin to grow

When the breast begins to grow, on the areola around the nipple may appear small bugorochki or swollen points. These are just the findings of special glands, thanks to which the nipple moistens. This function for the girl does not matter much. It is important when breastfeeding.

Stages of growth

According to numerous studies, breast growth has five stages:

  • The first( initial).Begins from the moment of birth and lasts up to ten years. At this time, the breast does not yet have volume, it is flat. But if you look closely at her, the milk line is below the nipple. This is the border on which the mammary gland then develops. A few days after birth, excretions sometimes appear from it. But it does not last long.
  • Second. This is the period from twelve to thirteen years. During this period, great changes are taking place. The breast becomes more elastic and soft, the nipples increase. The skin on them is getting dark. There are swelling in the nipple. But this is still undeveloped breast tissue. The first signs of growth appear after changes in the hormonal background.
  • Third. Begins in the puberty period. At girls it occurs at different ages. At this time, rapid growth of the breast begins. It becomes conical in shape, the top is the nipple. Then the breast is rounded, but until the end it still does not form.
  • Fourth. Sexual maturation is completed, and with it the breast is almost completely formed. It continues to grow, dairy ducts develop. There are sensations of itching and pain, because the skin begins to stretch rapidly. The skin on the chest becomes thinner, and through it the mesh from the vessels is already visible. The breast becomes an adult, acquires clear borders of the nipples and areola. This stage can last up to sixteen years( sometimes up to twenty or even twenty-five years).
  • Fifth, pregnancy. During this period, the breast is fully formed. But because of the change in the hormonal background, it begins to grow actively. Appears additional glandular tissue, and the development of ducts. The shape of the nipples and their areolas change at the breast, which then remain so for the rest of their lives. How many years does the breast begin to grow?

Why did the breasts begin to grow abruptly?

In the period from infancy to adolescence, the mammary gland grows very slowly and almost unnoticeably. At this time, it takes the form of a small seal around the nipple. A sharp increase in the mammary glands is usually observed during puberty. At this time, there are sharp hormonal leaps. As a result, the breast grows by ten centimeters per year. During this period, it acquires a rounded shape. The glandular tissue is formed.

Causes of breast augmentation

Not all parents can access and stage out the changes that occur during puberty. And in that case, the excitement of the girl is clear: the breast began to grow, why? What's happening? There are several reasons for the growth:

  • its increase is associated with a change in the hormone level;Prodrugs and estrogens are produced by
  • ;
  • formed glandular tissue;
  • features of development( sometimes active growth can begin already at the age of six to eight years).when the breasts begin to grow in girls

"Incorrect growth"

If the girl's breasts begin to grow, for example, at eight years old, this is not a pathology, but a developmental feature. For some, this process can begin at the age of six. It all depends on the characteristics of the body. But why did the breast begin to grow after the fourth stage? These are already alarming symptoms. For example, if the breast does not grow to fourteen years old. If there is no growth of mammary glands, then it is necessary to consult a doctor - an endocrinologist and a gynecologist - and undergo a thorough examination.

You also need to go to a specialist if the breasts begin to grow suddenly already in an adult girl. With the option, if she did not take hormonal drugs and is not pregnant. In this case, soreness and puffiness is already a pathology and a thorough examination is required.

Additional causes of breast growth

When the breast begins to grow, this process is accompanied by painful sensations and itching, which is a normal condition. But if active growth began after puberty, it can be caused by the use of hormonal drugs. Another reason is a pituitary tumor, which causes the brain to give false signals to the body. As a result, the level of hormones increases and the mammary gland increases dramatically in volume. at what age does the breast begin to grow?

How are menstruation and breast growth related to girls?

The period when the breast begins to grow in girls coincides with the onset of menstruation. This is normal development, as puberty occurs and the hormonal background changes. During menstruation, the chest becomes very sensitive. It sometimes hurts even to touch it. The breast becomes firmer.

These are also external manifestations of its growth. During this period, the body of a girl, or rather of a girl, is preparing for the adoption of a fertilized egg, it is preparing for possible motherhood. The level of progesterones and estrogens varies. At approach of pregnancy the fifth stage of growth of a mammary gland comes to the end.

If the fertilization of the egg does not occur, the hormonal level returns to its normal rate. Soreness and hardness of the chest pass. But its size nevertheless does not decrease. Therefore, with each menstruation, there is a definite jump in the growth of the breast.

Growth of the breast during life

At what age does the breast begin to grow? With certainty it can be argued that from birth. Most and very quickly it increases during puberty. Then growth gradually slows down, but does not stop completely. It increases during pregnancy. There are cases when the breast grows even during menopause.

Why does the breast grow small?

Breasts can be large, medium or small. It depends on many factors. Why does she stay small? Initially, you need to remember how much the breast begins to grow. This process, as already mentioned above, begins with infancy. Its active increase occurs in girls during puberty, which can occur between eight and sixteen years( sometimes longer).what time does the breast begin to grow in girls

But there are also some reasons, because of which the girl's breast sometimes does not practically grow and remains very small for life. This may be due to a low level of estrogen or a violation of the hormonal background, sometimes heredity. In some cases - low body weight, nationality or disruption in the endocrine system.

Girls, when the breast begins to grow, you need to carefully monitor your posture. If the fair sex is constantly slouching, then the formation of the mammary gland is slowed down. If a girl wants to have a big breast, then there are a number of exercises, performing which you can achieve good results at any age. Also great is fitness and aerobics.

Malnutrition can also affect breast growth in girls, even if the increase in this organ occurs during peak sexual maturation. Fatty tissue sometimes takes on the functions of a gland of internal secretion. And in this case, the full girls are formed before the skinny.