Psychiatric hospitals in St. Petersburg: the specifics of the work

The mental health of a person is no less important than the physical. Modern realities are such that constant stress and nervous overstrain can cause mental personality disorders. These processes may be normal, but may be pathological, that is, deviations from the norm. These disorders within normal limits are apathetic, depressive-manic, nervous states, amenable to psychotherapy and correction. Pathological mental disorders are deep personality disorders, such as schizophrenia, phobias of various nature.

Causes of mental disorders

It should be noted that inadequate rest, psychological trauma, personal crises can negatively affect a person's mental health. These processes can lead to long neurotic states, characterized by a lack of interest in life, a constant sense of fear. If the triggered mechanism of the problem situation can not be stopped in time, a person can develop profound depression. Therefore, it is erroneous that psychiatrists are treated not by their own will and only with pathological abnormalities.

Sometimes help and timely diagnosis is needed for a person with normal mental health, but survived long-term stress or psychological trauma. A psychiatrist is a specialist with a specialized medical education, the level of his qualification allows you to include in your work special psycho-corrective methods, therapeutic massages, medicamental treatment.

The issue of patient observation is complicated and delicate. A large number of people can live a normal life, under the supervision of relatives and specialists. If the disease is calm and does not interfere with others and the person himself, staying in a special institution is not necessary. But planned diagnostic examinations are mandatory in order to identify the static or the dynamics of the disease.

City Psychiatric Hospital St. Petersburg

State Psychiatric Hospitals of St. Petersburg

Medical institutions are divided into diagnostic and stationary. Psychiatric hospitals in St. Petersburg provide diagnostic, correctional and therapeutic profiles. The work of the institutions is aimed at the observation and treatment of patients with a norm of mental development and pathology. Psychiatric hospitals in St. Petersburg are currently represented by five state institutions. The specifics of the work of each institution depends on the functional areas. The admission unit means functioning diagnostic direction, the hospital means finding patients in the hospital at the time of treatment.

The Kashchenko Psychiatric Hospital has two targeted institutions. In the first institution there is a reception room. There is a reception of patients, registration and accounting. If, according to the indications, patients need inpatient treatment, the second institution provides patients with the necessary time for treatment with appropriate therapy.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Hospital is focused on inpatient treatment of patients. Also, the institution hosts thematic lectures for relatives of sick patients. The Stepanov-Skvortsov Hospital has two address institutions, with a day hospital and long-term treatment. The Pavlov Hospital( clinic of neuroses) specializes in the treatment of neurotic diseases of varying severity.

Psychiatric hospitals of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Psychiatric Hospital No. 4

This institution specializes in such areas as:

  • Diagnostics;
  • psychotherapy and psychocorrection;
  • Neurology;
  • therapy;
  • psychiatry.

In any cases that are associated with mental health, the help of a qualified specialist is necessary. The City Psychiatric Hospital( St. Petersburg) No. 4 accepts patients with any level of mental state.

St. Petersburg Psychiatric Hospital 4

Reasons for addressing a psychiatrist

Among the reasons why it is worthwhile to consult a specialist in this field, one can distinguish such as:

  • insomnia, heavy dreams;
  • obsessive states of fear, anxiety;
  • neurological diseases;
  • psychosomatic pain.

If you are worried about your own mental health or the health of your loved ones, ask for help from a specialist. This does not mean that you will be registered in a psychiatric hospital. But you will be helped to find peace and joy to life. Sometimes one or several consultations are enough. Methods can be different: therapeutic massage, medication, regulating the emotional-volitional sphere. Psychiatric hospitals in St. Petersburg provide a wide range of services and directions, you can choose any institution and make an appointment.