"Physiomer": instructions for use, reviews, photos, analogies

Compositions for nasal spraying help to cope with cold symptoms already at the earliest stages of its manifestation. Such drugs are very popular among consumers. One of the medicines is "Physiomer".Instructions for use, photos of this medication will be presented to your attention in the article. You will also learn about the reviews and the main substitutes for the medicine.

Composition and product types

About the preparation "Physiomer" the instruction for use says that the active substance in it is a sterile isotonic solution of marine water. Additional ingredients may be present depending on the type of product. The manufacturer proposes to purchase the following product names:

  • Spray that rinses the nasal passages, from 10 years( strong spraying).
  • The drug is allowed from 6 years( moderate rinsing).
  • "Physiomer" soft spraying( it is acceptable to use from 3 years).
  • Spray for children from 2 weeks( gentle washing).
  • Concentrated shower( allowed from 2 years).
  • Dosage spray( from 2 years).

physiomer instruction manual

Indications for the use of medicines

About the drug "Physiomer" instruction for use reports that the drug helps to cleanse the nasal passages. This kind of medicine, as "Physiomer" hypertonic, also has anti-edematous effect. Indications for the use of these drugs are the following cases:

  • need to cleanse the nasal passages before using various medications;
  • symptomatic treatment of ARVI and influenza;
  • application as a medicine for the removal of edema in diseases of the ear;
  • prevention of nasal diseases;
  • hygiene of the upper respiratory system.

Often described drugs are prescribed in conjunction with other medications. At the same time there are no restrictions in terms of application. However, it is advisable first to wash and clean the nasal passages and only then to inject medications into them.

physiomer for children

Contraindications and feedback on side effects of

What does the instruction for use tell us about the limitations to the use of the Physiomer composition? The annotation states that there is no contraindication to the drug. However, some doctors do not recommend using the described remedy for some diseases of the nose and ear. Be sure to consult with your doctor and get individual appointments. Do not use the formula in children under two months of age. Also for each age is to select an individual medicine.

The instruction indicates that there are no side effects from the correction. However, some consumers report that the medication caused them allergies. More often it is manifested by itching and dryness in the nose or a rash on the skin. In this case, patients showed an individual intolerance to the composition.

physiomer instruction on photo application

"Physiomer": instruction for use

The manufacturer does not specify any special restrictions to the use of the drug. The medicine can be used as needed. Adults and children after 2 years in the period of illness should produce from two to four washings of sinuses per day. During the manipulation, insert the nebulizer into the nostril and press firmly on the dispenser. After that, clean the nose in the usual way.

How to use the preparation "Physiomer" for preventive purposes for children? Instructions for use says that in such a situation it is advisable to perform one wash of the nose immediately after returning home.

Toddlers of the first year of life the composition is appointed according to the individual scheme, which is determined by the doctor depending on the situation.

The price of the drug. What can replace the composition?

The average cost of the described preparation is in the range of 300 to 400 rubles. In this case, you can choose the type of product. The instructions for use are enclosed with each medicine pack of "Physiomer".

Analogs of the drug can be found. However, before replacing the described remedy, you should get a doctor's consultation. The following compounds are among the main analogues: "Akvalor", "Aquamaris", "Fizrastvor", "Dolphin" and so on. They have an absolutely identical composition. But it is worth noting that the form of production for medicines is different. Not all substitutes for the original medicine can be sprayed into the nasal passages with such pressure as it does in the "Physiomer" preparation.

physiomer instructions for use review

Information about the medicine

You have become aware of the information that is reported on the drug "Physiomer" instructions for use. Reviews also carry a lot of useful data. It is worth familiarizing with some of them before purchasing the described means.

Consumers say that the medicine cleans the nasal passages very well. The product softens the crusts formed and gently pulls them out. That's why the drug is often prescribed for people with atrophic rhinitis. Medication is able to remove swelling without additional components( xylometazalin, phenylephrine and others).The work of the drug in this case is that it contains salt. When washing, the fluid flows from the tissues and removes it from the nasal cavity. At the same time, mucus is removed. Patients report that, after the first application, nasal breathing is relieved, the abundant separation of mucus and the desire to blow your nose disappear. When using the described agent up to 4 times a day, recovery is almost twice as fast. The reason for this is the elimination of bacteria, viruses and cleansing of the mucous membranes.

There are also opinions that the drug "Physiomer" promotes the healing and regeneration of tissues. The medication affects the damaged mucous membranes, gently treating them.

physiomer instruction on the use of analogues

Instead of the conclusion of

You can buy the composition "Physiomer" in almost every pharmacy network. This does not require a prescription from a doctor. The main task of the medicine is purification and rinsing of the nasal cavity. It should be noted that the use of the drug for preventive purposes reduces the risk of infection with viral and bacterial infections several times. Recommended use of the nebulizer in the period of epidemics and the cold season. Easy breathing to you!