Zinc paste: instructions, references, analogues

Skin arthritis, herpes simplex, sweating and other rashes bring not only a lot of physical discomfort, but also spoil the appearance of a person. Therefore, most people suffering from such diseases are trying to eliminate their visible signs in the shortest possible time. Most often zinc paste is used for these purposes. The instructions for use, properties, indications and side effects of the agent are given below. zinc paste instruction

Composition, shape, description, packaging

Zinc paste, the instruction of which is enclosed in a cardboard box, goes on sale in the form of a white and dense mass with a barely noticeable characteristic odor. It is placed in a glass jar or aluminum tube.

This product contains an active ingredient such as zinc oxide. In addition to it, this medication contains the following additional elements: petroleum jelly and potato starch.

Pharmacological properties of the local remedy

What is remarkable about zinc paste? Instruction for use informs that the said agent has a dermatoprotective effect. It is a local anti-inflammatory drug that has astringent, adsorptive, drying and antiseptic properties.

When used in children, it helps prevent the development of a so-called diaper rash or sweating, softening and protecting the skin from the negative effects of urine and other irritating substances.

One can not but note the fact that zinc paste, the instruction for its use is described in detail below, weakens exudation, and also removes local manifestations of various irritations and inflammatory reactions.

The protective effect of this drug is due to the presence of zinc oxide in it. In combination with petroleum jelly, it creates a kind of mechanical barrier, forming a coating that protects the skin from the action of irritating agents and prevents the appearance of a rash.

Indications for a local remedy

Does zinc paste help with acne? The instruction informs, that this means promotes drying of various rashes and, as a result, their elimination. zinc paste instructions for use

It should also be noted that the medication in question can be used:

  • for dermatitis, diaper rash, simple herpes;
  • diaper rash, burns, sweat;
  • exacerbation of eczema, ulcerative skin changes;
  • streptoderma, superficial wounds;
  • trophic ulcers, bedsores.


In what cases is the patient not assigned zinc paste? The instruction informs that this remedy is contraindicated:

  • when hypersensitivity to its constituents;
  • acute purulent skin lesions.

Zinc paste for newborns: instruction

This medication is used only locally and externally. Its dosage and method of use depend on the availability of appropriate indications.

How is zinc paste for newborns given? The instruction says that when treating diaper rash in infants before using the product, it is necessary to thoroughly wash and dry the affected area. zinc paste for newborns

In the event that the child has symptoms in the form of diaper rash or redness, the drug is applied about three times a day, as well as when changing diapers or diapers( if necessary).

How to treat acne?

Now you know how zinc paste is used. Instruction for children was presented above.

If this medication is required to eliminate acne, cuts, scratches or sunburn, then it is applied in a thin layer, and if necessary, combined with a bandage.

It should be specially noted that this drug is applied only to non-infected and superficial skin areas. When using it from the pimples, it is desirable to pre-treat the antiseptic.

Side effects of

The use of zinc paste very rarely causes side effects. Only in some cases this agent can contribute to the emergence of hypersensitivity reactions( eg, hyperemia, itching, rash).

Special recommendations

Zinc paste, the instruction for which is mandatory for reading by all patients, is intended only for external application. zinc paste from acne instruction

According to specialists, if the rash does not last for 3 days after applying this remedy, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

It is strongly recommended that the drug be avoided in the eye area. In addition, it is forbidden to apply it to damaged areas of the skin with signs of an infectious process.

Price and similar products

Zinc paste has a fairly low cost. One jar with such a medicine costs about 35-50 rubles. If you did not manage to acquire this remedy, then you can safely replace it with such drugs as Desitin, Diaderm, Tsindol, zinc oxide liniment. Before using these medications, you should carefully read the instructions.


Zinc paste is very popular among patients. This is due to its efficiency, affordability and comparative cheapness.

Most of the reviews about this drug are left by parents of young children. According to their opinion, zinc oxide in a short time eliminates any rashes that arose in the child as a result of the irritating effect of sweat, urine and other substances. zinc paste instruction for children

It should also be noted that the merits of this medication include the absence of side effects and contraindications. By the way, this remedy is no less effective in the treatment of acne and herpes simplex.