How to treat a dry cough in a child: advice to caring parents

Pediatric cough is considered a normal physiological phenomenon, for which most often no treatment is required. The thing is that the child has a need to cough, so that his bronchuses get rid of the foreign particles that got there. This resembles a dry cough without fever.

Reasons for

How to treat dry cough in a child? First of all, it will be necessary to remember if the child has communicated with other sick children. It is possible that the baby was in a new room with polluted air or sharp smells. In this case, there is a possibility that the baby developed an allergic cough. But if your child feels great, sleeps perfectly, plays and eats, and coughing does not bother, then you do not need anything to heal! Nevertheless, in addition to the physiological nature, this condition also has pathological signs.

Therefore, a mother with a child should visit a doctor if present:

• barking dry cough;

• sudden cough with bouts;

• dry cough at night;

• vomiting after and during cough;

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• cough is accompanied by severe allergies;

• high temperature, malaise;

• cough aggravated.

Cough in case of symptoms of other diseases

The child can have a cough with the following diseases:

- whooping cough;

- Measles;

- laryngitis;

- allergic exacerbations;

- common tracheitis and bronchitis;

- viral pharyngitis;

- pleurisy;

is a PC infection.

Treatment of

How to treat dry cough in a child? Most often in the treatment it is required to calm the cough, if the attacks are prolonged, and the child because of it can not fall asleep. To the suffocating cough does not tire the baby and does not prevent him from sleeping, did not upset and did not irritate him, it is necessary to stop it. Constant tension with dry suffocating cough can lead to vomiting and pain in the muscles. Relieve the state of antitussive drugs that have the ability to soothe the mucous. From a cough, there is no universal pill, so you need to treat it for several days.

How to treat dry cough in a child with medications?

Treatment of cough in ARVI and ARI should be started with mucolytics, so that the dry quickly passed into the wet. These drugs help to dilute and sputum. Cough medicine is also prescribed for these purposes. It is also recommended to take such dry cough syrups for children as "Tussin", "Terpinhydrate", "Solutan", "Pectusin", "Glitsiraam", Elixir "Bronchicum", Alteyn syrup, "Doctor Mom".

Treatment with physiotherapy

Helps to get rid of the child from cough and procedure:

• steam inhalation using a drinking soda solution;

• light, without pressure, massage of the feet and chest.

Traditional methods of treatment

Traditional medicine can also answer the question of how to treat dry cough in a child, and recommends the following tools:

  • Buckwheat honey. The child should suck 1 tsp.honey.
  • Milk. Give the baby warm milk with the addition of the fourth part ch.soda food.
  • Raspberry. Dried raspberries or jam from it with warm tea helps to cure chronic bronchitis in a child.
  • Decoctions. With this type of disease, broth from:

- oregano, mother-and-stepmother and licorice;

- licorice, coltsfoot and plantain;

- pine buds, licorice, althea, anise, sage and fennel.