Polyclinic № 147( Moscow, Molodogvardeiskaya street): an appointment with a doctor, reviews

Treatment and prevention institution No. 147 in Moscow is a state medical organization that provides services to Muscovites attached to a polyclinic. More recently, the structure of this institution has undergone changes: the name has changed, a reorganization occurred. Today we find out what the polyclinic 147 is, as it is called now. Also find out what patients think about doctors, and, in general, about the treatment in this institution. polyclinic 147

ГБУЗ ГПУЗ № 195 ДЗМ: decoding

This abbreviation means the following: State budgetary health care institution "City Polyclinic No. 195 of the Moscow Health Department".This organization was created to provide primary health care in outpatient, as well as daytime inpatient settings.

This institution has 5 branches:

1. The first branch is located at: pos. Rublyovo, Sovetskaya, 2.

2. Location of the second branch: st. Malogvardeyskaya, 40, building 1.

3. The third branch is located at: ul. Malovvardeyskaya, 20, building 1.

4. Location of the fourth branch: st. Marshal Nedelin, 2.

5. The fifth branch is located at: Filevsky boulevard, 18.

The adult population is assisted in all branches. Children under 15 years old are treated in the branches under numbers 1 and 5. Women's consultation is only in one department located at: ul.40, building 1.

Changes in the law on medicine

5.05.2012 by order of the Moscow City Health Department( Order No. 378), the city polyclinic 147 was reorganized into the State Clinical Hospital of GP No. 195 DZM, branch No. 2. As people in the old manner are voicingstill old name, then this article will have the same name. But all the same patients should know that today 147 polyclinic on Malogvardeiskaya Street has already been renamed. polyclinic 147 moscow

Ways of writing to a doctor

  1. By making a call to the Citywide Call Center: 8( 495) 539-30-00.
  2. Self-recording to a doctor through information( electronic terminals) installed in the halls of a polyclinic.
  3. By calling to the registration number of the institution 8( 495) 413-27-84.
  4. Self-recording to a doctor via the Internet.
  5. Personal address in the registry.

Brief description of the department № 2

Polyclinic 147( now this department № 2 GP No. 195) is located on the street. Malogvardeyskaya, near the turn on the street. Partisan.

In this institution people who have reached the age of 15 years and who live in the Kuntsevo district are served.

Reception in the clinic is conducted by district therapists, as well as specialists of narrow areas.

In this institution there is a pharmacy kiosk, where people can get medicines at a discount( a program of preferential provision for socially vulnerable groups of the population).

Str. Molodogvardeyskaya, 40, polyclinic: doctors, offices of branch No. 2

The following specialists work in this institution:

- therapist;

- otolaryngologist;

- the urologist;

- Surgeon;

- cardiologist;

is an endocrinologist;

- ophthalmologist;

is an infectious disease specialist;

is a neurologist;

- rheumatologist;

is a dentist;

is a psychotherapist. polyclinic 147 reviews

You can also do the following research here:

- X-ray.

- Electrocardiogram.

- MRI.

- Blood test from the finger, vein.

. Even in this clinic you can register for massage, therapeutic exercise, heat and electrotherapy. Vaccination of patients is carried out.

Paid services

In an institution like the 147 polyclinic on Malogvardeyskaya Street, not all medical services are provided free of charge. The following directions of treatment set their own cost:

- Radiation diagnosis.

- Urology.

- Psychotherapy.

- Surgery.

- Prophylactic examinations.

- Physiotherapy.

- Gynecology( only installation and removal of intrauterine spirals are paid for in this category).women

Patient Reviews

The polyclinic on the Molodogvardeiskaya street of people's assessment has both positive and negative. Late reviews leave people who liked how they lead the doctor. Also touches the fact that the polyclinic made repairs. However, many people do not like that professionals allow themselves to be late for an appointment, to talk on the phone while the patient is being taken. Although, on the other hand, people who like this clinic stand up for it, noting that doctors will never finish the reception until the last person is served. No matter how long they talked, they were not distracted, but all patients were released with appointments.

In general, how many people, so many opinions. Some patients like polyclinic 147 in Moscow, others will never step on the threshold of this institution. Whatever people say, it is not worth building opinions on other people's opinions. It is necessary to try to ask for help and only after that to draw their conclusions.

Assisting the beautiful half of humanity

Women's consultation at polyclinic 147 provides a full range of services in terms of obstetrics and gynecology. The institution performs consultative, diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive work. In a women's consultation, they can provide both therapeutic( conservative) and surgical care. Gynecologists in this clinic can deliver or remove the intrauterine device, make a mini-abortion for up to 5 weeks.

Specialists also take tests, which are then sent to a large laboratory, which is also in the same building. 147 children

Positive feedback from female patients about female consultation

Girls, women differently see the work of this institution. Some patients believe that professionals work here, while others categorically disagree with this.

Those who like polyclinic 147, and specifically women's consultation, note such positive points:

- Mindfulness, courtesy, tactfulness of doctors. Gynecologists carefully examine, consult on all issues, put the correct diagnosis, prescribe the right treatment. They do not write out any unnecessary tests.

- Free service. Unlike private offices here gynecologists check disinterestedly. Even shoe covers are given for free. And there is no hint of a bribe here.

Disapproving responses from women about the

women's consultation Negative reviews on the Internet are more. So, many women are dissatisfied with the following points in the work of the women's consultation:

- It's impossible to get through. Many patients note that the phone of the registry of the women's consultation is always busy. To get through at all is unreal, it will be faster. As for electronic recording, too, everything is not going smoothly. Often a mistake pops up, so many can not enroll in this way.

- Frequent loss of outpatient cards. Nobody gives a medical document to the hands. Nevertheless, policlinic employees manage to lose cards, and then they blame the incident for the patients themselves.

- The queue here, as in the Mausoleum. Many women complain that they have to stand for forty minutes in order to get a coupon for an appointment. The saddest thing is when you stand all the queue, and when yours comes up, the coupons suddenly end. But you can not take them 1 day before admission.

- And again, but only to the doctor. This is the most terrible problem, probably for all organizations of the budgetary sphere. Not only do women have a lot of time in the registry, and then they take a turn to the gynecologist. And there everything depends on the doctor. One gynecologist can take quickly, another, on the contrary, until everything is inspected in detail, will not let go. Often you have to wait around the cabinet for 2 or even 3 hours. That's what the budget polyclinic means!

- Terrible conditions. In the corridors consultation is dirty, stuffy, the toilet smells bad, everywhere are scattered wet wipes, used tampons. The chairs in the offices are very old. In general, the conditions are not very good.

- Unprofessionalism of doctors. Many women note that in this consultation, gynecologists are bad. They treat the patients horribly, scream, and inattentively inspect. Many people get the impression that until you put several hundred rubles in the doctor's pocket, his attitude will not change. Outpatient clinic 147: Moscow. Children's department of

Boys and girls are accepted in two branches for a period of up to one year:

1. In the 1-st branch at the address: pos. Rublyovo, Soviet, 2.

2. In the 5th branch at the address: Filevsky boulevard, 18.

Phones 147 children's polyclinic has the following:

- 7( 499) 738-49-49 is branch number 5.

- 7( 499) 145-03-04 is the phone number of department 1.

147 a children's polyclinic takes toddlers from 0 to 15 years. Pediatricians, doctors of narrow specialization work here: surgeons, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, orthopedists, neurologists. Here, small patients are examined, diagnosed, prescribed treatment, various physiotherapy procedures. self-recording for a doctor

Parents' comments about the children's polyclinic

Mom, who come to the reception with their babies, for the most part are satisfied with both the doctors and the conditions of this institution. Pediatricians are all attentive, the attitude towards children is excellent. In the offices there are toys, so that the children are distracted while they are being manipulated( measurement of height, weight, complete examination of the child).In the corridors there are changing tables, many shops. Everything is clean and homely. The toilet smells nice, there is paper, however, the water from the tap is always cold.

Friendly staff work in the inoculation department. They can persuade any kid to put an injection, calm him and even give a symbolic present. As in many state polyclinics, vaccinations are often not enough. But when they appear, nurses begin to ring up and notify that the vaccine has come. By the way, vaccination is free. Parents like this attitude of medical staff.

There are also treatment rooms in the children's polyclinic, where they conduct physical therapy, electrophoresis, paraffin baths, massages. There is no such service in other state institutions.

In general, the children's polyclinic 147 reviews are positive. Many parents wish this institution further prosperity, more funds to buy the necessary equipment.


This article acquainted the reader with the Moscow state polyclinic № 147. Now, however, this institution is reorganized.5 branches were made. Now the name of the organization is different - polyclinic No. 195. Despite the fact that this institution was repaired, equipment was brought in, people still have not always pleasant impressions of it. Often it is the human factor that spoils the whole picture. The negative attitude of the registry workers, inattention, incompetence of some doctors spoil the reputation of the institution. But nevertheless there are happy patients who recommend to apply for various help to the polyclinic № 147.