How to choose color lenses: in size?

Make your eyes more beautifully colored colored contact lenses. A simple and convenient device helps to change the image and give the appearance a unique charm, and it is exactly this effect that every fashionista tries to achieve. How to select colored lenses so that they do not create an imbalance with the natural shade of the pupil, what kinds of them exist and what are the differences between them? We will try to answer these and other questions in as much detail as possible.

Tinted lenses and their features

How to choose colored lenses for gray eyes, blue, brown or green? In fact, there is no universal instruction, each patient needs to be guided by his own feelings and wishes. However, before going to a specialized store to make the desired purchase, it is not out of place to get acquainted with the main types of such products.

When answering the question of how to choose the color lenses for blue eyes, it is necessary to describe in detail, the so-called toning lenses. These devices are ideal for all owners of light eyes( not only light blue, but also green, light gray).Their distinguishing features are the following characteristics:

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  • Translucency of the color pigment of the material.
  • No picture.
  • Slight staining of the pupillary zone, which does not interfere with vision.

how to choose colored lenses The main purpose of these lenses is not to change the color, they are not capable of this. Devices only give the eyes a great brightness, emphasize the already existing shade. The final effect looks quite natural, but much more expressive. It should be noted that if the iris has a bright, pronounced shade, this option will not work.

Colored lenses and their features

How to choose colored lenses for green eyes? If you were lucky enough to be the owner of bright emerald eyes, then the tinted lenses will not be the most correct decision. Bright green or blue, as well as light brown shades well overlap with classic colored lenses. This category is characterized by a very wide range and variety of models. Distinguish them from the above described option is simple enough, they are less natural and are often easily identified by outsiders, the products have a color pattern in the form of a pupil on the lens. The purpose of such products is to enhance the natural color or cardinal change. colored contact lenses pick up

Special lenses for dark eyes

Are colored contact lenses suitable for dark brown eyes? Finding the right product in this case is quite problematic. In this scenario, most or almost all shades of the lens look unnatural and immediately noticeable to others. That is why it is recommended to give preference to special models with a dense pattern that can block the natural bright color. By the way, such lenses can be worn for all other people, but the natural effect in this case will not be achieved either. how to choose colored lenses for blue eyes

Universal tips for color matching

So, you decided that you need color lenses. How to choose the color? Universal advice in this matter is natural, the shades of the product should be bright, but as close to your native, natural color. With obvious transitions( from light to dark), this will be very noticeable to others. When choosing a shade, be guided by the following recommendations:

  • Study the instruction: as a rule, it indicates for which eyes the lenses are suitable( dark, light, universal).
  • Light eyes allow the use of tinted lenses.
  • Dark eyes do not overlap with tinted lenses, they require products with a dense pattern.

If you have not decided on the appropriate color, try to select it in a special computer program, simulating several options and determining for yourself the most suitable. colored lenses how to choose a color

The effect of the enlarged pupil

There are also very original lenses that not only change the color of the eyes, but also impart to them the effect of pupil enlargement. A wide range of such products are represented by Korean manufacturers, these lenses differ not only in color but also in diameter. How to choose the color lenses in size? At the moment it is possible to purchase the following models:

  • 14 mm. Do not have any additional effects.
  • From 14.2 to 14.3 mm. A natural magnification effect that is weakly visible to the outside eye.
  • Approx. 14.5 mm. A natural but more significant increase effect.
  • From 14.7 to 15 mm. The specific effect of pupality, the pupils are greatly enlarged, this is clearly evident to others.

Large diameter lenses are scleral and cover the entire visible surface, they should not be used for aesthetic purposes, the product should not be worn for more than 3 hours in a row. how to choose colored lenses for gray eyes

Basic recommendations for the choice of the product

There are also general recommendations on how to select color lenses. So, experts recommend paying attention to the following nuances:

  • Surface integrity of the product, its appearance, absence of defects.
  • Reason for use( for daily wearing - natural colors, for holidays - bright and original).
  • Skin color( with a white shade organically look gentle, discreet colors, for example, blue or green, dark-skinned dark colors, dark colors, including sapphire or amethyst).

When choosing a product for the first time, give preference to disposable products in order to evaluate how much their wearing will be comfortable for you. If you do not experience discomfort, it is logical to buy and reusable lenses for long-term use. how to choose colored lenses for green eyes

Another nuance: do not rely only on brands and reviews, of course, this information will be useful in choosing, but your inner feelings are much more important than the opinions of outsiders. Another good advice is to get a recommendation from the ophthalmologist. Only he will be able to determine whether you are allowed to wear colored contact lenses, and also will advise the most suitable model.

Possible contraindications and limitations of

It is extremely important to know not only how to select colored lenses, but also in what cases their wearing may not be recommended. It should be noted that such products are hydrogel, and therefore do not let oxygen pass to the eye cornea. Regular wearing of such lenses leads to its damage and development of hypoxia, vascular germination. In connection with such unpleasant side effects, the contraindication to the use of adaptations is the age of 18 years. In order to prevent unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to coordinate the wearing of lenses with an oculist regardless of the age of the patient. how to choose color lenses in size

Consequences when wearing contact lenses

When wearing contact lenses, the cornea experiences stress daily, microtraumas appear on its surface, accompanied by painful symptoms, sensation of a foreign body in the eye, lacrimation and reddening of the conjunctiva. To restore the tissues of the ocular surface, after trauma, as an auxiliary therapy, agents with dexpanthenol, a substance with a regenerating effect on tissues, in particular, Korneregel eye gel, can be used. It has a healing effect due to a maximum concentration of 5% * dexpantenol, and the carbomer it contains prolongs the contact of dexpanthenol with the ocular surface due to the viscous texture. Correleregel persists on the eye for a long time due to the gel-like form, it is convenient in application, it penetrates into the deep layers of the cornea and stimulates the process of regeneration of the epithelium of the superficial tissues of the eye, promotes the healing of microtraumas and the elimination of pain. The drug is applied in the evening, when the lenses have already been removed.

Recommendations for use, useful tips

Now that you know how to pick up colored lenses, you need to talk about how they should be worn. There are not many rules in this matter, but they are all very important:

  • Begin wearing gradually, do not let your eyes get tired, they also need to get used to the new device.
  • Practice putting on lenses in the presence of the eye doctor, he will check if you are doing it correctly, and if necessary, correct the process.
  • Even after forming a habit of wearing colored lenses throughout the day is prohibited( normal duration of use up to 8 hours).
  • It is strictly forbidden to sleep in lenses.
  • Storage is carried out in a replaceable container with a solution.
  • Use the product after the expiration date is not recommended( on average up to 3 years in the package, up to 6 months when worn).
  • Color lenses, as a rule, are rarely used to correct astigmatism.
  • Products increase sensitivity to light, on sunny days try to wear them with a cap or hat.
  • If irritation or other side effects arise from the use of the device, you must immediately notify your specialist and stop wearing them.

* 5% -maximum concentration of dexpanthenol among ophthalmic forms in the Russian Federation. According to the State Register of Medicines, State Medical Devices and organizations( individual entrepreneurs) engaged in the manufacture and manufacture of medical devices, as well as data from open sources of manufacturers( official sites, publications), April 2017

. There are contraindications. It is necessary to read the instructions or consult an expert.