Oxygen breathing apparatus: instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

Many doctors believe that an oxygen balloon for breathing should be in every home medicine chest. This is not surprising, because in some cases, its use may be vital for resuscitation or intensive care. Such emergency measures can help a seriously ill person to overcome a crisis situation and wait for qualified help from specialists.

Recommendations for use

Oxygen breathing apparatus can be used for a wide range of tasks. Among the indications for its use are:

  • Hypoxia and pathologies of the heart muscle, heart attack, post-infarction state, angina( relief of manifestations).
  • Diseases of the respiratory system, pneumonia, bronchial asthma( decreased manifestations).
  • Hangover( minimization of harmful effects, purification of the circulatory system);
  • Sedation( elimination of unpleasant symptoms).Insomnia( helps to strengthen sleep).
  • Nervous Disorders( Provides Temporary Quiescence).
  • A number of defects in appearance( wrinkles, age changes, fat deposits).
  • Reduced immunity( recovery, increase in level).
  • Diseases leading to pulmonary edema.
  • Health deterioration caused by stuffy and stale air( recovery of strength).

The use of oxygen cartridges increases the general tone of the body and provides a surge of energy, vitality, increases concentration, attention, reduces headaches. Due to their use, the amount of oxygen in the arterial blood increases, it reaches the lungs, the brain, the heart, and other internal organs. oxygen balloon for breathing

Oxygen cartridges for alleviating the condition of lung cancer patients

In certain cases, doctors strongly recommend using an oxygen can for breathing. With lung cancer, this remedy is truly indispensable. The thing is that with such a disease, malignant formations often lead to various additional complications, including shortness of breath, a feeling of strangulation, and lack of air. Removing such unpleasant symptoms is also possible with the help of an oxygen can. Its use not only helps to remove acute attacks, but also to give the patient vitality, to allow an adequate assessment of their condition.

Restrictions on the use of

When is it not recommended to use an oxygen breathing cartridge? Contraindications to its use, as well as side effects from it, are simply absent. The product is effective, safe and does not cause any harm to human health. The age of the consumer is also not a restriction to the use of the product, it is available to both elderly and young children. At the same time, it must be remembered that the use of a can of pregnant women should necessarily be coordinated with the gynecologist who observes them. oxygen balloon for breathing in pharmacies

Areas of application for

Where is oxygen breathing apparatus used? Product Reviews contain information that it is relevant for individual therapy in the home and specialized medical institutions. It is popular in cosmetic salons, as well as in bars where oxygen cocktails are given. In such establishments, gas is often used to make healthy drinks. They contain a natural foaming agent and a liquid base( juice, herbal tinctures), whipped to a homogeneous mass and subsequently enriched with oxygen. Oxygen Breath for Reviews

Application Instructions and Dosage Scheme

How does an oxygen respiration bottle work? The instruction for its use is concise and understandable.

  • Open the protective film before use.
  • Put the masked tube on the tip of the cylinder( if the model implies its presence).
  • Take a deep breath.

The number of breaths is determined by the purpose of the procedure. For prevention and general improvement of the state, it will be enough to do not more than 10 deep breaths twice a day, with complex therapy of chronic diseases, their number increases to 15, and the frequency is increased up to 3 times in 24 hours. In severe attacks and danger to human life, you need to breathe up to 20 times with interruptions of several minutes( 3 to 5).Oxygen cartridge for respiration in lung cancer

Popular models of

Before you buy an oxygen bottle for breathing in pharmacies in Moscow, you need to learn more about the range presented in them. So, the most popular are the following models:

  • "Oxylab" with a mask of 8 liters. The average cost is from 400 to 500 rubles. In the composition - certified medical oxygen, the drug meets the standards of GOST.It is equipped with a universal cover-mask. Among the general indications for use are an increase in immunity, vitality, hypoxia, chronic fatigue and its manifestations.
  • "Oxygen Prana" with a volume of 16 liters. The average cost is from 600 to 750 rubles. Produced in two forms, with an oxygen mask and for non-contact use. After the option is optimal not only for several people at once, but also for making oxygen cocktails at home. The number of breaths - from 100 to 150, depending on the model chosen, the composition: 80 percent oxygen, 20-nitrogen.
  • "Oxygen 1"( or "Prana K1") with a capacity of 6 liters. It has an optimal classical composition( 80% oxygen, 20% nitrogen) and the original appearance of the balloon. It can be carried on the lanyard for the badge, which is especially convenient for athletes or people who are active in life with significant physical exertion. The method of inhalation of the mixture is non-contact.
  • "Atmung" with a capacity of 12 liters. Has an oxygen concentration of up to 99.5 percent. For the most part it is indicated for preventive use, it perfectly removes the symptoms of suffocation or motion sickness, a feeling of tension and fatigue, can be applied directly in transport or indoors. Has an easy-to-use applicator, very light, but quite robust body. Oxygen bulb for respiration in pharmacies in Moscow

Possible product features of

Oxygen breathing apparatus in pharmacies can be purchased not only in a single form, but also in a kit, which ultimately saves significant financial resources. The cost of the product is affected not only by brand and volume, but also by inhalation of the mixture: it can be non-contact( suitable for use by several people) or carried out through an individual mask( available for use by only one person).

Please note that the individual mask can be of two types, for example, as in the "Oxylab" balloon described above( cover-mask), which is included in the kit, or sold separately with a reducer that doses oxygen( the latter implies itsreusable).Choosing a reusable mask with a reducer, you can significantly reduce cash costs: replaceable cylinders are inexpensive, but products with a disposable applicator with regular use can hit hard on your pocket.

Ideal concentration for gases in the can - 20 percent nitrogen, 80 percent oxygen( medical).With this combination, the procedures are completely safe. oxygen breathing apparatus manual

The main advantages of the product

What are the advantages of an oxygen can for breathing? Such a remedy is effective, safe, practical in use and does not cause complications. It is easy to transport even in a handbag because of its compact dimensions, and it can be used at any suitable time regardless of location. A small product contains a significant amount of oxygen in the range of 5 to 18 liters. oxygen balloon for breathing contraindications

Instead of the

conclusion, the modern oxygen balloon for breathing is not much like the large and very heavy blue balloons from movies and the recent past. The sale of the latter for today is almost completely suspended, they are not refueled and are not produced due to the complexity of operation and high risks when applied.

Models of the 21st century are very compact, they weigh about 200 grams, but they can contain much more oxygen, which is undoubtedly very convenient and practical. The drug can be used by absolutely anyone in any conditions, only about 5 sips of medical oxygen will help to relieve tension, cleanse the body and improve well-being.

Choosing the right model, you need to focus not only on its characteristics, indicated by the manufacturer, but also on the reviews of real users. In general, oxygen cartridges have recently been in high demand, actively used by future mothers during pregnancy and directly during childbirth. In addition, consumers note the compactness of the tool and its convenience in use, as well as a pronounced effect.