Kazan, sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor": description, services, procedures and reviews

Life in the city leaves a mark on every person. Constant traffic, rush, traffic-filled roads. No matter how a person loved his work, this situation depletes the nervous system and provokes the accumulation of fatigue. That is why so often began to meet neuralgia even in people at a young age. Rest from the city's bustle can only be outside the city, where the eyes can relax from urban landscapes. It is full of such landscapes of Kazan. Sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" offers tired urban residents such a lack of peace.

Infrastructure sanatorium

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Territory for recreation and recreation is very large. There are seven buildings here, where the rest get cozy rooms. In addition, the sanatorium offers to spend leisure time in the cinema-concert complex, taste delicious dishes in the café "Belochka" and warm up in a sports complex that includes a sauna and swimming pools for adults and children. Book lovers will have access to collections in the library. For medical events, there is a separate building with mud baths.

In the sanatorium near Kazan "Pine Forest" is a real expanse for children. And do not worry about their employment, when parents will undergo treatment. At this time, children will be completely absorbed in interesting activities and competitions under the guidance of an experienced teacher. With the guys conduct interesting entertainment programs, for them discos are arranged in a separate room.

Types of treatment complexes of the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor"

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The sanatorium provides assistance in combating diseases:

- the nervous system;

- respiratory system;

- genito-urinary system;

- digestive organs;

- endocrine system;

- musculoskeletal system.

In addition, the sanatorium pays special attention to pregnant women. Specially for them, a unique complex method has been developed that allows the organism to heal and prepare for childbirth.

Improvement of pregnant women

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An ideal place before birth is the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor".Rest and treatment in Kazan already in itself gives healing due to a unique nature and a peaceful atmosphere.

Experienced specialists will put pregnant women with diabetes on their feet, help them undergo rehabilitation after surgical interventions. Moreover, it will help women in the situation who have suffered a stop of cerebral circulation.

"Pine Forest" - sanatorium near Kazan, which will help pregnant women to meet their kids healthy and full of energy. The staff of the center will make every effort to do this.

Types of treatment in the sanatorium "Pine Forest", are very wide:

1. Electrosvetotherapy.

2. Balneotherapy.

3. Hirudotherapy.

4. Aromatherapy.

5. Inhalation.

6. Phytotherapy.

7. Climatotherapy.

8. Physical training.


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Therapy based on exposure to light and electricity. This includes a large number of methods.

1. Electrophoresis. Delivery to the location of the pathology of drugs and enhancing their action with the help of current. It removes inflammation, relaxes muscles, normalizes metabolic processes and saturates the necessary area with nutrients.

2. Ultrasound. With the help of ultrasonic waves, an anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic effect is achieved.

3. EHF-therapy. Or, in other words, the use of magnetic waves. Waves affect the structure of the skin and act as activators of nerve fibers.

4. Laser therapy. With the help of a laser, inflammation is removed, blood circulation and immunity are improved.

5. Magnetotherapy. The influence of the magnetic field contributes to the activation of restorative processes in the body. Decreases edema and blood coagulability decreases.

6. Phytochromotherapy. Exposure to LED radiation of different colors. Activates the production of vitamin D, improves immunity, has a lymphatic drainage and anti-inflammatory effect.

You can learn more about the treatment methods by calling the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor"( Kazan).Phone of the sanatorium: +7 843 240-91-52.

Other methods of treatment

1. Balneogryazechenie. It is a therapy with mineral water.

2. Hirudotherapy. Treatment with leeches.

3. Massage.

4. Aromatherapy. The use of aromatic oil, which positively affects the human condition.

5. Inhalations. Improve breathing.

6. Phytotherapy. Use of medicinal plants.

7. Climatotherapy. Use of terrain features that favorably affect the body.

8. Physical therapy. Specially developed complex of exercises for the recovery of the organism taking into account individual characteristics.

Additional medical services

In addition, the doctors of the sanatorium can please the guests with additional services in the form of radon and turpentine baths, infrared sauna, cryosauna. And it is also possible to conduct a full computer diagnosis, on the basis of which it is possible to identify all possible diseases.

Location of the sanatorium

The landmark for searching this holiday destination is Kazan. Sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" is located only 35 km from it, in the village of Vasilievo.

The village is surrounded by coniferous forests, so that the air itself in this place becomes curative. The smell of pine needles tones and invigorates. The skin is cleansed, the airways expand, the appearance improves. Disappear bruises under the eyes.

Attractions near the sanatorium "Pine Forest"

The place is ideal for people who appreciate peace, and those who are eager to constantly expand their knowledge in history. In the village of Vasilievo there are a number of attractions that you can visit. If you are interested in Kazan, the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" is an excellent resting place in between excursions.

The most famous places:

- the house-museum of the great painter K. Vasiliev;

- Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery;

- the largest colony of herons in Europe;

is a nature reserve.

The cost of recreation

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The best and most affordable medical rest is offered by Kazan, the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor".Prices for recreation in this beautiful place have a flexible policy.

Standard rooms are available at a price of 1700 rubles per night. Can be single and double. Perhaps the population.

Numbers of increased comfort, also called double / twin. For true connoisseurs of comfort and coziness. Here, every detail is worked out so that vacationers feel at home. Can be single and double. The price is from 2400 rubles per day.

Deluxe rooms. They consist of several rooms. All rooms have different layout and furnishings. The price is from 3400 rubles per day.

In any room of residential buildings there is a bathroom and toilet. Together or separately, with a bath or shower. Absolutely in all rooms of the sanatorium you can not smoke. There are also business apartments( 100 sq. M.) And suites-premium( 200 sq. M).

Reviews of the sanatorium

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Anyone who was in this place recommends to visit the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor"( Kazan).The reviews are full of thanks from satisfied tourists. Special attention is paid to food, which is just on top. The guests are offered a buffet with food for every taste and a separate dietary table.

The treatment is suitable with all responsibility and, returning home, each visitor feels like a solid five. The body seems to be renewed, rejuvenated. Treatment select a complex, not fixated on only one option. All procedures are on schedule, so do not have to sit in long lines.

Leisure is organized perfectly. Sutra procedures, excursions, in the evening - concerts. In the winter season, the ice rink is filled, where children and adults enjoy themselves. Transported to the mountain skiing base. At the rental office there is all necessary equipment.

The rooms are comfortable and cleaned daily. Staff polite and smiling. Real professionals. On the first floor you can always take an iron. A fridge, hairdryer, TV are available in every room. There is a shop in the registration building. Also several shops are located near the sanatorium. At any time you can buy the necessary things and products.

It should also be noted that the sanatorium is designed for those who want to rest. There are no noisy entertainment, parties, discos, etc. But here you will find peace, relax and body and soul. So if you are looking for recharging and silence this place is ideal. In the evenings, concerts are held with live music.

The reconstruction of the sanatorium was carried out in 2000, which may be a significant disadvantage for many. If the residential building is located close to the restaurant, and you are lightly asleep, it is better to ask for a room with windows in the other direction so that the morning noise does not disturb your rest.

Rest for the soul

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Sanatorium "Pine Forest" - something similar to the "grandmother's village", where everything is native, close and cozy. This place is devoid of pathos, which means that the people here will gather just like that. Planted with firs and pines, the area will make walks the most beautiful pastime. Air, impregnated with needles, treats not only physical ailments, but also mental ones.

So, if you consider Kazan as a holiday destination, the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" will be an excellent choice.