Bandage on the elbow joint and its types

A bandage on the elbow joint is worn to reduce the load on the joint, or to maintain it after trauma or stretching. Often it is used by professional athletes and helps to avoid injuries during training.

This type of protection can be worn by any person who has damaged the joint and is forced to load it for some reason. However, it is advisable to consult the doctor beforehand.

Features of the elbow joint band

Now there are many devices used after injuries and surgical intervention. A bandage on the elbow joint will help to avoid serious damage during the competition, and when there is a large load on the musculoskeletal system. Such a device is suitable at a time when you do not need to use gypsum. This joint is in a free state, but at the same time, firmly fixed.

elbow joint

The lock is selected depending on the severity of the damage received. With its help, not only a reliable fixation of the joint is carried out, but also a thermal effect, as in carrying out the massage, which contributes to a faster recovery. There are many different variants of fixators, differing from each other in:

  • models;
  • mind;
  • color;
  • cost.

To make the right choice, you need to consult with sellers at specialized sales centers or contact the doctor. The ulnar bandage will reliably fix the joint, forearm, and some models cover even the shoulder region. Thanks to reliable fixation of all parts of the arm, the elbow joint is much more quickly restored.

In some cases, the bandage is used as a preventive measure, as it protects against excessive overstrain of the limb.

Characteristics of the elbow joint locks

Before buying a bandage on the elbow joint, it must be remembered that they differ in the quality of the material, strength and density. From these parameters depends the peculiarity of the use of the fixative and its cost. Buying a bandage, it is worth considering that each option will have a different degree of stabilization, compression and fixation. Some provide reliable protection of the elbow, others - fix the limb in the chosen position and limit its mobility.

epicondylitis elbow joint

If the patient has a fracture of the elbow joint, the bandage is the optimal solution, since it does not interfere with hygienic procedures and is very convenient. However, do not rush to acquire a fixator immediately after getting injured. Initially, you need to consult a doctor, as the fracture can be quite serious and will require the imposition of a cast.

If in the case of prolonged immovability of the elbow joint mobility limitations are observed, then a hinge brace is used, which allows to restore mobility to a normal level.

Basic types of retainers

A bandage on the elbow joint can be soft and strengthened. The latter variant is characterized by considerable strength and is used for a more reliable fixation of the limb. It can be used for:

  • prevention;
  • treatment of diseases such as chondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis and others;
  • during the rehabilitation period.

There are several different versions of elbow fixers that differ in their function, degree of fixation and functions. Elastic bandage on the elbow joint is made of artificial knitted fabric, can be supplemented with metal inserts. Such a product very tightly surrounds the joint and ensures its immobility. The main feature of the device is that there are special elastic inserts for the elbow.

elbow bandage

Orthosis or brace - orthopedic products, characterized by a complex design, since they are additionally equipped with belts, knitting needles or hinges. Such a device ensures complete immobility of the hand.

Only high-quality natural material is used to make the fasteners, which not only supports the hand in the required position, but also warms it, which contributes to a faster recovery. The product itself repeats the shape of the elbow with an additional comfort zone, so that it fits snugly against the surface of the skin. This product is used, as with simple stretches and dislocations, and after surgery or fracture.

The bandage for fixing the elbow joint is very comfortable, and, unlike gypsum, it keeps the form well for a long time. Wearing a retainer allows you to forget about many inconveniences, and thanks to natural knitwear and quality thermoplastics used in this product, you can completely forget about the injuries of ligaments and joints, since it starts to act very quickly.

The bandage helps to fix the limb firmly, correctly distribute the load and create all the conditions required for recovery. In addition, its big advantage is its small weight, high strength and the fact that it is almost invisible under the clothes. There is also a special bandage for the elbow joint for dogs, which helps much quicker to recover the injured limb of the animal.

Degree of fixing of bandages

It is rather difficult to distinguish a bandage from a brace on the elbow joint, since the products are represented in a wide range. The most important thing is to choose the correct limiter in terms of fixation, and the choice largely depends on the disease or injury.

If you need a reliable fixation, then use a bandage-scarf on the elbow joint, made of elastic tissue. This product is used for the prevention and treatment of injuries and some diseases, as well as for stretches and bruises of mild degree.

bandage scarf on the elbow joint

When dislocations, doctors recommend using semi-rigid bandages or elbow braces. In addition, similar products are recommended for professional athletes and in the presence of chronic diseases of ligaments and joints. The product is made of strong fabric and complemented with special knitting needles. They help to reduce soreness, improve blood circulation, and also firmly fix the limb in the place of injury and warm the joint.

Products with a rigid degree of fixation almost completely immobilize the diseased limb. Similar products are used for fractures, complicated dislocations, ruptures of joint ligaments, serious injuries of the elbow. Orthoses of a rigid degree of fixation from an elastic fabric are made, into which special hinges and spokes are sewn. Hinges in some models can be located on top of the bandage.

Sports elbow joint locks

Athletes in the course of their activities are subject to significant loads on the elbow, they must always wear special fixatives. The product is extensively used in the epicondylitis of the elbow joint, since this device will help reduce the load on the limb. This disease is associated with damage to ligaments and muscles, and it is formed as a result of constant flexion-extension of the hand, as well as shock loads. Tennis players are recommended to use a latch, which is a belt and tightening slightly below the elbow level.

You also need to use limiters for basketball players and volleyball players, as well as for those who play sports. For them, the bandage of the elbow joint of the BLS CC is ideal, as this product is sufficiently dense and provides maximum protection from bumps and bruises. It is also possible to use fasteners with shock-proof inserts made of a durable material with a spongy packing.

The use of the elbow band for the treatment and prevention of

For the treatment and prevention of many diseases, as well as limb injuries, the Orlett bandage on the elbow joint is widely used, as it provides a reliable and reliable fixation. The design of the product may also include silicone inserts, which provide additional arm protection. In addition, some models are equipped with plates of metal or plastic.

fracture of elbow joint

Specialists recommend wearing a bandage after treating many inflammatory processes in order to avoid the risk of their reoccurrence. Thanks to this product, the load is evenly distributed and supports muscles and ligaments from various injuries. For its application, no special skills are required.

Rules for care of the elbow joint

When using this product you need to take into account the basic rules of its operation, namely:

  • is a product of individual use;
  • it is necessary to choose the correct size;
  • if you need to wear the product regularly, then you need to pick up one more fixative.

In the course of the conducted studies, absolutely no contraindications to the use of the bandage were revealed, however, it is best to consult the doctor beforehand. In particular, you need to carefully study all the characteristics of the product to those who use the fixator for rehabilitation, since they are designed for prolonged wearing.

bandage for fixing the elbow joint

It is necessary to ensure that the product does not lose its elasticity and is not damaged as a result of mechanical or thermal impact. There is an instruction for each retainer, therefore it is necessary to follow the recommendations for the care of the product.

Indications for the use of fixators

Fixation of the elbow joint and its retention in the physiological position are the main conditions for the therapy of various types of pathology. Immobilization may be required with:

  • arthrosis;
  • arthritis;
  • sprains;
  • stretching or rupturing of ligaments;
  • bursitis;
  • fractures;
  • for rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries.

In case of severe inflammation, difficulties in wearing the fixator, you need to consult a doctor for consultations and the correct choice of the product design.


The wearing of special retainers and elastic bandages in the elbow joint area is practically unlimited. This allows the use of immobilization products without the risk of complications. Do not use this tool in the case of:

  • the presence of pustules at the site of application;
  • open fractures;
  • allergies to the material.

Many contraindications can be eliminated by selecting another product or by treating the existing pathologies. If the fixator causes inconvenience, then you need to inform the treating doctor about it.

Complementary therapies

The use of a bandage is not the main method of treating the disease, therefore other methods of therapy should be used. This device must be combined with the use of medicines, a course of massage, physiotherapy and physiotherapy.

elbow joint bandage

The plan for therapy and rehabilitation should be coordinated with the doctor in order to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

Effect of the use of the

bandage The various fixation options, when properly applied, have a positive effect on the damaged elbow. Due to the complete immobilization of the elbow joint, a faster recovery after injuries and strains occurs. The joints are additionally protected from excessive loads. Thanks to the improvement of blood circulation, faster enrichment of the damaged area with oxygen occurs.