Why do vitamins need a person?

Why do vitamins need a person? Our body is unique - it can for some time work at full strength even with a lack of nutrients. But how does he manage it and what consequences can there be? Is it worthwhile to bring yourself to this state, or is it better to avoid it while taking vitamins? why do vitamins need a person

Vitamins are biologically active substances of organic origin. They are not a source of energy for the body or building material. But at the same time vitamins are involved in virtually all physiological and biochemical processes occurring in the body. In other words, the question "Why do vitamins need a person", you can answer this: without them, the normal course of all life processes is impossible. In case of their lack, and the more so absence, the metabolism is broken and avitaminosis develops. His symptoms are initially invisible, and as a rule, no one pays attention to them. In the future, fatigue, irritability, deterioration of the skin.

vitamins for children up to a year and older Today, about 20 substances are known to be classified as vitamins. They must enter the body daily in certain quantities. The peculiarity of vitamins is that they do not accumulate in the body and require constant replenishment. In addition, some substances can enhance the action of others, and some, on the contrary - oppress.

The need for vitamins depends on the person's age. Vitamins for children up to a year and older are vitally important. During this period, there is active growth and mental development. The lack of necessary substances can lead to various deviations in the future. Since the ration of kids is not as rich as in adults( especially in children under one year old) pediatricians recommend taking vitamins additionally. The most suitable for the youngest are liquid complexes.

No less important are vitamins in tablets for elderly people. In this case, the body undergoes various changes and disorders associated with the "fatigue" of internal organs. Why do vitamins need a person at this age? vitamins in tablets for elderly people

For the full operation of the entire body, relieve nervous tension, improve memory, restore normal physical activity and a healthy appearance.

The human body is not able to synthesize vitamins. Most of them we get with food. However, it should be remembered that today the ecological situation leaves much to be desired. Growing products do not contain enough elements. And not everyone has the opportunity to fully eat. In this regard, the question arises about the need for special drugs.

Why do vitamins need a person, we have already found out, it remains to figure out how to get them. To take vitamin-mineral complexes is necessary for people of different ages. Such drugs are presented in large quantities in pharmacies. Which you choose depends on you. You do not need to take them all the time. For example, during the summer period they can be completely abandoned. The optimal time is the middle of autumn, the beginning of spring, and also during the period of the disease.