Cleansing teas - we treat ourselves

In modern conditions of life it is very difficult to keep the body healthy. Practically in all products there is a mass of artificially created substances, which although "identical to natural", but of course they can not serve as a full replacement for them. For some time the body still maintains such a diet, but in the end, the stomach does not want to work well, the liver, and even the kidneys. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to use special cleaning teas more often.

Cleansing teas What is it and what is it for?

There is a certain set of herbs that helps the body cleanse itself of harmful deposits and poisons, restore the body after the negative impact of various chemicals. Such herbal preparations are cleansing teas.

But do not rush to immediately go to the pharmacy, buy the first tea caught by eye and drink it for ten glasses a day - "to increase the effect."This is fundamentally wrong.

First, use these herbal preparations should be moderate, two or three cups a day. After cleaning the body with herbs is impossible with excessive concentration, as this will create additional stress on the body and only worsen the situation.

Secondly, the choice of tea should be approached very carefully - they are all designed for different purposes: one - to improve the work of the intestine, others - to the kidneys, the third - to the liver, the fourth - in general diuretics. Therefore, you need to proceed from what is bothering you.

cleaning the body with herbs Third, tea does not need to be bought at all. After careful study of the packaging, you can independently assemble the herbs that make up this set. If you are lucky and there is a forest plot near your settlement, then most likely, you can find all the necessary ingredients in it.

If there is not even a forest, you can still benefit from it, because you can buy the necessary grasses separately in the same pharmacy, and the total price will be an order of magnitude lower than for the finished harvest.

By the way, you can focus on one plant instead of a large set. After all, individually, the herbs are also very useful, for example, sporich helps dissolve stones in the liver, wormwood cleanses the body of parasites. It is possible and cleaning the bowels without enemas - just for a while, take cleansing teas from Senna.

intestinal cleansing without enemas Still, if you want to achieve the maximum positive effect, then it is best to use prefabricated cleaning teas. As already mentioned, you can both acquire them and build them yourself. Here are a few simple recipes.

Teas for cleaning the intestines

Mix leaves and shoots of oregano, lemon balm leaves and a little lemon peel. Pour boiling water and cook for about five minutes at minimum heat.

Kidney cleansing tea

Brew a tablespoon of mountain ash berries with a glass of boiling water, then let the tea infuse brew for about five minutes. Decoction, use half the glass three times a day.

There is another tea recipe with this effect. It is necessary to mix dried fruits of currant and dog rose, approximately in equal proportions. For one tablespoon of this mixture requires two cups of boiling water. Infuse the broth for an hour and eat half a cup four times during the day.

Cleanse your body and stay healthy!