"Kagotsel" for children: instructions for use, composition, dosage

Immunomodulating and antiviral agents are very popular only in the autumn-winter season, when colds attack not only adults but also young children. kagocel for children user manual

A timely antiviral drug does not allow the disease to spread throughout the body, and with an existing disease - quickly eliminates all of its symptoms.

What are the most effective anti-cold and flu medicines? Today we will tell you about such a popular drug as "Kagocel".The instruction, analogues, cost and indications of this medication will be presented below.

Composition, form of release, description and packaging

Do you know about the form in which Kagocel is produced for children? Instructions for use say that this product is sold in the form of cream or brownish tablets of round and biconcave form with interspersed. Its active ingredient is a substance such as kagocel.

It should also be noted that the medicament in question also contains auxiliary constituents in the form of potato starch, calcium stearate and ludipress, i.e. lactose, directly compressed, consisting of lactose monohydrate and povidone.

Kagocel tablets can be purchased in packs of cell contour, which are placed in packs of cardboard.

Mechanism of action

How does the drug Kagocel, the price of which is described below? This agent is a complex organic sodium salt, which is obtained by the synthesis of cotton-soluble cottonseed seeds and carmoxymethylcellulose from water-soluble polyphenol. kagocel for prophylaxis

From the above, we can safely conclude that "Kagocel" for children is an antiviral agent based on a certain percentage of plant compounds.

According to the instructions, this medication has the following properties:

  • antiviral;
  • is antimicrobial;
  • immunomodulating;
  • radioprotective.

The mechanism of action of this drug is very simple. It is based on the ability of the active components to stimulate the formation of various kinds of interferon, that is, natural protein-defenders of the human body. In turn, they activate enzymatic systems that depress the harmful microflora and viral colonies.

In addition, interferons inhibit tumor activity. The scope of this drug extends to T- and B-lymphocytes, macrophages, endothelial cells, granulocytes and even fibroblasts.

Features of the drug

What features are inherent in the drug "Kagocel" for children? After a day, the main components of this drug accumulate in the lungs, liver tissues, kidneys, thymus, spleen and lymph nodes, that is, in all organs that show pronounced immune properties with respect to viruses coming from outside. kagocel before or after eating

It should also be noted that a small concentration of constituent ingredients is observed in adipose tissue, myocardium of the heart, testes, muscles, blood plasma and brain.

Interferon in serum increases gradually. His maximum concentration in the blood, it reaches two days after taking the tablets. In the intestine, the dynamics of accumulation of antiviral elements is much higher and is observed after 4 hours.

The therapeutic effect of medication is characterized as prolonged. This is due to the fact that the response of interferons persists for 5 days. Due to this property, the maximum effectiveness of the drug with conservative treatment is observed when it is taken no later than 4 days after the onset of the acute course of the disease.


Are Kagotsel tablets absorbed? When administered orally into the systemic circulation, the drug comes in an amount of 20% of the total dose. In a day, it accumulates in the internal organs and tissues.

The small amount of active ingredient in the brain is explained by the large molecular weight of the drug, which makes it difficult to penetrate the BBB.

In the blood, the drug binds to lipids( by 47%) and proteins( by 37%).The unbound portion of the drug is about 16%.

Drug is withdrawn mainly through the intestine one week after admission. kagocel instruction analogs

Indications for use of the drug

When do you get Kagocel medicines for children? Instructions for use indicate the following diseases:

  • viral infections( respiratory) of an acute nature;
  • influenza;
  • herpes simplex in adult patients;
  • prevention of colds.


What are the contraindications for taking Kagocel for children? Instructions for use indicate the following contraindications to this remedy:

  • period of breastfeeding and pregnancy;
  • individual hypersensitivity of the patient to the constituent substances of the medication;
  • acquired or hereditary intolerance of the drug;
  • enzymatic disorders of the digestive tract;
  • age category up to 3 years.

Kagocel for children: instruction for use

The annotation states that use of such antiviral tablets should be given only orally. In this case, they can not be chewed, and also kept in the mouth for a long time( it is necessary to drink with ordinary water).

The dosage and duration of treatment of the child with this drug are selected individually. kagotsel to the child 3 years

Dosage for children

How do babies give Kagocel: before or after eating? According to the instructions, food does not affect the therapeutic properties of this medicine. Therefore, you can use it regardless of the meal.

The reception of "Kagocel" in 3-6 years is conducted in the amount of 1 tablet twice a day( in the first 2 days).The next two days, the same dose is prescribed once a day.

Thus, the children's therapeutic course includes 6 tablets that are taken for 4 days.

How to drink "Kagocel" at the age of 6 years? In this case, he is prescribed 1 tablet three times a day( in the first 2 days).The next two days, the dose is preserved, but the fold is reduced to two times a day.

Thus, the duration of conservative therapy does not change, however, the dosage is increased to 10 tablets.

"Kagocel" for the prevention of viral diseases is taken one tablet a day for four days.

Taking the drug with herpes

How to drink "Kagotsel" with herpes rashes? In view of the fact that the effect of this drug extends to the immune system and viruses, it is used not only to treat influenza and colds, but also to eliminate herpes. how to drink kagocel

With this disease, the medication is prescribed in the amount of two tablets three times a day for five days. The course dose of the drug is 30 tablets.

Assignment to adults

The drug "Kagocel" for the prevention of colds is taken 7-day cycles. In this case, the course is divided into two phases. During the first medication take 2 tablets once a day for two days. As for the second phase, it includes a 5-day break. During this time, the active ingredients of the medicine are able to realize their therapeutic effects. After this, the preventative course can be repeated.

How do adults drink Kagocel tablets: before or after eating? Admission of this drug to adult patients should also not depend on eating.

For the treatment of respiratory viral infections of an acute nature, as well as influenza or influenza-like diseases, this medication is prescribed 2 tablets three times a day for the first two days, and the next 2 days - for 1 tablet three times a day.

Side effects of

Now you know how to give the drug "Kagotsel" to a child( 3 years).

It should also be noted that adverse events from the use of this tool are very rare. As a rule, they are limited only to allergic reactions. But if the patient has found any side effects, he should immediately consult a qualified doctor.

Cost and similar tools

How much are Kagocel tablets? The price of this medication is not very high. On average, it is 180-200 rubles. Kagocel tablets

As for the similar remedies, the specialists include the following preparations: Aveol, Bronchostop, Aqua Maris, Atoxil, Bycyclol, Avioplant, Vazonat, Abyufen, Glitsira,"Arbidol", "Ingavirin", "Anaferon" and others.

Unfortunately, not all of the listed medicines can be given to children from three years old. Therefore before their reception it is necessary to consult with the pediatrist.


Kagocel tablets are a very popular antiviral drug. According to the reviews of patients, its clinical effectiveness is manifested rather quickly. Within a week, the drug completely eliminates the acute respiratory disease, and also significantly improves the quality of life of the patient, including in the winter.

Most specialists recommend using this remedy for preventive sanitation of the bronchopulmonary system.

Parents' reviews of this drug are more positive. According to their reports, this medicine can be given to children from three years old. It well eliminates all the signs of cold and flu, and also does not give serious side effects.