Preparation "Fermenthol"( gel): instructions for use, description, reviews

It is not a secret for anyone that scars formed after surgical interventions, various injuries, cuts, etc., significantly impair the appearance of the person, especially the fairer sex. fermentol gel instructions for use

Unfortunately, not all people have the opportunity to remove them in expensive beauty salons. That is why pharmaceutical companies are actively producing local drugs that can eliminate scars and scars without large monetary investments.

The most effective medication with this effect is a remedy such as "Fermenkol".The instruction, the description of the preparation, its properties, cost and feedback on effectiveness will be considered in the materials of the article presented.

Form, package, composition and description

In what form is the said medicament manufactured? It is produced in the following forms:

  • Local agent "Fermencol"( gel).Instructions for use indicate that the active element of this drug is a complex of collagenolytic proteases. As auxiliary constituents, water, glyceryl polyacrylate, glycerol, methylparaben, diazolinidyl urea, propylene glycol and propylparaben are used to create this medication. Transparent gel viscous consistency can be purchased in tubes of 30 grams, which, together with the instructions are contained in cardboard boxes.
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  • Preparation for electrophoresis "Fermentol"( set).Instructions for use( the price of such a drug will be indicated later) reports that this medication includes a whole complex of collagenases, which is presented as a dry active ingredient - light yellow hygroscopic powder, and also solicin - a special transparent liquid for creating a solution of enzymes. This product is sold in a glass ampoule and a polymer jar, which are placed in a cardboard box. fermentol instructions for use review

Principle of operation of

Do you know what the "Fermentol"( gel) is? Instruction for use says that this local remedy is used to prevent and remove scars left after surgery, burns, wounds and scars, as well as to remove uneven skin after acne and acne.

According to the opinions of experienced specialists, this drug has a pronounced collagenolytic activity. Gel and powder are able to provide a deep hydrolysis of collagen, more precisely its peptide bonds. This process is carried out up to individual amino acids.

Gel "Fermencol" selectively affects keloid and hypertrophic scars with branched molecules of pathological collagen. However, this medication is less active in fibrillative collagen.

Features of the drug

What is remarkable about the drug "Fermenkol"( gel)?Instructions for use inform that reduction of the scar after use of the drug is due to the destruction of excess collagen. fermentol instruction application reviews

In addition to collagenolytic action, this agent also has proteolytic activity. It is also capable of hydrolyzing polysaccharides and providing a complex effect on all elements of the extracellular matrix of the rumen.

If the "Fermenkol" gel is used to eliminate acne, then it not only destroys the scar capsule around the inflamed glands, but also helps to cleanse them, as well as reduce the scar tissue and smooth the skin.

Indications for use

Under what conditions is the "Fermenkol" gel prescribed? Instructions for use( consumer reviews will be discussed further) states that this medication can be used to correct scarring, as well as prevent their development in surgical practice and various areas of cosmetology( acne treatment, postoperative and post-burn scars, correction of the consequences of acne eruptions, etc..).

It should be specially noted that the drug in question should only be used after three weeks after receiving a burn, injury or surgery. fermentol set instruction on application price

Contraindications to the use of

gel When should you not prescribe the "Fermentol" medication? An anti-nasal gel( reviews and prices you can find at the end of this article) is not allowed to be used when:

  • is an individual intolerant to collagenase;
  • atrophic and hypotrophic scars.

Since this product contains active enzymes, it can cause redness if the skin is hypersensitive. Typically, this condition occurs immediately after discontinuation of use of the drug.

It is strictly forbidden to prescribe the drug "Fermenkol" for correction of skin stretch marks.

Preparation "Fermenkol": instruction, application of

Experts say that the medication in question can be injected into scar tissue through phonophoresis, application and electrophoresis.

However, the most popular way of using this drug is its surface application. To do this, use a local medicine in the form of a gel. fermentol antifungal gel reviews and prices

Before applying the medicine, the skin areas should be cleaned with special cosmetics. Further, the gel is required to be applied lightly to the prepared area, but not to rub.

This procedure is preferably carried out three times a day for one month. The interval between the courses is 10-16 days.

Side effects of

What adverse reactions can cause the drug "Fermenkol"( gel).Instruction for use reports that this tool almost never becomes the cause of side effects. But this is only if the medication was used according to the indications and in the dosages recommended by the doctor.

Some patients may experience local allergic reactions at the site of application of the gel.

Price and reviews about the preparation

The price of this product can vary significantly depending on the form of its release. So, you can purchase a set for enzyme correction for 700-800 rubles, and a gel in a tube( 30 g) - for 1220-1300 rubles. fermentol instruction description of the preparation

It should be noted that patients are extremely unhappy with this high cost of the drug. However, experts argue that its price is fully consistent with quality. After several applications of the gel or set for enzyme correction, the patient can observe the elimination of all existing scars and scars. Although not all patients share this opinion. Some of them report that this medication is absolutely useless. Moreover, it often causes allergic reactions.