How long can I wear one-day lenses? Contact lenses

Those who use contact lenses need to be very careful about the likelihood of chronic and infectious inflammatory eye diseases. Each variety of products differs by its established mode and the period of possible wearing. By observing these rules, you can get the highest reliability of eye protection. And in this article we will talk about how much you can wear one-day lenses.

how long can I wear one-day lenses

Threat to non-observance of the duration of the application of

lenses. If the contact items are not replaced on time, then there is a possibility of a mass of adverse effects:

  1. During the period of wearing the lenses, protein and lipid layers can appear on them( the glass ceases to be clean).If the operating procedure is systematically disrupted and the lens is used for longer than the prescribed time, the possibility of infection is significantly increased.
  2. Over time, irreversible deterioration of the material occurs, from which one day lenses are made 1 day, for example. This means that it is possible to wear items with such a period for no more than a day, as the material becomes unusable after 24 hours.
  3. An important factor is that the eye cornea often suffers from a permanent shortage of oxygen, if the lens is used for a sufficiently long period. Such a disease is called hypoxia, all kinds of damage can occur, as well as complete loss of vision.

Any type of contact lens is made from a raw material that has a different oxygen capacity. In this regard, for each species has its own regimes and terms of safe operation.

one-day acuvue moist lenses

Can I use at night?

One-day lenses( the price of which varies within 2000 rubles), according to the opinion of the majority of qualified ophthalmologists, benefit the patient in the daytime. At night, it is better not to wear them. However, there are many cases where the use of products is required at night. For example, this kind of "clothing" for the eyes is necessary for older people and children who are not always easy to take off and put on, working for night shifts, or for rent, as well as for those who prefer to go to nightlife.

In nature or during a hike, it is also not always possible to change the lens in a suitable environment. To wear was comfortable, and the health of the eyes did not deteriorate, you need to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist, so that he correctly helped determine the timing and mode of use.

How much can I wear daylenses

Lenses can be used no more than a day. In the morning they should be worn, and in the evening they must be removed and then discarded. Daily products are the most reliable, because they are not processed by any means, but always put on sterile. That's why comfort and clarity of vision in them are maximum.

daylight lens price

However, the disadvantage also have one-day lenses - their price is very high. And, despite this, many people simply can not not wear them. For example, those patients who are allergic to cleaning products, or those who rarely use contact lenses. The manufacturer produces 30 blisters per pack.

Read the note

Anyone with poor eyesight should know that it is necessary to comply with all terms of wearing lenses with all responsibility and seriousness. The products are provided for a specific period, and this does not depend on the number of their donations. If the patient violates the regime, it will adversely affect the health of the eyes.

Acuvue Moist lenses

Relate to daily shifting products, designed for daytime operation and can be used by patients with high eye sensitivity. The maximum degree of hydration significantly reduces the risk of eye "dryness".You can wear one-day Acuvue Moist lenses all day long.

one-day colored lenses

For special eye protection in products, an ultraviolet filter is used. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that one-day Acuvue Moist lenses do not cover the entire eye, therefore, long exposure to sunlight requires the use of sunglasses. Even such products are ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

Their advantages

This variety of lenses has many advantages, such as:

  • absence of lipid and protein layers;
  • high vision sharpness;
  • presence of ultraviolet protection;
  • easy to carry;
  • good oxygen transmittance;
  • the ability to freely lead an active way of life, as well as engage in sports;
  • is suitable for patients who are allergic;
  • no problem with the container and special care of the products.

How long can I wear one-day colored

lenses? These products are slightly different from corrective ones. Because of the softness in them, the ingress of oxygen to the eye cornea is reduced. With prolonged use it leads to redness and pain in the eyes. In addition, there are matte colored lenses( disco).They make it difficult to perceive tones and, if used repeatedly and incorrectly, can impair vision.

daylight lenses 1 day

To avoid unpleasant symptoms, you should adhere to the terms of use of these lenses( 4-5 hours per day).If there are signs, like fog in the eyes, or tingling, then you need to immediately remove the products. It is also unacceptable to sleep with colored lenses, as this can lead to an oxygen deficiency in the iris. It is still important to observe the requirements for the care of products, not to use them after the expiry of the term. After all, for certain, it is clear to many how one can wear one-day lenses.

How to use them

To get used to the use of products you need a little: start to wear a day for 1 hour, and then increase the time every day by 30 minutes. In case of discomfort, it is necessary to remove the lenses, to let the eyes rest.

For any person, the wearing period is individual and is determined by the sensitivity of the eyes. If, after removing the products, a gray haze appears before the eyes, and this sensation will not pass for 15-20 minutes, then the service life has been exceeded. However, if after 5 hours of lens use there were no unpleasant sensations, then you can wear them longer.

It is forbidden to use products if there is a bacterial infection, conjunctivitis, demodicosis, blepharitis exacerbations and much more. How much you can wear one-day lenses, now you know.