Sterilizer "Maman": description, instructions for use, features and reviews

All parents who have babies infants face daily the need to sterilize bottles for porridge and water, nipples, cups, "non-spills" and other children's dishes. In order not to boil it all on the stove in a saucepan, a convenient electric appliance was invented - the "Maman" sterilizer. The country-producer of this brand is China, more precisely, the company "Shunde Light Industrial Produkt".In Russia, its products are supplied by OOO Rubikom. In addition to the sterilizer, the company mastered the production of electrical devices, combining two functions at once: sterilization of dishes and heating of children's food immediately in bottles and jars. The brand "Maman" has several models of both types of devices. We offer a detailed analysis of some of them, based on feedback from consumers.

Description of the sterilizer "Maman" model LS B 302

The construction of this electrical appliance is extremely simple, so it does not cause any difficulties for anyone. Sterilizer "Maman" LS B302 is compact, easily fits in a bag or suitcase, so it can be taken with you to the train, to the dacha, to any place where it is possible to connect the device to the mains.

Sterilizer Maman The complete set of the device includes:

  • the basis of the sterilizer with a heated metal bowl and electric block;
  • measuring cup;
  • plastic holder( designed for 3 bottles);
  • container, where objects for sterilization are placed( tank);
  • cover;
  • instructions.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble to the constituent parts of the sterilizer. Do this every day to wipe the plastic parts and metal bowl from moisture. The case of the model "Maman" LS B 302 is plastic, white, strong enough, easily wiped. From the bottom there is a special "nest", where it is removed and where the cord is fixed, when it is not necessary to use its entire length.

Principle of operation

Processing bottles with a steam temperature of 100 degrees is the main and only function of the Maman sterilizer. The instruction to the machine describes in detail the whole process.

Maman sterilizer reviews

The algorithm is as follows:

  • Remove the measuring cup built into the housing.
  • Fill it with water to a mark of 75 ml. It is better to use distilled water, since it does not form scale.
  • Pour water into a metal bowl.
  • Place in the container the items intended for sterilization. Here you can use a holder in which it is convenient to place bottles. Unfortunately, the projection holes in the holder are suitable for bottles not all brands( some just fall through these holes).In such cases, you can dispense with the holder.
  • Cover the reservoir with a lid.
  • Connect the machine to the network.

The instructions say that the "Maman" sterilizer of this model either starts working immediately after connecting to the network, or additionally requires pressing the blue button located on the body of the device. The fact that the sterilization is completed is indicated by an indicator light. When it lights up, the device automatically turns off. After finishing the work, you need to wipe the tank, holder and bowl. If it has scum, it is removed by boiling water with vinegar or with citric acid.

Reviews about the sterilizer "Maman" model LS B 302

Many buyers are very pleased with this device, but in order to ensure that its technical features are not inconvenient, you need to adjust. Advantages of the sterilizer "Maman" of this model are:

  • compact - for the device it is easy to find a place in the kitchen;
  • reasonable price - from 1100 rubles;
  • the ability to easily and accurately sterilize all the necessary children's things;
  • long enough cord.

bottle sterilizer Maman

The shortcomings noted in the reviews:

  • low capacity of the tank;
  • large bottles in the tank can not fit;
  • sterilization process takes more than 15 minutes;
  • scum is formed on the bowl;
  • does not fix the lid, if not use the holder.

Description of the device "Maman" BY-03

The sterilizer for bottles "Maman" of model BY-03 has with the previous similar design and external design. The principle of operation and the algorithm of operation of these two electrical appliances are also identical. The difference is that the BY-03 has a slightly larger tank volume than the LS B 302. This allows you to sterilize not 6 but 6 bottles simultaneously. The kit includes:

  • base with a bowl and power supply;
  • holder for 6 bottles plus area for small items;
  • clip for safe extraction of hot objects;
  • measuring cup;
  • a cover with apertures for steam( precisely because of this structural part the sterilizer during operation can not be placed under any surface, for example under a hanging cabinet).


Almost all consumers are satisfied with the Maman sterilizer. Feedback on the model BY-03 indicate such advantages:

  • convenience in operation;
  • automatic shutdown of the device at the end of work or in the absence of water in the bowl;
  • capacious tank;
  • two tiers in holders;
  • small volume of water for sterilizing a relatively large number of items.

Maman sterilizer manual

In each review it is noted that the sterilizer "Maman" is available for people of any level of material prosperity. The price of this model in the retail network starts from just 1450 rubles. In online stores, you can find this appliance at an even more affordable price. At the same time, the quality of his work is excellent.


The company "Shunde Light Industrial Produkt" produces devices that become irreplaceable helpers for young parents. Sterilizer-heater "Maman" model BY-01 has three functions at once:

  • sterilization of pacifiers, bottles, nipples and other items;
  • heating of food( porridge, mashed potatoes, juices);
  • keeping the temperature of the warmed food a certain time.

What else can you say about this device? Heater-sterilizer "Maman" is unusually convenient, especially for those parents who have babies on artificial feeding. According to the manufacturer, the baby's food is heated to the set temperature for several minutes. If feeding the child is planned a little later, the desired temperature in the heater "Maman" can be kept for up to an hour. Knowing the time of feeding, you can preheat the food in the apparatus, and it will be exactly the same temperature as the operating mode was set. In addition, in this remarkable unit you can sterilize bottles, for which you just need to install the appropriate program.

sterilizer Maman price

Complete with the BY-01 model:

  • self heater;
  • plastic cup with handle( so-called elevator) for easy removal of hot objects;
  • measuring cup;
  • cover.

The case of the device is white, its design is simple, but the form is quite easy to use. On the side of the heater housing is a handle-switch and a temperature scale. To heat food, you can set the regimes with temperatures of +40 and +70 ° C, and for sterilization - up to +100 ° C.Nearby there is a light indicator that shows the beginning and end of the process.

Reviews about the "Maman" device BY-01

The heater and at the same time the "Maman" sterilizer of this model is in demand due to the low price, which is from 1100 rubles in retail trade. In online stores, the cost can be lower, and some firm-sellers offer free delivery in Moscow. Buyers note such advantages of the device:

  • compactness( you can easily find a place on the kitchen shelf);
  • simplicity of the device, despite the fact that it has three functions;
  • capacity;
  • quality plastic, from which the body is made;
  • the presence of an indicator indicating the end of the process.

sterilizer mamas ls b302

Notable deficiencies:

  • too long( about 20-25 minutes against the declared by the manufacturer 5-10) food is heated;
  • sterilization also requires a longer time than in the instrument without heating function;
  • is too short a cord( inconvenient to connect to the network).

EBW 388

We present to your attention the Maman sterilizer-heater EBW 388. Why do many parents prefer this particular device? The heater-sterilizer for bottles "Maman" of this model has a stylish appearance and a convenient handle, with which you can carry the device. The control panel and the indicator are located on top of the handle, which also introduces certain convenience in operation. The bundle in the EBW 388 is the same as in the previous one, but the cord is long enough, so you do not need to place the machine directly near the outlet when turning it on.

Maman Heater Bottle Sterilizer

The control panel in the Maman device EBW 388 is more modern than in BY-01.There are three buttons. One is for on / off, the other two are needed to set the desired temperature. With the "+" button, you can increase the desired temperature of food heating or sterilization, and with the "-" button you can lower the water temperature in the heater. This is convenient because you can set the temperature to any, not just three, as in the previous model.

Reviews about the "Maman" device EBW 388

The heater-sterilizer "Maman" of this model attracts attention with an interesting external design and a small price( from 1600 rubles).These advantages are noted in their reviews by all consumers. Other advantages of the model:

  • compactness of the device;
  • very fast water heating up to 100 ° C, that is, it takes up to 10 minutes to sterilize;
  • fast power preheating;
  • capacity of the tank;
  • long comfortable cord.

Basically, consumers believe that the heater-sterilizer "Maman" EBW 388 has no shortcomings.


Sterilizers or sterilizers-heaters of the brand "Maman" have an excellent value for money, thanks to which they are popular. They are indispensable helpers in families where there are babies.