Harm of marijuana: and this has already been proven

Dependence on something is already a drug for a person. Man is a slave of his fears, illusions, he wants to obey that substance on which he depends. Especially vulnerable to this influence are young people, who begin to form life positions, body and psyche.

Harm of marijuana has long been known to all people, a lot of research has been done that prove this. However, before considering this issue in detail, let us dwell on what kind of substance this is. Marijuana is a dried hemp flower that causes certain psychological changes: intoxication, hallucinations, euphoria. And this is not the whole list of what marijuana leads to. The harm of it, first of all, is that it causes both psychological and physiological dependence. Simply then it will be difficult for a person( if not impossible) to distinguish between reality and fiction. And this already constitutes a threat to the life of himself and the people around him.

The main effect of marijuana on the body begins with the fact that it shuts off the short-term memory. This leads to the fact that a person does not remember what he did or said a minute ago, forgets how he changed his location and so on. Harm of marijuana is also manifested in the fact that the coordination of movements begins to break down, a person simply can not stand firmly on his feet: he falls, he staggers, he walks uncertainly. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the work of the immune system is disrupted: its cells can not get to where their positive intervention is necessary.

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Due to long-term use of marijuana harm manifests itself in the fact that a person begins to develop stupor, he is physically and psychologically exhausted, psychoses acquire a more protracted character. As a result, such people receive a very severe degree of disability.

It should be noted that dementia is caused by vascular disorders that occur after smoking marijuana. As a result of experiments conducted on dogs, it was found that acute intoxication with this substance causes a slow motion of blood, brain tissue starts to swell, and the walls of the vessels are impregnated with plasma. Then the degeneration of nerve cells begins, accompanied by disorders in the structure of the cell nucleus. These processes are observed in chronic intoxication with marijuana and hashish.

The main lesions of the nervous system that causes systematic smoking of these substances are:

  1. Complete lack of coordination of movements.
  2. The reaction time caused by marijuana is increased.
  3. Deterioration of vision and violation of color recognition.
  4. Reduces the speed of movement of the eyeballs.
  5. Sometimes the retina of the retina and optic nerves.

Harm of marijuana is manifested in all systems of the human body. More often than not, a person complains of cardiac arrhythmia and the development of angina pectoris. Since the main way in which marijuana enters the body is the lungs, and therefore there are multiple violations of their work: frequent infections of the upper respiratory tract and the development of chronic diseases.

In addition, there are disruptions in the endocrine system. So, a person has a decreased sexual desire, he no longer feels a sense of satisfaction from physical affinity as a result of sexual intercourse. In men, the potency decreases, gynecomastia develops( the breast acquires a female form), the amount of testosterone produced decreases.

In women, however, the reproductive function is violated, the menstrual cycle is lost: the menstrual cycle may not appear at all. These all factors lead to the development of complete infertility.

Nonspecific hepatitis often occurs, which then results in cirrhosis of the liver, sometimes even liver failure develops.