"Polysorb" from allergies: reviews, instruction on the use

Treatment of an allergic reaction always involves the use of several drugs. To get rid of the cause of malaise, you need to cleanse the body, eliminate the pathogen and eliminate the formation of histamines. The agent Polysorb will help you to remove toxins. Instructions for use, reviews about it and ways to treat allergies with this medication will be presented to your attention in the article. Note that the information obtained does not induce you to self-medicate. If you are allergic, get help from a doctor. First, you need to know about the pathogen of an unpleasant reaction and only then proceed to treatment.

polisorb from an allergy reviews

In what forms is the medicament made: the characteristic of

The preparation "Polysorb"( from the allergy) reviews has different. Some consumers are satisfied with this tool, others report its inefficiency. One way or another, you must first learn more about the medicine. What is Polisor medicament? We will deal with this issue.

The preparation contains the active substance of silicon dioxide. The medicine is produced in the form of a loose white or grayish substance, which practically does not dissolve in water. In the pharmacy, you can buy different packages: packages, bottles, cans. The medicine has a volume of 3 to 50 grams. Polysorb powder is priced from 30 to 400 rubles, respectively. You can buy the medicine without the appointment of a doctor. Independent use is permissible, but not always it turns out to be correct.

polysorb usage instructions

"Polysorb" from the allergy

Comments of consumers about this drug usually add up positive. The drug is a sorbent. After ingestion, it enters the intestine, combines toxins, harmful substances, allergens and gases. The agent is withdrawn unchanged together with pathogenic microorganisms and toxic compounds. The drug "Polysorb" has a detoxification and antioxidant effect. Also, the medicine eliminates the harmful effects of alcohol. It is proved that the drug is effective in the treatment of many diseases, but only with proper application. How is Polysorb used for allergies? How to take the drug - you will learn further.

Assignment of the sorbent

When should I use Polysorb from allergies? Medical experts' comments on this drug converge in one: one should use a medicine in combination with antihistamines. Only in this case treatment of an allergic reaction will be really effective. Instructions for use recommend the use of "Polysorb" in such pathologies:

  • poisoning and intoxication;
  • alcohol intoxication and hangover;
  • viral and bacterial infections;
  • infectious diseases of the intestine and other organs involved in the digestive process;
  • dysbacteriosis and diarrhea.

The medication is used for allergies of allergies: food, medicinal. Sorbent is also prescribed for intolerance to animal hair, during ragweed blooming and other irritating plants. Allergy manifestations can be:

  • runny nose and nasal congestion;
  • lacrimation and conjunctivitis;
  • cough;
  • itching;
  • rash on the body and mucous membranes.

polysorb price in pharmacies

Contraindications and unforeseen consequences of

treatment. What important information does the user give to the user about the Polysorb medicine? Instructions for use, doctors' reviews? The annotation says that you can not use a medicine with individual intolerance to its components. Do not treat allergies with this remedy for intestinal bleeding and during an exacerbation of stomach ulcers. The use of medication in children should be carried out only according to the doctor's prescription. It is recommended to choose an individual dosage that corresponds to the body weight and age of the child. Quite often there is a question about whether it is possible to apply Polysorb during pregnancy? From allergies and other indications, you can use medication for future mothers. But you need to correctly choose the time of admission and set the duration of treatment.

Despite all the positive characteristics, the product sometimes causes side effects. Among them there are constipation, abdominal pain, vomiting and allergies. It turns out that a person treats an allergic reaction with a medication that can worsen the course of the disease. But this happens rarely.

"Polysorb" for allergies: how to take it?

In each case, the patient is selected individual dose and scheme of drug use."Polysorb" for allergies in a child is prescribed in a dose of 100-200 mg of active ingredient per kilogram of body weight per day. This portion should be divided into 3-4 doses. For adults, the daily medication rate is 330 mg per kilogram of body weight. Before taking the powder, dissolve in a sufficient amount of pure water and mix thoroughly.

When it comes to acute allergies, which develops suddenly, the drug is used to rinse the stomach. For this purpose, a 1% suspension of the medication that is offered to the patient is prepared. After taking the remedy after a while, you need to induce vomiting.

How is Polysorb used for chronic allergies? In such situations, medicine is taken by the course. The therapy lasts from one to two weeks. If you are confronted with a food allergy, then take the sorbent right before meals. Treatment sometimes involves setting up enemas with Polisorb.

polysorb at an allergy how to take

Children's allergy

Doctors recommend using the drug Enterosgel or Polysorb for allergies in a child. These medicines are considered the safest and most affordable. Plus the drug "Enterosgel" is its form of release. The medication is made in the form of a gel with a pleasant sweet taste. It is loved by children. The disadvantage of the "Enterosgel" is its high cost.

Polisor, on the other hand, has a democratic price. This drug is the most inexpensive sorbent. For babies, the medicine can be combined with nutrition. Simply pour the diluted solution into a bottle and offer it to the baby. For children of the first year of life, the drug is prescribed in a dose of 1-2 grams per day. If the child's body weight is more than 10 kilograms, then he is supposed to have 2-4 grams. For the convenience of estimating the portion, the manufacturer indicates: 1 gram of medicament is contained in one teaspoon, and in the dining room - 3.

polysorb during child allergies

. Additional information about the medicine.

. The manufacturer warns that if the medicament is used for a long time( more than two weeks), the balance of nutrients inorganism. This is especially dangerous for children. Therefore, the treatment of an allergic reaction with this drug should be prescribed by a doctor. If the patient takes other medications, then you need to take this into account. As you already know, "Polysorb" removes from the body not only harmful substances, but also useful. Also eliminates or reduces the effect of medical formulations. Therefore, use the sorbent separately from other drugs. The break between their reception should be at least one hour, and preferably two.

The instructions for the use of the drug "Polysorb" indicate that it can be used externally. But in this case it is used to stop small bleeding. To treat an allergy by a similar method it does not turn out.

polysorb treatment of allergy

Reviews of consumers who used a sorbent to eliminate allergic reactions

What is Polysorb( from allergies) reviews? Most of the consumers are satisfied with the treatment. The product effectively removes toxins and allergens from the intestine. Therapy is effective if you take additional antihistamines. They will block the formation of histamines. Such an integrated approach guarantees the rapid elimination of allergies( within a few days).

The composition has almost no negative feedback. Dissatisfied are those consumers who use the sorbent independently, without consulting the doctor. Many patients study positive responses and hope to cure pathology with just one sorbent. But it is almost impossible, especially when it comes to severe forms of an allergic reaction. The disadvantage of the drug is its unpleasant taste. Even after the dilution of the powder, it does not dissolve completely. When used, the patient develops a feeling that he is drinking sand. Some users note the development of a vomiting reflex during the taking of a medication. They say that such treatment has become for them a real torture.

What other opinions are being formed about the Polysorb preparation? The price in pharmacies, according to buyers, is affordable. The product can be purchased at every pharmaceutical store - this is important.

Enterosgel or polysorb in case of allergy

In conclusion

From the article you learned the purpose of using the drug Polysorb:

  • treatment of allergies;
  • eliminating intoxication;
  • correction of other diseases.

Despite the safety and benefits of the drug, it should not be used for very long. Remember that the approach to treatment should be correct. Correction involves the use of several types of medicines. Live without allergies, all the best!