Nauseated after alcohol - what should I do? How to solve a problem?

After a merry holiday and drinking alcohol on it, many people often have negative consequences. After all, paying for it is nausea, vomiting, headaches. If a person is sick after alcohol, what to do in this situation?

toshnit after alcohol what to do

With a hangover, do not fight with vomiting or nausea. After all, this reaction is quite natural and even useful. Since the products of the breakdown of alcohol contain poisonous substances, they must be removed from the body. If vomiting is absent, but vomiting after alcohol, what should I do? You should try to induce vomiting yourself. After this, there will be a quick relief. In order to provoke vomiting, it is recommended to drink a liter of water. Until pure water comes out, one should drink.

You do not need to take medicine for nausea. They can only prevent the body from removing toxic products, and a heavy hangover will last longer. In this case, the harm from drinking alcohol will be much more serious.

Nausea with bile

strongly sick after alcohol what to do

What if I get sick after bile after alcohol? In the case when the stomach is already completely cleared, and only bile leaves, it can be said that the condition will soon improve. Despite the fact that it can take quite a long time, the body still does what is necessary.

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In the case when bile comes out with vomiting, the gall bladder shrinks( this means that the load on the liver has decreased, and the tension in the ways through which bile is discharged decreases), and it itself enters the duodenum( the load on the pancreas decreased).The stomach then pushes it through the esophagus, thereby reducing its sensitivity. This brings relief and nausea to the person.

Usually, vomiting stops after several bile passes. If this does not happen, then you need to call an ambulance.

Vomiting does not stop

sick of the morning after alcohol what to do

It also happens that vomiting does not stop and very much vomits after alcohol. What to do? If this happens more than a day, and only water with bile leaves, then you need to take "Cerucal".It is recommended to drink the product with a small amount of water so as not to immediately spit out the tablet. If it turned out, then in 15 minutes you need to drink one more. If the pills did not help, and vomiting did not stop, then you need to call a doctor who can inject intravenously a high-speed agent.

If vomiting and nausea torment a person for too long each time, even if a very small amount of alcohol is consumed, then it is logical to consult a gastroenterologist. He will check the liver, pancreas, duodenum. You can still take tests for the content of zinc in the blood. Its shortage affects the duration of intoxication.

Blood in vomiting

what to do if you feel sick after drinking alcohol

If a person is sick with blood after alcohol, what should I do? In the case when there is little blood in the vomiting, you can not think that this is normal. After the hangover is over, you should immediately pass a check of the gastrointestinal tract.

If there is a lot of blood in the vomiting, you should immediately call an ambulance. To delay in this situation is impossible.

Is nausea and vomiting dangerous?

toshnit blood after alcohol what to do

If after a person has drunk or when a hangover has started vomiting, but do not go to bed, since there is a serious danger during sleep on your back to choke. It is necessary that someone should look after the sleeper. In case of danger, turn it on its side.

Vomiting and nausea can be dangerous if they are caused by a serious illness that has arisen or aggravated against the background of a person's intoxication. You need to be able to distinguish between hangover syndrome and anxiety symptoms.

Nutrition for nausea

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Suppose a person is sick of the morning after alcohol. What to do? Many advise through the strength to eat fatty soup. They say that it helps. But it's not like that. It will be much more sensible not to prevent the body from getting rid of the toxic products of alcohol breakdown. It is not necessary to load the new food until it is completely cleansed. Severe food with nausea can only benefit as a remedy that provokes vomiting. But it is easier to use simple water for this purpose.

If you want to eat with a hangover, then a person should try to eat only light food. The most optimal products are bananas, yogurts and citrus fruits. Bananas will help replenish the stored potassium. They are easily tolerated with prolonged nausea. In citrus fruits a large amount of citric acid. It helps to remove toxins from the body and improves metabolism. Yoghurts also contain vitamins related to group B. They lose their body when they process alcohol. These vitamins improve the process of digestion of food, normalize the nervous system and the work of the heart and muscles, and also helps with nausea.

Vomiting as a remedy for a hangover

What if I feel sick after alcohol? Immediately after feeling that you have used excess, you need to induce vomiting. The stomach in this case will be cleared as of alcohol, which was delayed in it, and from unnecessary food, which during a hangover loads the liver and pancreas.

Vomiting as a means of temporary sobering up

what to do if you feel sick after alcohol immediately

If a person is drunk, but you need to sober up for a while, then vomiting can help. After the stomach is empty, you can drink strong black tea or coffee. These drinks will help for a while to return sobriety.

Because of what makes you sick at the hangover

Alcohol has a very negative effect on the body. Nausea and vomiting after drinking are caused by a violation of the acid-base balance. After all, all the products formed during the breakdown of alcohol, are acidic.

That's why the soda solution helps a lot. It is part of a large number of drugs against a hangover. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that soda can cause an increase in acidity in the stomach. Therefore, it is better to drink mineral water.

In which cases it is necessary to induce vomiting yourself

One of the main causes of nausea in a hangover is that the fluid in the body is redistributed incorrectly. In tissues, edema occurs, and in the circulatory system, conversely, dehydration. For proper redistribution, it is better to drink water while taking diuretics. These include green tea, non-alcoholic beer or "Veroshpiron."Excess fluid in this case is withdrawn along with the poisonous substances that remain in the body. Entering the bloodstream, the water regulates blood volume. All this leads to a reduction in edema, the release of harmful substances and improvement of the general condition of the body. Before drinking water, it is necessary to compensate for the lack of mineral salts. For this you can drink no more than one glass of brine.

If very vomiting after alcohol, what should I do? You need to drink a mineral water. It is several times more effective than usual with a hangover. Mineral water helps to shift the acid-base balance to the alkaline side. This will eliminate the hangover, and, consequently, vomiting and nausea. Mineralka enters the bloodstream faster than ordinary water. Because of this, swelling will go away sooner, harmful substances from the body will also be released much faster.

If a person, having drunk the first glass of water, feels that he has become drunk again, then there is still unprocessed alcohol left in the intestines and stomach. He began to flow with water into the blood. What to do, so as not to be sick after alcohol, which has not yet been reworked? It is desirable to clean the intestines and stomach. Cleaning the stomach occurs by calling vomiting. A very effective and quick means for cleaning the intestines is an enema. With very strong intoxication, it will rid the body of the poisonous elements formed after the breakdown of alcohol. It will also eliminate the incorrect fluid distribution. If the enema is not an option, then it can be replaced with a non-toxic laxative, of which there are a large number in the pharmacy. The main thing is to consult a knowledgeable person.