How to remove acne on the back?

Acne is not a pleasant phenomenon, it's not for nothing that a person tries to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Acne on the back and on other parts of the body can occur not only in the adolescent, but also in the adult.

Medical observations showed that the eel on the back often appears in the colder months. In summer, the sun's rays touch the skin, and acne does not bother so often. Disappearing once, acne can disturb again.

Opinions of dermatologists diverge. Who says about the benefits of the sun, and someone, on the contrary, argues that the sun brings even more harm to the skin, already damaged by blackheads. And in the event that in the summer months the skin suffers from pigmentation, it means that it is not completely healthy. In general, the eel on the back does not pose a threat to human health. In this case, only the psychological aspect can be considered.

Why did the eel appear on the back?

The causes of acne are internal diseases, abnormal functioning of the sebaceous glands, infection of the skin. Improper work of the sebaceous glands leads to blockage of skin pores. However, in order to establish the correct diagnosis, a thorough examination is necessary. It is necessary to pass tests for the establishment of a hormonal background, if there are problems with the endocrine system. Imbalance hormonal - a deficiency or an overabundance of a single hormone - requires first to cure the underlying disease, resulting in an acne that will go away.

Acne on the back can appear as a consequence of stomach diseases. Dysbacteriosis leads to constipation, which provokes an intoxication of the body. Some part of the digested products begins to be released through sweat glands, which are located in the back area of ​​a large number.

Lead to the appearance of blackheads on the back and diseases of the urinary system, improper metabolism, spinal problems. It is impossible to exclude and allergic reactions. Constant contact of the skin of the back with an aggressive tissue, washing powder or cosmetics can provoke a rash, but in this case it will be characterized by a reddish tint.

Acne on the back, how to get rid?

As mentioned above, for effective treatment, the true cause of acne should be established. If the problem is too oily skin, in this case, the main remedy for acne on the back is proper nutrition. Abundant rashes require total rejection of sweet, fatty and roast. In the diet should include a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables, various herbs. Help and measures:

- You need to drink as much water as possible. Getting into the body, water activates the metabolism, and therefore, cleanses the skin.

- The intake of vitamins. They play a big role in maintaining the tone and good skin condition. In particular, the skin needs vitamin A and E. A heated rash indicates a lack of these vitamins in the body. Sources of vitamins are butter or cream, liver of fish, dried fruits and vegetables.

Do not forget about the wardrobe. Uncomfortable, tight, synthetic clothing is quite capable of provoking acne. Do not interfere and cleaning the skin from the doctor-cosmetologist. Well helps from acne ozonotherapy, which, in addition to cleaning the skin, strengthens human immunity.