Clinic "Laser Doctor" in Bratislava: description, services and reviews

Today we will be interested in an organization called "Laser Doctor"( in Bratislava in Moscow, or in St. Petersburg, but under a different address - it does not matter).What do customers think about it? Can you trust yourself and your health of this organization? Perhaps, this is not the clinic, which should be addressed in those or other problems? Or, on the contrary, an extremely high-quality, prestigious and efficient organization? All this can be judged on the basis of numerous reviews. Yes, they differ in many respects, but the general impression from the center still remains. So what is the glory of the "Laser Doctor" in Bratislava? What can you say about this organization? laser doctor in Bratislava

About the activities of

Let's start with what our present corporation is doing. The activities of the company imposes a certain imprint on the popularity of this among customers. And in our case there is nothing suspicious or incomprehensible. The clinic's activities are "transparent".

"Laser Doctor" is a medical multidisciplinary center of aesthetic medicine. What does he offer? A variety of services related to the maintenance of human beauty. Procedures in the field of cosmetology and appearance. You can say that this is a kind of medical beauty center. Everyone here has the right to consult a cosmetologist, dermatologist and other specialists. Of course, get the appropriate services.

For all this "Laser Doctor" at Bratislava( Moscow) reviews get positive. After all, if you need services in the field of aesthetic medicine, then here you can get them. But is it worth treating here?


In order to understand this fully, it is necessary to study the positions of both clients and employees of this medical center. Pay attention to many nuances, which are decisive for many. Let's start with the position of applicants. How much "Laser Doctor" in Bratislava is a good employer?

The question is controversial. If you think about it, most applicants are satisfied with their work. Jobs, however, a little. And the competition here is relatively high. But this is not a reason to refuse employment. If you are a master of your business, you can easily become part of the organization and help people.

The schedule of work is quite flexible, full social package, discounts and bonuses for medical center services - all this is provided to employees. A paid vacation and a pliable guide are also advantages of the corporation."Laser Doctor"( Moscow) on Bratislava is a pretty good employer. He, as many applicants note, offers also comfortable working conditions, quality equipment. A dream for an employee who can imagine life without aesthetic medicine! reviews of procedures in centers laser doctor


In terms of earnings, too, not everything is as bad as it seems. The thing is that the clinic "Laser Doctor" at Bratislava reviews functions as a private medical center. Accordingly, the earnings of employees here are not too low. Yes, I always want more money. But nevertheless, the salaries, bonuses and bonuses of the organization for employees are at a decent level. This makes me happy.

Of course, much depends on the number of visitors and the procedures / consultations conducted. Only here salary, as the candidates claim, you will still be paid. The rest is already bonuses, bonuses, allowances and other additional sources of profit.

Delay payments are extremely rare. The clinic "Laser Doctor" in Bratislava receives positive opinions from applicants for this phenomenon. You can find a job here. Especially considering that it is in this corporation management will protect its employees in the event of disputes. This is not the most frequent phenomenon for employers. It can be seen that the "Laser Doctor" cherishes his masters.


Well, it turns out that our employer today is very good. Here it is really possible to find a job and receive a stable income. And if you get aesthetic medicine and help people, it's not a job, it's just a fairy tale. Only the opinions of the applicants are not a complete indicator of the prestige and conscientiousness of the corporation. What do customers think about the organization of the "Laser Doctor" in Bratislava?

For example, it is worth paying attention to the services offered. Honestly, in this direction, visitors are satisfied. After all, our today's medical center will help both to correct the figure, and remove the appearance defects, and ultrasound will hold. In addition, it is here that you can get advice from a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

Of course, a standard set of beauty salon services is also received here. Epilation, depilation, rejuvenation, tattooing or removal of tattoos - all this is included in the list of services offered. Wax cosmetology, massages, acne treatment, and laser medicine are something that often receives positive feedback from clients. It turns out that in our today's center you are able to solve all the problems associated with appearance and beauty. It is enough to appear at the address: Moscow, ul. Bratislava, 6."Laser Doctor" will be at your service! laser doctor at bratislava moscow reviews


Special attention should be paid to such a moment as information on the proposed procedures. Often clients, turning to the clinic, do not know anything about this or that service, preparation, consequences and rehabilitation.

In this field the "Laser Doctor" on Bratislava reviews earns from the customers very good. All the information you can specify by phone or email. Moreover, it is set out in simple and understandable language on the official website of the organization.

All you need is to find the necessary procedure in the list of services. And then - open and read everything that you can about it. Directly on the site! Here you will be told, and what is going on, and how the process will go, and how to prepare yourself for it. If rehabilitation or repeated services are required, they are also mentioned. For such honesty, the clinic "Laser Doctor" at Bratislava receives positive feedback. In addition to the "bare text" you will see illustrations in some cases. On the information pages you will also be told about the pros and cons of this or that procedure.

The prices of

The cost of services also plays an important role for customers. Yes, there are moments for which you really have to pay a lot. But in general, you do not want to overpay.

And the "Laser Doctor" at the Bratislava price of services offers at an average level. It can not be said that this is an extremely cheap or expensive medical center. Rather, it does not differ much from its counterparts. Price lists for Moscow are average. True, they often disappoint customers. clinic laser doctor at bratislava reviews

Another feature - some procedures here are really very expensive. Sometimes you have to think about looking for another, less expensive medical aesthetic center. Nevertheless, most procedures have an acceptable price category. Hence, not everything is as bad as it seems. The clinic "Laser Doctor" on Bratislava has a flexible system of discounts, which attracts many. It allows you to reduce the cost of services several times. This decision is only encouraging.


The professionalism of doctors and staff for any medical organization is the main indicators of the quality of the services offered. For their employees, the "Laser Doctor" also gets some feedback. But in this area they are ambiguous. It is extremely difficult to judge the prestige of an organization.

"Laser Doctor"( Bratislava, 6, Moscow) receives double feedback from customers for their staff. If we talk about secondary workers( managers, nurses, assistants), there are no complaints. All are served quickly and without problems, no rudeness and deceit. But as soon as it comes to communicating with doctors, the situation is drastically changing.

The whole point is that the clinic recruits professional staff, with diplomas and certificates of professional development. Only here clients sometimes remain dissatisfied with the work of the masters. Someone is just unprofessional doing their job, someone is rude. And the leadership zealously protects its personnel. Some clients note that there are doctors who still use outdated methods of treating certain ailments. Of course, all this affects the effectiveness of procedures in the best way. Bratislava Street 6 Laser Doctor

But there are in the "Laser Doctor" and professionals, real masters of their craft. You can say that the doctors here are mostly good. But it is possible that you will not get to the best. From this no one is immune. Do not give up the services of the company, just do not harbor the superfluous hopes that in front of you is a real ideal cosmetic center.


For many citizens, comfort is an indicator of the quality of any private clinic. This is to some extent correct. After all, you pay not just for the service, but for quality, prompt service and the appropriate attitude. So the organization's comfort should also be appreciated.

In this area, the "Laser Doctor"( Moscow, Bratislava Street, 6) receives only positive feedback. All the offices of the company( it is also in St. Petersburg) are bright, clean, well-groomed. There is always order and cleanliness here. The equipment is new, the furniture is comfortable, there are no queues and no pandemoniums. We can say that within the walls of the corporation reigns calm, which is so lacking in many medical centers.

If you want to get a quick service with maximum comfort - "Laser Doctor" is ideal for you. Customers are satisfied with what this organization offers. It is pleasant to be on procedures and in anticipation of these. No stress or stress. Everything is just for customers, for their convenience and comfort!


But not everything is as radiant and beautiful as it seems at first glance. Any company has its pros and cons. And the "Laser Doctor" is no exception. One feature that is distinguished by many customers is the time per visitor. And this moment is not shown in the best light.

Clinic "Laser Doctor" on Bratislava reviews earns for the speed of service, or rather, for the time allocated for one client, not the best. Yes, you really will be served quickly. But it can be both a plus, and a minus. A lot depends on what area of ​​the body will be processed. Despite this, the client stands out only 30 minutes. That is, the duration of the procedure from the treated area does not depend. Not too pleasurable moment. It makes customers come to repeat receptions. Hence, there is a certain negative attitude towards the organization. laser doctor moscow on bratislava


Reviews about the procedures at the "Laser Doctor" centers are also different. For example, if it is a question of Peter, then basically everyone is satisfied. Clients say that it is better not to find an organization. But in Moscow the situation is somewhat different.

Here, many complain that the quality of service is not too happy. And the procedures are ineffective. Some even believe that the "Laser Doctor" in Bratislava is some sort of "left" branch of the St. Petersburg clinic.

Most often, discontent is expressed because of hair removal and laser medicine. Constantly you can contemplate the opinions indicating that the removal of hair on the body in the clinic "Laser Doctor" in Moscow is the most ineffective and useless procedure. Not only that, regardless of the area of ​​treatment, it is carried out with pain, so even the result is almost not visible. Thus, some call for eschewing the organization in Moscow under the name "Laser Doctor".


Another surprise that does not please customers is checks. It would seem that there may be unexpected? But in fact, negative points regarding the calculations with the clinic "Laser Doctor" is enough.

Why? Checks, as many clients note, simply do not give out. That is, you must guess what you are paying for. Sometimes you will be assigned additional unnecessary procedures, and also assign services that you did not receive at all. Not the best reception. Fortunately, such incidents are rare. But all checks and receipts for payment often have to be demanded without fail, with a fight. Trifle, but unpleasant!

Consequences of

Most of the clients of the "Laser Doctor" clinic leave reviews not the best. In particular, because of the consequences of applying for certain services. The problem is that very often visitors complain of allergic reactions, as well as burns after the procedures. laser doctor bratislavskaya 6

All this does not have the best effect on the prestige of the corporation. It is not known why, but there really are a lot of consequences after the procedures in the "Laser Doctor".Perhaps, because of some violations, maybe because of mistakes by doctors. But the fact remains that quality is incomparable with price and side effects. All this makes us give up the services of the firm.


"Laser Doctor" in Bratislava is a Moscow popular cosmetology center, where you will be provided with a variety of services and opportunities. Here you can rejuvenate, get rid of defects in appearance or just keep track of your beauty.

However, the consequences can be deplorable. The "Laser Doctor" in Moscow does not stand out too much in the quality of the services offered. Customers often complain about this organization. Nevertheless, if you can choose a professional doctor( and they have not too little from the "Laser Doctor"), then the quality of the procedures you provided!