Omnipak: instructions for use, reviews, analogs

Surely every person is familiar with such a medical term as radiography. It means studying the internal structure of the organs and tissues of the human body. They are projected onto special paper or film using X-rays. Thanks to this research, it is much easier for the doctor to make the right diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. omnipak user guide

To facilitate the procedure and improve the visualization of internal organs and tissues, use radiocontrast preparations. They are used only for ray methods of investigation.

As a rule, such products contain iodine or barium.

One of the most popular radiopaque preparations is Omnipak. Instructions for use, analogues of this tool, its features and composition will be presented later.

Form of preparation, its packaging, description and composition

In what form are produced such a radiopaque tool as Omnipak? Instructions for use, reviews report that the drug is a clear solution for intravascular, intrathecal and intracavitary injections. On sale, it comes in vials of 20, 10, 100, 50 or 200 ml. In one carton box they can be 6, 25 or 10 pieces.

The Omnipak drug, which is described below, contains yogexol, hydrochloric acid, trometamol, sterile water and EDTA( i.e., sodium sodium-edetate).

Pharmacodynamic features of radiopaque

What is Omnipak solution? Instructions for use asserts that this radiopaque means. The effect after its use is achieved through the absorption of organically bound iodine by X-rays. On radiographs, this allows you to visualize various blood vessels, tissues and cavities.

The best radiopaque in normal myelography is observed after 30 minutes. And after 60 minutes the organs are no longer visualized. omnipak user manual

With CT, visualization in the thoracic region is possible for an hour, in the cervical region - for two hours, and in basal tanks - for 4 hours.

Contrasting the uterine cavity, biliary and pancreatic ducts, articular cavities, fallopian tubes, bladder and peritoneal protrusions is achieved immediately after administration of the solution.

Pharmacokinetic properties of the preparation

. What kind of kinetics is characteristic for the Omnipak preparation? Instruction for use reports that after the introduction of yogexol into the vein during the day, it is almost completely excreted by the kidneys. The maximum concentration of the drug in the urine is reached after 60 minutes.

The half-life of funds in the normal functioning of the renal system is two hours. The drug almost does not bind to plasma proteins.

In intrathecal administration, the drug in question is taken from the cerebrospinal fluid into the blood, and then unchanged by the kidneys. In this case, the elimination half-life is about 4 hours.

Indications for use of radiopaque means

Why is Omnipak needed? Instructions for use( in ampoules this drug is sold in virtually every pharmacy) states that this drug is intended for radiographic contrast study of adults and children. It is used for urography, cardioangiography, arteriography, computed tomography, phlebography, thoracic, lumbar and cervical myelography, CT-cisternography, retrograde endoscopic pancreatography, arthrography, salpingography, endoscopic cholangiopancreatography and GIT.omnipack instruction manual

Contraindications to the use of medicament

When should not Omnipak be prescribed? Instructions for use( the synonyms of this medication will be presented below) indicate the following contraindications:

  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • hypersensitivity to medication;
  • pregnancy;
  • local and systemic infections;
  • epilepsy( for subarachnoidal administration);
  • cerebral infections( for subarachnoidal administration).

With special care, this remedy is used for diabetes mellitus, dehydration, pulmonary hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, severe conditions, multiple sclerosis, renal and hepatic insufficiency, multiple myeloma, chronic alcoholism, Burger's disease, systemic and local allergic diseases and reactions, acute thrombophlebitis, epilepsy, severe atherosclerosis, and also during lactation and old age.

Solution Omnipak: Instructions for use

50 ml, 20 ml, 10 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml or 200 ml - what dose of the drug is used for diagnostic procedures? The dosage and method of administration of this solution are determined by a variety of factors. These include the method of examination, the general condition of the patient, his body weight, age, volume of cardiac output, and so on. omnipak instructions for use in ampoules

The recommended dosing regimen for this product, as well as its concentration, should be established only by a physician-diagnostician. After the administration of the solution, the patient should be adequately hydrated.

Side effects after administration of

Are the side effects of Omnipak typical? Instructions for use say that with intracavitary injection, this remedy very rarely causes allergic reactions, as well as nausea, a feeling of heat and vomiting.

In case of intrathecal administration of a medicament, vomiting and nausea are also possible. In addition, patients can complain of severe headache, pain and paresthesia in the back, neck and limbs, as well as dizziness and convulsions( in predisposed people).

Overdose with radiopaque

What happens if I overdose with Omnipack 350?The instruction asserts that such a risk is minimal, but with the introduction of the solution for a short period of time in a dose, not more than 2000 mg / kg iodine.

Cyanosis, pulmonary hemorrhage, acidosis, cardiac arrest, bradycardia, drowsiness or insomnia, weakness, fatigue, convulsions, coma, mental disorders, depersonalization, hallucinations, disorientation, depression, psychosis, amblyopia, tremor, fear,amnesia, diplopia, hypoesthesia, photophobia, speech or visual disturbances, meningism, paralysis, EEG changes, cerebral hemorrhages.

This is why when introducing radiopaque means, one should constantly monitor the work of vital systems and patient's organs, maintain a water-electrolyte balance, and in case of acute necessity, carry out urgent measures. omnipak user manual 50 ml

Interaction with other drugs

With which drugs can not you combine the Omnipak solution? Instruction for use states that when intrathecal administration this medication is incompatible with corticosteroids. Also it can not be combined in one syringe with antihistamines.

MAO inhibitors, phenothiazane derivatives, tetracyclic antidepressants, analeptics and CNS stimulants increase the risk of epileptic convulsive seizures.

With simultaneous administration with antihypertensive drugs, the likelihood of arterial hypotension increases.

It should also be noted that the drug in question enhances the nephrotoxic properties of other medications.

Special recommendations

People with an increased risk of developing allergies are required to undergo preliminary treatment with GCS or antihistamines.

It is necessary to take into account the likely development of dehydration in patients with severe myelomatosis and thyrotoxicosis.

In people with diabetes, as well as a creatinine concentration of more than 500 μmol / l, the use of this drug is possible only in cases of extreme necessity. omnipack application instruction synonyms

The patient should be carefully monitored if there is a suspicion of a lowered threshold of convulsive alertness.

After iheihexol administration, the iodo-binding capacity of thyroid tissues is reduced for a period of up to two weeks.

Synonyms and analogues of

The Omnipack analogs include: Vizipak, Yopromide, Hexabriks, Yopromid, Yopamiro, Yopamidol, Xenetics, Scanlux 300, Optiriye, Scanel 370 "," Yomeron "," Ultravist "," Iodixanol ".

As for the synonyms, they are used as: Introviz, Unigexol, Iobriks, Yogexol, Yogexol TR.


Most often reviews about the facility are left by doctors-diagnosticians. And this is not surprising. After all, this drug is not intended to treat a patient, but to study its body.

In general, the feedback on radiopaque means is positive. Experts argue that the introduction of such a solution significantly improves the visualization of organs and tissues. omnipak 350 instructions

Very often doctors compare Omnipak with other contrast agents. According to them, this drug is better tolerated by patients. Therefore, they give their preference to this remedy.