Solution for the lens "ReNu"( ReNu): description, reviews

So, today we have to figure out what the solution for the "Renu" lenses is. This product is too famous and popular among the population wearing contact lenses. But the reviews about him remain mixed. And to understand whether it is really worth paying attention to this solution is extremely difficult. Let's try to understand what advantages and disadvantages are there for this product, and also find out whether it really is as good as the manufacturer promises. lens repair solution

What for

Let's start, perhaps, with the fact that we get acquainted with the description of the products. The solution for the "ReNyu" lens is, as you might have guessed, a special liquid designed to store soft contact lenses. Without it, you can not do. After all, your optics just wither.

Solution "ReNyu" for contact lenses is a reliable protection of your vision. He, according to the manufacturer, does not cause allergies and is suitable for all soft "options."That is, it is universal. Provides moistening, cleaning and high-quality storage of lenses for a long time. No discomfort or burning. Just what all buyers wearing contact lenses need. But is it really so? What reviews does the solution of "Renu" for contact lenses receive in practice? This is yet to be understood.


First you need to talk about the form of product release. Far from always manufacturers take care of the amount of solution in the bottle, saying that they "hold on" for quality. As practice shows, the freedom to choose the volume of production is the key to success. Especially when it comes to a solution for lenses.

"Reynu" is released in many "formats".Here and small "pocket" options, and designed for a long period of time. In pharmacies and salons of optics you can find bottles from 60 to 500 milliliters. Of greater popularity, of course, are the use of large packaging means, as well as "road" options. solution for contact lenses

By the way, it's more profitable to buy a large solution for "Renu" lenses, as many consumers have noted. It is enough for a long time, and the price tag then gives a huge benefit. The shelf life of the product is large, which means that you can not worry about the delay. So, the proposal is very tempting.

Availability of

Especially if you take into account the availability of products. Perhaps, a solution of "Renu" for contact lenses is the most popular and widespread product, which is offered to purchase many "carriers" of this optics. Most "beginners" gladly agree to the advice of doctors - they do not advise bad. But when there is a question about buying a product, some are covered by panic: "And suddenly the solution for lenses" Renu "will end, but can not find a new one?".

It's just a delusion and a fear."Reynu" you can easily and simply purchase in any pharmacy in your city or in the cabin of optics. True, with the search for the correct volume, problems can arise problems Often there are no small bottles( 60 milliliters each) and medium bottles( 150 each).But with large "containers" there will be no problems. It is enough to buy a solution of 360-500 milliliters once, and you can forget about the upcoming new purchase for the next few months. lens solution


Of course, all this is good - accessibility, beautiful promises of the manufacturer and recommendations of doctors. But how effective is the remedy really? The solution for the lens "Renu" consumer reviews in this sense are very good. After all, the remedy does its job well.

As practice has shown, "Renu" is a universal solution that fits all types of soft contact lenses. So, if you used, say, "KliarBlyu", and then switched to "Biomedics", you will not need to select a new means of care.

Plus, it does not really cause allergies. Even the most sensitive eyes well tolerate the solution on the mucous membrane. And lenses, by the way, will retain their quality for a long time. All this is due to the solution of "ReNu", which cares and moisturizes the optics. In addition, if you are forced to over-fill the lenses( for example, not 3 months, but 4), then today's remedy will maintain their maximum quality all this time.

Combination of

But on this all good ends. And, as most consumers note, problems begin. For example, very few people know that when using "Renu" will have to once a week to carry out special disinfection of lenses. Yes, the solution really cleans them, but an additional procedure is still required. And for its carrying out special tablets are needed, which are dissolved in the means of storage of contact lenses. Not the most pleasant procedure. Reny lens solution price 360 ​​ml

Of course, this method increases the expense of the facility. If you bought a large bottle, then there is nothing to worry about, but when it is small, there is cause for concern. Cost-effectiveness is one of the characteristics that any lens solution should have. Without it, even if there are recommendations, buyers will start to refuse production. And under the distribution often gets a solution for the lens "ReNu".Price, by the way, here also plays an important role. What do consumers think about it?

Price list

Here it is just here that the illusion will be destroyed, according to which "Renu" is the best tool for the care of soft lenses. After all, the price of the goods is quite high. It can be said, inflated to the limit. And over time, consumers refuse this product. A small example of value:

  1. "ReNyu"( lens solution), the price of 360 ml of vial - 700 rubles.
  2. "Renu", 60 ml - 450 rubles.
  3. ReNu, 150 ml - 350 rubles.

Not the best data, is it? In competitors with exactly the same action and lack of allergic reactions, it is often possible to purchase a solution of 360 ml for 350 rubles, and the "road" version of it will not cost more than 100 rubles. It remains to take into account the large expense of ReNu, as well as the need for additional procedures for cleaning lenses - and all illusions of product excellence will be dispelled. Nevertheless, doctors strongly recommend it. Maybe, due to the fact that the solution for lenses "Renu", the price of which varies in different regions of Russia, still remains at a high level. Or maybe because it is an imported remedy. And in the country all foreign is considered to be the best. solution for lenses renu reviews

In general, each decides for himself which solutions and means for the lens to buy. There are extra funds? Then, without the remorse, buy "Rehnyu".Is saving important? Have to find a different product. But at least once ReNu is worth a try. Maybe your eyes will "normally" react to this solution. And then there will be no way out - only with today's products and enjoy.