Medifox is a drug against lice. MediFox: reviews, application, instruction, price

Pediculosis is a parasitic disease of skin and hair. On a man, pubic, head and ward lice can parasitize. In addition, some people experience mixed pediculosis. To get rid of this disease, you should turn to a narrow specialist who is required to recommend an effective and effective remedy. One of them is Medifox. Reviews about this medication will be presented in this article.

Form release, description, composition and packaging

There are several forms of Medifox. Reviews say that this product is available as a concentrate for the preparation of emulsion for local and external use( in ampoules of 2 ml, as well as in bottles of glass of 24 ml and bottles of 0.1-5 liters).The medication is a liquid( transparent) of a light yellow color or without a color. Also, the drug in question can be purchased in the form of a cream( gel).

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Active ingredient of this product is permethrin. In addition, it contains auxiliary substances in the form of castor oil, medical, ethanol and butyl acetate.

Pharmacology of the drug for external application

What is the medication "MediFox"?Experts say that this drug is a very effective antiparasitic drug. It is able to break the permeability of membranes of nerve cells of insects and provoke their death.

The use of the medicament in question is effective against nits, sexually mature pubic and lice, and scabies. When applying a solution or gel to the skin, the drug does not have a toxic effect on either man or warm-blooded animals.

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What else is necessary to know about medication "MediFox" from lice? The testimonials of experienced doctors indicate that in the recommended dosages this remedy does not have a sensitizing, local irritant and skin-resorptive effect.


What will help when choosing Medifox? Reviews. Scabies, according to many patients, are treated with this tool quickly and without consequences. This medication is often prescribed for:

  • pubic lice;
  • pediculosis, affecting the scalp.


Under what conditions of the patient is Medication contraindicated? Reviews, the price of this tool is presented below. According to the attached instructions, this medication is strictly forbidden to prescribe with:

  • hypersensitivity to permethrin;
  • breast-feeding;
  • of acute skin diseases in affected areas;
  • hypersensitivity to pyrethroids;
  • pregnancy.

medifos reviews scabies It should also be noted that this drug is contraindicated for children under one year in the form of an emulsion form, up to five years - in other forms of release, up to six months - in the form of a gel.

How to use and dosage of the drug

How should I use the anti-parasitic drug "MediFox"?Reviews say that to use it, you need to prepare a solution of 0.4%.To do this, 8 ml of the concentrate is diluted with 100 ml of water. In a ready solution soak a tampon, and then grease the affected areas and leave for the night. On the fourth day of therapy requires a complete change of bed and underwear with their subsequent processing.

It should also be noted that an emulsion of 0.1% can be prepared from the concentrate. To do this, the contents of one ampoule are dissolved in 200 ml of water. The finished drug is applied to the pubis and damp hair. To do this, use a strongly soaked tampon. After 20 minutes, the medicine is rinsed with water and baby soap. As for the dead insects, they need to be combed with a crest with small teeth.

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How is Medifox cream( gel) applied? Experts' comments indicate that to obtain an effective result the drug is carefully rubbed into the roots of the hair, and then evenly distributed throughout the length. After a lapse of 40 minutes, rinse with water using a baby soap. The dead parasites are removed using a comb with frequent teeth.

According to the instruction, it is permissible to treat affected areas with a drug no more than twice a month.

Side effects of

In some cases, the drug may cause adverse reactions. As a rule, they manifest themselves in the form of rashes, burning of the skin, swelling, increased itching, erythematous rashes and paresthesia. In the presence of such phenomena from the use of medication it is better to refuse.

Cases of overdose

Overdose by the agent under consideration is unlikely. This is due to its low systemic absorption. If the drug accidentally got inside, then it is required to carry out measures to cleanse the stomach. Symptomatic therapy is also indicated.

Interaction with other

agents. It is prohibited to combine the external preparation "MediFox" with other skin preparations. Otherwise, an unwanted reaction may occur.

Special recommendations

The preparation in question should be used in a room with enhanced ventilation or outdoors. Do not allow medication to reach the mucous membranes. After the procedure, you should thoroughly wash your hands, rinse your nose and rinse your mouth. In the process of applying emulsion or cream, it is better to use rubber gloves.

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In the event that the itching after the treatment of scabies persists for a month, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.

Analogues and cost of the drug

You can replace Medifox with such products as Permmetrin, Permin, Nittifor, Permitrin ointment, Pedex, Hygia, Nix, Pedilin, Permethrin-pharma. "

The cost of the medicine is about 160 rubles( any form of release).


Most consumers who use this drug, speak about it very well. According to their opinion, this medicine copes quite effectively with such parasitic diseases as pediculosis and scabies. The only drawback of the medication is the presence of side effects, the manifestation of which requires the withdrawal of treatment.