What if the baby has rough spots on his body? What could it be

Each parent takes care of his child's health first. Along with frequent catarrhal diseases, a common disease of the baby is an allergy. Most often it manifests itself in the form of rough spots on the hands and face of the child. As soon as the parents see a rash on the skin of the baby, they must establish the cause of its appearance, without which it is impossible to put the right diagnosis and conduct appropriate treatment of the disease. Why do children have dermatitis? The reasons can be very diverse. Let's consider the main ones.

the child has rough spots on his body

Causes of dermatitis: nutrition and medications

In children up to the year, flaky spots appear due to malnutrition of the nursing mother, because once she has eaten the forbidden chocolate or citrus fruit in large quantities, it is possible that the baby's skin will show redness and flaking. Often spots appear as a result of intoxication, which occurred even when a woman was pregnant, for example, because of a complicated disease, unbalanced diet or taking prohibited medications. Therefore, future mothers should understand the whole degree of responsibility for their child and do everything possible to ensure that during pregnancy the nutrition was full and there was no reception of prohibited medications that could harm the child.

Why does the baby have rough spots on the body? In children under 5 years, a very common cause of diathesis is allergic dermatitis. It can be food if foods that cause allergies have been eaten - citrus, chocolate and the like, as well as contact - appeared because of poor quality linen or diapers. Red rough spots on the child appear on the cheeks and body, often in their place there is itching and swelling.

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Other causes of diathesis

The cause of the appearance of rough spots in certain areas of the body of the crumb can be helminthic invasion. Worms can enter the children's body through dirty hands or food, during which the sanitary norms were violated. Allergic dermatitis can appear as a reaction to a detergent, which is used when washing things, because it must be hypoallergenic. Often the child has rough spots on the body as a reaction to dry air in the room during heating seasons. Synthetics, wool and fur are considered potential irritants, therefore it is better not to buy clothes from this fabric.

Reasons for the appearance of red rough spots on the hands of a baby

Most often, dermatitis appears on the hands. In addition to allergic diathesis and rashes due to malnutrition, there are other reasons for the appearance of rough spots on the skin.

If a child has rough spots on his body in the winter or autumn period, you should think about whether it was the weather that could lead to this due to hypothermia of the hands, in case the crumb walked on the street without gloves. Especially it is necessary to protect a skin of the kid if in the street a strong wind or a frost therefore presence of warm gloves which completely close hands of the child, is obligatory. In addition to the skin in front of the street you need to apply a special protective cream. If there are rough spots on the hands, it is better to wind a sterile bandage so that the crumb could not comb the skin and the wound did not appear on the site of diathesis, which will heal for a long time.

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Dr. Komarovsky on diathesis

Evgeny Komarovsky is a pediatrician whose advice is very popular among all mothers in the CIS countries. Is diathesis dangerous? Komarovsky believes that this is not a disease, but a predisposition to diseases, which is caused by heredity and external factors, such as ecology, nutrition, water quality, medication, daily regimen, living conditions. Diathesis should be considered as an anomaly of the development of the child, which may consist of a predisposition to diseases or an inadequate response to food and other normal stimuli.

In addition to diathesis of allergic, Komarovsky allocates lymphatic-hypoplastic( predisposition to infectious diseases) and neuro-arthritis( diabetes mellitus and predisposition to obesity).How to treat diathesis? Komarovsky emphasizes that before parents start treating a child, they should re-evaluate the baby's nutrition, his daily routine and lifestyle.

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How to treat rough spots on the body of a child

Once the pediatrician has established the cause of diathesis, it is urgent to move on to treatment, which should be comprehensive. If rough spots appear as a result of allergic dermatitis, it is necessary to immediately eliminate the allergen. In addition, do not forget that diathesis affects the skin much more intensively if the room has a low level of humidity, since dry air makes the skin defenseless before the action of microbes and viruses, depriving it of a natural protective film. Therefore it is very important to use industrial or natural air humidifiers especially during heating. It is necessary to carry out regular cleaning in the house and it is advisable to limit the communication of the child with pets for the duration of the illness.

In order for the skin of crumbs to breathe freely, it should be worn exclusively in cotton clothes. At washing it is necessary to use strictly hypoallergenic powders intended for washing of children's linen. Of course, in the treatment of diathesis it is important to ensure that the kid walks in the fresh air away from the motorways, factories and other industrial enterprises. If the child has rough spots on the body due to food allergy, the food should be adjusted. It should contain as few sweet foods and exotic fruits as possible.

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What ointments should be used during the treatment of diathesis

For skin care, it is also important to choose a good baby cream that the pediatrician can advise. Without an agreement with a doctor, buying an ointment is prohibited, since it is prescribed depending on the nature of the rash. With a mild rash, these are softening and moisturizing creams. Most often these products are based on lanolin - a special substance that creates a protective barrier on the skin that does not allow the epidermis to penetrate viruses and bacteria. Use hormonal ointments is undesirable, because their components can cause serious diseases of internal organs. However, if there are severe exacerbations of the disease, it is possible to use these medications.

Preventing the appearance of scaly spots on the body

If the skin on the hands of the crumb begins to peel, then either in the nutrition or in the care of the child there have been mistakes. The older the baby becomes, the more it strengthens the digestive system, because at an older age, food allergy is not so common, which can not be said about babies. Already starting from six months, when lure is introduced, it is very important to choose hypoallergenic products, starting with the acquaintance with porridges and vegetables. Exotic fruits should be given only after a year.

If the mother does not know exactly which product the allergy has occurred, you should start a food diary and record the time of the introduction of the new product and the reaction to it. If the baby has just started luring, each product should be given strictly every 5 days to accurately fix on which of them the allergy started. The nutrition of children should be treated as much as possible, not giving them harmful products. In a room where the baby sleeps and is more time, you need to regularly ventilate, it is also advisable to buy an air humidifier, so that the humidity level is at the required level.

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Errors in the treatment of rough spots

Parents in the treatment of diathesis should ensure that all the instructions of the pediatrician are followed exactly. The appointed diet can not be stopped, as well as miss the intake of necessary medications. How to cure dermatitis? The reasons for its appearance must be excluded entirely from the daily life of crumbs. If the baby asks for a forbidden candy, do not worry that if he does not get it, he will remain hungry, it is better to take him to fresh air, so that after a long walk, the child gets hungry and ate everything that is offered to him.