Kislovodsk, sanatorium "Elbrus": treatment, reviews

When a tourist visits such a wonderful city as Kislovodsk, Elbrus sanatorium is the very first place that is recommended for recreation. And now more about this beautiful institution!


In the region where curative air prevails and there are famous mineral springs, not far from the famous mineral water spa park, since June 1954 it has been located in a city like Kislovodsk, Elbrus sanatorium. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has organized a spectacular view of the palace with a vast territory.

Кисловодск, санаторий "Эльбрус" A large number of fountains, gazebos and grottos are located in the park area of ​​the health resort. The hotel has an amazing architecture. It is planted incredibly many diverse trees and shrubs. On the territory of the health center there is also a solarium, there are several sports grounds( tennis and volleyball).

Initially, the clinic had fewer rooms than today. But even then physiotherapeutic and dental offices, ECG, inhalator, gym and library were working.

When the first building was opened in the sanatorium, the construction of the remaining sections did not stop, new treatment rooms and functional diagnostic rooms, rest rooms, a cinema, solariums, greenhouses, and a garage for motor vehicles started their work. The water supply with mineral water is brought, the number of rooms for accommodation of patients has considerably increased.

Every year in the sanatorium there are more and more amenities and options for a full-fledged bright and unforgettable stay.

At the moment, an elite building with rooms of the "Lux" class has been built up, which has its own medical base. There were more opportunities for various events and entertainment.

Treatment of

Thanks to many years of experience and individual approach to managing patients, there are own methods of treatment of most ailments, in which specialists recommend treatment in Kislovodsk. This is one of the foremost cardiothoracic resorts of our homeland. The best healing properties of the region: the miraculous climate and the famous mineral water - narzan. All this makes Kislovodsk very popular.

Kislovodsk Elbrus sanatorium is a diversified institution, based on the therapy of patients with such diseases as hypertension, ischemia, rheumatism. In this health resort they also treat people who have atherosclerosis and hypertension, respiratory organs diseases( various lung diseases, asthma and prevention of similar diseases on the basis of genetic predisposition or after the transfer of severe colds), urological diseases( chronic prostatitis, cystitis,problems with impotence), gynecological diseases, as well as other chronic indications, such as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, sinusitis.


You can also get advice from a narrow specialist. The sanatorium has an excellent diagnostic base for laboratory clinical and biochemical studies, ultrasound diagnostics.

And now more about the kitchen.


Proper nutrition is an important part of the healing and healing process. This issue is given a lot of attention, and approach it with all diligence and responsibility.

Санаторий "Эльбрус" (Кисловодск): цены Based on modern recommendations in the field of dietetics, three meals a day are organized. The diet is made on the basis of the balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as the required amount of fiber and minerals.

For diseases of the digestive system, nutrition is prescribed, consisting of dietary dishes. In case of problems with obesity and diabetes, a personal diet is made, taking into account all the features and indications of each individual patient.


For the visitors of the resort there are always open gyms, tennis court, volleyball court, and you can also visit the sauna or billiards room. Fans of outdoor activities always find what to do!

Performances of various artists are organized in the sanatorium, various musical and theatrical evenings are organized, various excursions to museums of the city, exhibitions and other places of interest of the region are organized.


Санаторий "Эльбрус" (Кисловодск): отзывы The cost of the room starts from 4120 rubles. The prices of the sanatorium are very democratic and are considered one of the most affordable in the resort area. When a choice is made on the basis of this category, it is obvious that this is just the Elbrus sanatorium. Kislovodsk( prices in shops, cafes and other places visited by tourists, surprise) - an excellent option for a budget, but a full rest. Everyone should like it here!

Reviews and recommendations

A lot of interesting can be seen by holidaymakers who intend to visit the Elbrus sanatorium. Kislovodsk, about which the most flattering reviews, is always glad to their guests and offers them a lot of different options for pastime.

Кисловодск, санаторий "Эльбрус" (МВД России) Many tourists recommend visiting the fortresses and castles, as well as to visit the Kislovodsk Philharmonic. Guests with children find the city of Kislovodsk the most acceptable place for a family holiday. This town is really very popular with tourists.

Most people who came to Kislovodsk, Elbrus sanatorium, remained in the memory for a long time, many come back here every year to regain their strength and improve their health. The majority of rested patients speak about the health resort workers very warmly and with love. We remember the friendly attitude of the staff, sensitivity and care, and most importantly - attentive attitude on the part of medical workers. Very pleased that all wishes are always taken into account and all requests are met.

Employees of the administration never remain indifferent and understand the problems and the resolution of different kinds of situations with clients.

Summing up

Families with children are very satisfied with the conditions of accommodation and organization of various children's events and entertainment programs, which makes the holiday diverse and interesting for tourists of all ages. In addition to health benefits, visitors to the city receive a huge aesthetic pleasure from the natural beauties of the region, a lot of impressions from visits to historical institutions and cultural objects of Kislovodsk.

Treatment in Kislovodsk Magic properties of medicinal waters, miraculous air, professional medical approach and an incredible amount of positive emotions do their job. Again and again year after year I want to come to the city of Kislovodsk. Sanatorium "Elbrus" - by right can be called the heart of Stavropol!

Come here, relax and always come back again to repeat an unforgettable vacation. Good luck!